We are a Belgian grindcore band consisting of (ex) Agathocles, Supossitory, Aborted, Emeth, Human Vivisection, Everyone dies Alone members. Since 2017 we have been working on songs and defining our style, which we describe as chainsaw grindcore. Referring to the classic HM2 sound.
During the year 2020 we recorded our first batch of songs at our home studio, mixed & mastered @Hearse Studios Belgium.
Since the release of our Demo in 2021 we have been working tirelessly to cement our place in the underground grindcore landscape. This resulted in inking several deals for 2022 releases.

The year 2022 will bring:
• A CD release of our demo & 2 EPʼs on ESAGOYA Rec. (JAP)
• A split CD with BERATED (US) on GRAND VOMIT Prod. (US)
• A full album CD/Vinyl on GRINDHEAD Rec (AU)
• A split CD with STAGNATER (US)
Unfortunately, any show we had line up so far has been postponed or canceled due to Covid 19 restrictions. We want to change this in 2022!

Contacts: Facebook Instagram  /  Bandcamp

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