Ape Unit/Horsebastard

This split was released earlier in 2017, and what an absolute monster it is! Italian simian madness Ape Unit wanted to join forces with the UK’s finest Equestrian blast factory, and boy did they deliver! Just starting with the cover art alone you’re immediately intrigued. Depicting a Half Horse Human Hybrid and a Chimpanzee at a table loaded with drugs,food and booze on a background of psychidelic colors and patterns. On to what we are really here for, the music! Starting with the superbly named Apey side of the split we are greeted with eerie riffs and pounding drums, only … Continue reading Ape Unit/Horsebastard

Horsebastard / Rageous Intent

A small observation. Both bands are pretty punctual – every year they release something new and it makes us happy. I really dont know in which sick head the idea to combine these two teams was born, but the result is a killer! Lets pass the music side you just look at this art! The artist who painted it all probably drank hallucinogenic tea, heh heh). I can truly say that is one of the most badass covers in this year. Looking at all these characters you will get some good mood for yourself. And if you unwrap cover you … Continue reading Horsebastard / Rageous Intent


Horsebastard are a 4 piece grindcore/blastcore band from Liverpool (UK) who play their own brand of “equestrian blastcore”.Their musical style consists of short controlled bursts of blistering blastbeats and chaotic off-time melodies and rhythms, playing high notes off against low in a style reminiscent ofDiscordance Axis and Assuck, with flashings of Excruciating Terror. Blink and you will miss them! A relatively young band, they played their first show in December 2010, in their home city of Liverpool. To date the band have released the “equestrian blastcore” demo cd (2011), later superseded by recordings at Vagrant Studios (UK) and have been … Continue reading HORSEBASTARD!