Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five

Grind addicts like me spend a lot of time on the internet searching for good noise. Despite the fact that this is an old release, Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five was one of these split that I was excited to find back in 2015. I listened to it on bandcamp tons of times, this really good noise, years after I finally got a hard copy from Psychocontrol Records and damn, that day I was happiest freak in this part of the world. One of the first things that caught me was this silly art. It reminds me covers from thrash … Continue reading Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five

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Necrose – “Discography 1992-2013” Tape Meatus – “The Groaning Time” Tape  Sete Star Sept – “List Of Assassin” Tape Tersanjung 13 – “Ears Slaughter 2002-2013” Tape Suffering Mind / Nakay Split Tape Jack – “Neurosis” Tape  For more info just visit   Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Nakay/LxPxPx (Grindfather prod)

As you all know grindcore has pread everywhere. This strange, fast, yelling and aggressive kind of music helps many people to release their own protests, to relieve stress or it can help you to convey somebody’s own vision of this world. Well like I said this genre is everywhere and today I want to talk about two interesting representatives of this extreme direction, Nakay (from USA) and Little Puppy Princess (from South Korea). This release is short and it has a very strange cover. It’s really first time when I see something like this. A man with his dog is … Continue reading Nakay/LxPxPx (Grindfather prod)

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Fentanyl Surprise – discography  Blood – Mental Conflicts Famine – discography  Nakay/LxPxPx – split tape Nasty Face – discography  Sulfuric Cautery/Suppression – split tape Test – Especies  Dont be slow and make your order right now at!!!  Continue reading Out NOW at Grindfather production!

Tapes wave from Grindfather production!

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