Endless Swarm – Imprisoned in Skin (Mind Ripper Collective)

We have a very special treat for everyone today. We are here to review the brand new album from Scotland’s finest Grindviolence Quartet Endless Swarm! Imprisoned in Skin is their first LP and it is an absolute monster! 19 tracks of blistering, filthy, ungodly fury that is sure to please! Let’s kick this adventure off by taking the time to drink in the cover art. We see depicted here, what appears to be a human head that has been split open, and contains some kind of parasitic worm that has taken full control of its host. It is a truly … Continue reading Endless Swarm – Imprisoned in Skin (Mind Ripper Collective)

Insufferable – Survival (Fermented Bile Vomit Productions)

Insufferable is a double masked attack from Scotland… These dudes love to hide their faces and they also don’t like music. That’s probably why they started to ruin everything around them with harsh noisegrind, hehe. So let’s dive into this smelly swamp of noise and let’s try to survive! The EP is very aggressive, with short and fast songs and tons of low painful sounds. Crashing guitar makes that mess more malicious and even denser. I love that the whole sound is pretty clean, it seems like you’re listening grindcore instead of noise. These primitive riffs and blasting drums…. mmmm… … Continue reading Insufferable – Survival (Fermented Bile Vomit Productions)

Concussive / Endless Swarm

Pain. This is the word that comes to my mind when I look at this cover. The artist manadged to pick some really provokative and horrible pictures. There is everything there: diseases, tortures, experiments on people and animals. Creepy art – that’s what I say… Fortunately the music is not as creepy and horrible as the cover itself 🙂 Two bands from two different places meet up on one small but beautiful piece of plastic. Both bands advocate powerviolence, but each of them do it in their own way. Concussive – California/USA. Excellent example of the new wave of powerviolence. … Continue reading Concussive / Endless Swarm