Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Necrose – “Discography 1992-2013” Tape Meatus – “The Groaning Time” Tape  Sete Star Sept – “List Of Assassin” Tape Tersanjung 13 – “Ears Slaughter 2002-2013” Tape Suffering Mind / Nakay Split Tape Jack – “Neurosis” Tape  For more info just visit   Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Various ‎– A Symphony Of Death Rattles (Grindfather Productions)

Oh boy this cassette is so badass. I guess every gore freak must have this one because it`s one of the best gore releases of last decade! “A Symphony Of Death Rattles” contains 12 bands from all around our fucking world. This creepy art was made by Pierre De Palmas. This strange face reminds me moment from old horror movies (I know that Pierre is a big fan of these stuff). Also this french maniac begin this gore story with his Blue Holocaust project. Everything starts after the spooky intro… vomiting songs with dirty sound and gurgling roars. Good old … Continue reading Various ‎– A Symphony Of Death Rattles (Grindfather Productions)


Meatus is a dirty as fuck goregrind project which based in Canada. It`s a one man band and it`s contains only Joe Warkentin(Archagathus/Violent Gorge/ Rock Lake/Skunk). Here is few words from him: “Meatus fell passionately in love with noise and grind and gore and they lived happily ever after in a dank basement. The basement is for loving grindcore, not hating women”.  Bandcamp page  Continue reading Meatus!

Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis

The disgusting creature named Meatus has been around more than a year, but I’ve decided to write about that dreadful filth only now. In this project, Joe (Archagathus, Hallucinosis, Horrible Pain, Parfumerie, Violent Gorge and others bands) recorded all instruments on his own, pretty talented man, isn’t he?)) This cassette can be compared with big rotting whale carcass which was thrown ashore… Gradually, the sun does its job, a carcass begins to decompose, more and more cadaveric gas is being released and here it is – an apogee – an explosion that is throwing rotten scraps around. The same with … Continue reading Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis