Will Cope!

Will Cope was founded by two drunks who decided to play something together for a change. The lack of powerviolence in the local scene and love for such music left no doubt regarding the genre direction. William Cooper and conspiracy in general was naturally chosen as a lyrical theme. A month later, by the end of 2020, the promo song “Low Pressure” was released. The band was joined by a well known local grindcore vocalist and enthusiast. At this point it felt that the team was complete and the work on debut album has begun. In a bit less than a year “An Attempt” was released. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the local gem Paulius Ivanauskas, the record was digitally released on 2021 November 05. The band is now already working on new songs and looking for live shows.

Members: Vocals – Kiras (Faršas, Disforija)
Guitar – Laurynas
Drums/samples – Vytautas (Infestation, Regressive, Luctus)

Contacts:  bandcamp page  /  facebook page

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