Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

I really love when a few nasty bands gather together and do splits or compilation or whatever. Originally this is an old split, it was released on tape a year go. Hard to understand why, but that wasn`t enough for the bands and labels, so they decided to release a vinyl version of it as well. This fresh release has different cover art and was released on a heavy one sided LP. The new art is so fucking cool, it looks a million times better than the old cheesy corpse art, ha! The guys from Rudolph (Рудольф) band did a … Continue reading Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

Putrefuck / Dead Fetus Collection / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Nothing Left But Chunks)

A small US label called Nothing Left But Chunks managed to put together 3 really nasty and heavy bands: Putrefuck (Spain/Mexico), Dead Fetus Collection (Brazil) and Pulmonary Fibrosis (France). In total we have here 29 songs of different Gore melodies which are hidden under this bloody disgusting cover art. So let’s go in order and listen to the noise from all the bands… Putrefuck. This duo proved themselves with good old school Goregrind. I feel a lot influence from Dead Infection and LDOH in their music. These songs are rich mid pace tempos and good vomiting vocal. I can’t say … Continue reading Putrefuck / Dead Fetus Collection / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Nothing Left But Chunks)

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Famine “Gold” Tape  Mortify “Demo 2017” Tape Pulmomary Fibrosis “Interstitial Lung Disease” Tape Gourmet “The Blast Supper” Tape Fentanyl Surprise “First Year Discography” Tape Test “Especies” Tape  Parazitozis / Cephalophore Split Tape The Afternoon Gentlemen “Still Pissed: 2012-2015” Tape For more info just visit www.grindfatherprod.com  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!