Cavernicular / Violent Frustration (Rødel Records)

Rødel Records is a very old and honored German label. This name helped to a lot famous bands with their first steps; Mr. Keule, the owner and chief, is still out there looking for units that aren’t well known, and vinyl factories still receive orders from Rødel Records; that’s why I’m trying to get a copy of every new record from this ancient temple. So the new one is a split LP between Italian grinders Cavernicular and German machine Violent Frustration. These squads have a different style and sound, and that makes this split even better and spicier. There is … Continue reading Cavernicular / Violent Frustration (Rødel Records)

Cavernicular – Man’s Place in Nature (Rødel Records)

The Italian grind scene sometimes reminds me of a mixed cocktail. Half of the bands are blanks, or even worse, while the other half are freaking amazing. A while ago, I wrote about mediocre bands from that region but now it’s time for a good one.  Cavernicular is from Palermo city, and play a heavy style of “rock n roll”. The band had a great start with a self titled debut ep, and now they`re back with new material. “Man’s Place in Nature” is the first full length album from this band… Well, I was really excited about this noise, … Continue reading Cavernicular – Man’s Place in Nature (Rødel Records)


Сavernicular started in late 2015 by the hands of four wackos from Palermo, Italy. Already involved in bands like L.E.A.R.N., ANF, Haemophagus, Feccia Tricolore, Undead Creep etc.,We – Totò (vocals) Sandro (vocals) Furious G. (guitar) and Piparino (drums) – are set to play and produce a bastard mix of grindcore and powerviolence. We have released one self-titled 7″ EP through Rodel Records on vinyl and Hackebeil records and Knochen Tapes on, guess what? Tape! After a bunch of italian gigs we are almost ready to record our first fast and short full-length album, which we’ll probably call Man’s Place in Nature. … Continue reading Cavernicular!

Cavernicular – S/T (Rodel records)

Band – Cavernicular / Location – Italy / Release date – March 2017. Yes, yes, yes it`s another good debut release! This self titled EP was released last year in the end of the fall (in old and nice tape format) but only in the beginning of spring (2017) guys finally got a vinyl version (which was made by ancient german label Rodel rec). And now lets look closely on this black release… hm… a skull hm… nice picture, good artwork but it`s pretty usual cover for the grindcore bands, nothing realy spesial (but it still great) so lets check … Continue reading Cavernicular – S/T (Rodel records)