Faršas / Whoresnation (Deaf Death Husky Records)

I bet the idea of this split was born before the tour of Faršas and Whoresnation. Anyway this collaboration is tight as hell, together these bands generate pure and killer noise! So first of all let’s look at this tape and you know what? It’s freaking green! My favorite color, haha! I don’t know who, but someone did a nice job with all the designing. A combination of green tape and nasty cover art are creating wizardly look. This atomic green split hosts 28 toxic songs of varying Grindcore madness. Needless to say this release is also interesting because both … Continue reading Faršas / Whoresnation (Deaf Death Husky Records)


Coming from Vilnius, Lithuania, (North-East Europe), where not many grind bands come from… FARŠAS (Lithuanian for “ground meat”), a bass fronted, grindcore trio inspired by and developed from many years of participation in various goregrind, metal, hc/punk, grindcore, noise etc. projects. Formed in late 2009 FARŠAS comes as a fresh outlook and raw sound representing todays Lithuanian current hot topics and overall scene with classic super-fast grindcore inspired by the best… and not necessarily well known! Now on a brink of new full length album, stay tuned to hear more from the honest breed of the northern slums. Farsas bandcamp      … Continue reading FARŠAS!

Faršas – Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga (Epileptic Media)

“Hello, do you have a minute to talk about our God – grindcore?” Oh, I’ve been waiting for this release for so long. Their previous album Bėdų Turgus got me really hooked! And the time has come and finally Epileptic Media showed us a photo with a ready-to-go release! Of course, I got this tape in my possession after a while. For starters, let’s disappoint a bit those who expected the same Faršas as we heard last year. Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga is different in many things, different song style, such as the sound, the bass here sounds more like guitar. Overall … Continue reading Faršas – Kažkaiptai Nejuokinga (Epileptic Media)

Faršas (04.06.15)

Hi, amigo! Well, you’ve finally been caught in the net of our blog, hehe)  Hey! Thanks for the opportunity, it’s great being in the same net with some big sharks! You belong to the minority of bands that play music without guitars. How did you come up with this idea? Maybe you haven’t found guitar player or because of some other reasons?  I think we started out just with bass and drums, thinking that maybe in the future we’ll find a guitar player, but then decided to keep it that way, as it seemed to be just fine. I play … Continue reading Faršas (04.06.15)

Faršas – Bėdų Turgus (Besotis Besarmatis)

You know, sometimes you think to yourself that you just sitting on your ass drinking beer being sure that your collection of musical chaos is pretty much enough, you already got the best in your collection, and then BAM! There’s an album released this year that make you jump and mosh in your room, and your thoughts are “HOW THE FUCK DID I MISS THIS?!”That kind of surprise to me is an album of the band Faršas from Lithuania , they perform literally forcemeat, and their name means forcemeat in Lithuanian. I found them completely by accident and their music … Continue reading Faršas – Bėdų Turgus (Besotis Besarmatis)