Meth Leppard ​/​ Deterioration

What could you expect from two grind bands which are located at diferentes continents? Of course you will be expecting some powerful noise and that is only logical. But, what if these bands know each other? With no doubt they will do a split Todays heroes are Meth Leppard from Australian and Deterioration from the USA. I bet you all know these guys, and many of you have shared a beer with them during their tours… Awesome guys and bands, let’s find out what have they recorded in their basements. So according to marks on this vinyl, we should play … Continue reading Meth Leppard ​/​ Deterioration

Camphora Monobromata – Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (No Bread rec)

Are you on the hunt for some Punk fueled Grind in the vein of Agathocles and Rot? Well then, Camphora Monobromata is the band that you are looking for! Today I will cover the latest full length from this Russian band. This piece of putrid noise was released by No Bread Records in wonderful digi-pack format. The gloomy art is a projection of the whole album… somehow this image looks scary, Jon (the artist) did a great job.  Song by song, these guys are proving that they are one of the finest Grind band’s in Russia. The riffs are primitive, … Continue reading Camphora Monobromata – Suffering Amongst The Hostile Walls (No Bread rec)

Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

I never liked live recordings, because most of them sounds very dirty… Same thing with this split. But that is not the point, the point is a friendship. Both bands used their old material to do a split in the name of friendship and mutual respect. But, I got this tape for review, so that`s what I’m gonna do right now.   The recording of Matka Teresa was made at Bloodchet Fest, back in 2013. Like most live records, this one is raw and dirty, but somehow it doesn’t sound like total garbage. I can clearly hear vocals, drums and … Continue reading Cruel Face / Matka Teresa (Extreme Terror Prod)

Controlled Existence / Headless Death (Dead Heroes rec)

Be careful boys and girls, this split is very spicy. This is the place where Czech fastness meets with Australian primitivism. This release sounds like a weird kind of yin and yang, on one side we have ferocious evil and on the other side we have same evil but more angry and barbaric. As you already understand, this is a very strong release, with which you need to be more careful. So let’s taste this piece of noise!  Czech fellas from Controlled Existence recorded some very “unpleasant” (for someone of course) material. This noise is fast like a rocket and … Continue reading Controlled Existence / Headless Death (Dead Heroes rec)

Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Driller Killer – Fuck The World / Reality Bites Driller Killer – And The Winner Is… / Cold, Cheap And Disconnected Driller Killer – Total Fucking Hate / Brutalize  Sulfuric Cautery / General Nausea – split tape  more info at Continue reading Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Social Chaos – Dia do óbito (Rødel Records)

At the end of this long day I just want a Grind album that I can enjoy that has enough of aggression and barbarity. Social Chaos will help me convince you that Grindcore will never die. Originally “Dia do óbito” was released in 2014, on CD, but I guess that did not satisfy the fans, and in 2017 this monolith was reborn on beautiful black wax with a nice gatefold sleeve. Actually, I am a bit disappointed by the cover artwork. Because this full length deserves something much stronger, more aggressive and brutal. In my opinion this gothic art does … Continue reading Social Chaos – Dia do óbito (Rødel Records)