Yacøpsæ / Slight Slappers (Dead Heroes Records)

Oh guys, after all that “new wave” of powerviolence, hardcore etc, this split has become kind of like a good portion of cold beer after a hard working day for me. Both bands are well-known legends and don’t need any introduction, they are loved even in the far off Nepal countrysides. But I need to know more about the photo of the cover art of this split. I suppose that the photo was taken somewhere in Africa but it reminded me a human zoo park in Belgium (yes in the 50’s in “civilized Europe” there were savage people held from … Continue reading Yacøpsæ / Slight Slappers (Dead Heroes Records)

Yacøpsæ ‎– Gästezimmer (Power It Up)

What is the best way to celebrate your own 25th anniversary? Drunk party? Big cake? Nope! The best way is to record a new album! That is exactly what Yacøpsæ did! And this album is not just interesting like “new album from legends of german underground”. It has a very badass idea behind! Guys ask their friends (from over the globe) to record vocals for this album. So you won’t hear the same voices/screams. By the way, personaly for me the best on this record is that fact that they used children voices! Ahahaha, hell yeah! Those dirty and aggressive … Continue reading Yacøpsæ ‎– Gästezimmer (Power It Up)

Yacopsae & Razors (Power It Up)

It appears to be quite a task to find the right words each time I think about doing another review, but I’ll try anyway!:) “Hey punks! Get your worn out stuff, put on your mohawks, and let’s go kick some ass!” These words wouldn’t feel out of place, when you talk about this split album! It has two live records by old German punks, it should be noted that there were two versions done for this split, the CD version has rather simplier design, unlike superb execution of vinyl limited edition, I’m not exactly sure what was the reasons behind such … Continue reading Yacopsae & Razors (Power It Up)

Yacøpsæ / Shitnoise Bastards

Finally here is it! My long awaited split! So this release in original was on tape but here’s a great news for those who had no choice but to buy it, now you can grab a vinyl version. 8 labels got together in hell circle and with all their strength they pulled out from the deepest furnaces of vinyl plant as much as 300 copies!) Mad & ugly design of front cover hide under something fast and noisy… Fuck, that was hard for me to find adapter for my turntable to listen to this record. On the one hand it … Continue reading Yacøpsæ / Shitnoise Bastards

Yacopsae (14.08.15)

Hi, Stoffel! Thanks for getting around to our modest zine! Basically, every interest is much appreciated, and through the years of our existence, we have supported every underground zine. So, the pleasure is on our side! Here goes! What’s your favourite Halloween costume? Haha, personally, I was never into carnival or comparable celebrations, and I always disappointed the kids ringing at my door. Instead of giving them sweet stuff, they received a single roll of toilet paper from me. But if I have to choose a costume, I would be disguised as Michael Myers, of course. So, you’ve toured in … Continue reading Yacopsae (14.08.15)