XSPIG is a six pigs raw Grindcore/PV friends/project from Bremen in the north of Germany.

Started in 2017 from the ashes of Death Metal band Malform but with a new drummer who is also destroying the sticks in Mörser and Mizanthrop.

In the same year, an S/T EP (Pigtail Chords) on tape dropped and live shows were played. First gig was in Bremen Sportamt with Satan, Sordide and Dead on Parole.

In 2019, the first album on vinyl called „Kill the Pigs with tiny Sticks“ (Pigtail Chords) came out.

Shows in different venues and towns followed. Grind Here Right Now Fest in Aachen was a blast! And unforgettable, the worldtour with Sarkast (RIP).

Here and there, some sampler contributions: Grindcore über alles/ Blast Beat Tribute to Dead Kennedys and The Sound of X5 from The Hills are Dead Records, Sick music to your Guts Comp. 4, Dans „Keine Ruh in Bremen und umzu“, United Nations of Grindcore 2020, Krachfest Tape 2021

Then in 2021 a Split EP on Vinyl with Berlin Shredders Turtle Rage (Drinking Beer in Bandana, Holy Goat, Incredible Noise, Rödel Records, Pigtail Chords)

It’s all about sucking on the last straw and letting out the inner excess pig (funny but that’s how to spell XSPIG) to hit the soulswamp, digging in the mud of human failure and kicking some ass in this dying world! Something more to come! Oink!

Contacts:  Bandcamp / Facebook

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