Horsebastard are a 4 piece grindcore/blastcore band from Liverpool (UK) who play their own brand of “equestrian blastcore”.Their musical style consists of short controlled bursts of blistering blastbeats and chaotic off-time melodies and rhythms, playing high notes off against low in a style reminiscent ofDiscordance Axis and Assuck, with flashings of Excruciating Terror. Blink and you will miss them! A relatively young band, they played their first show in December 2010, in their home city of Liverpool. To date the band have released the “equestrian blastcore” demo cd (2011), later superseded by recordings at Vagrant Studios (UK) and have been … Continue reading HORSEBASTARD!

Horsebastard / Noisebazooka (EveryDayHate, Grind Chucks Div.)

Two twin brothers that were separated when they were small kids – that is the best metaphor that would describe these two bands and the level of their insanity. They were born thousands kilometers away from each other, but they grew up very similar, and now they are ready to go wild. The cover of this album only proves the fact that you hold a very big thing in your hands. I had the first impression that the cover image came out of depths of psychiatric isolator, wahaha!I always had Horsebastard in my list of the most extreme and crazy … Continue reading Horsebastard / Noisebazooka (EveryDayHate, Grind Chucks Div.)

Horsebastard – Giraffetermath (Dead Heroes Records)

…Then add a little milk into your cup of tea… wait, what is it all about? It’s defenitely about last-year release of Liverpool band, weirdly named Horsebastard. When Canada is called modern capital of mince/gore bands, England is a motherland of new talanted powerviolence/grindcore collectives! Horsebastard started in 2010, but it took them 4 years to release their first serious work – Giraffetermath. Dead Heroes Records is responsible for this material. 14 tracks are placed on 10′ vinil. Well, guys made fun of designing: one side is called Horse and another – Bastard, reciprocally, lol:) Cover is gelastic! The artist, probably, was inspired by time-honoured movies about … Continue reading Horsebastard – Giraffetermath (Dead Heroes Records)