Expurgo / Pharmacist

Fresh and new, this split was a pretty mystery/secret until Psychocontrol rec uploaded it on its bandcamp (an only a small group of people knew about this release). That day I heard a lot of good words about this 7″, and that is not a surprise. Because both bands are good, they are experienced in the grind, so it was oblivious that the result will be a killer! Brazilian masters of noise are opening this party. Their decent grindcore is always pleasant for my ears. Great heavy sound, pumping energy, and memorable riffing. The guitar and bass tones are so … Continue reading Expurgo / Pharmacist

Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Hi mate, hope you’re doing well. So let`s start our small talk, hehe) Tell us about this festival? How do you come up with such an idea? I hope you are well and thank you for doing this. The idea really came up due to Covid because of the fact that as a band we could not really play shows anywhere and all the creative outlets/ platforms were really not there for us . So we figured that other bands worldwide really were experiencing the same situation where their outlet was limited, so we reached out to all our friends … Continue reading Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Recovery – Wrong Diagnosis Late Diagnosis

For the last few years, the Russian underground has increased with many interesting bands. And this Friday I want to talk about one young but promising squad from St. Petersburg – Recovery. This is a 3 piece band and this tape is their debut. Must say guys managed to surprise me with the sound quality and material. But let`s start in order. The design of this release is unusual. The cassette case is smaller than the standard one, it`s has a clear color. All arts are stickered on it, so it looks very cool and unboring. Inside I found all … Continue reading Recovery – Wrong Diagnosis Late Diagnosis

Sick Sinus Syndrome (10.03.21)

Greetings! Hope you`re doing well and you and your families are healthy. So first of all I want to know when and how the idea about creating such band was pop up? Hi Saša. We are doing quite fine, but situation here in czech is fucked up, right now. But we are more, less healthy I have to say. So, the first idea of having such a project was in our heads (mine and Jurgen´s) quite some time, even the first idea was not to do pathological grindcore, but old school thrash metal. But after our first jam session in … Continue reading Sick Sinus Syndrome (10.03.21)

Oozing / Pharmacist

This blasting CD was the very first thing that I listened to today. Heavy and nasty only these words could describe this release. So what do we got here? The first part belongs to Oozing, which is a new band of Chris (Bouquet, First Days Of Humanity, and others), this is the debut stuff and it`s something different than simple gore. This time that guy surprised us with strong and dirty death metal material. But to be honest, all 5 songs still have grinding vibes. Not fast, with messy and with a heavy sound, this music brings a lot of … Continue reading Oozing / Pharmacist

Necrotized Mass – Red Death

Italy is not a world grindcore capital, but it has some good bands. There is a small town called Viareggio where is living one interesting man. Michele is his name, and this guy is very active and pretty talented. That is him who created Yakisoba, Carbonized Innocents is his work too, Sociopathic Behavior – yep, and the list of his projects is huge. But for today’s write up I want to concentrate on his latest band Necrotized Mass. “Red Death” is an ode to old bands like Repulsion, early Napalm Death, Deceased, and Impetigo. If you love such moldy tunes, … Continue reading Necrotized Mass – Red Death

7Ft Beyond Belief ‎– Beyond the Buried Eyes

Okay boys and girls this is something new for me and I believe for you too. This is not a young band, the first demo was released almost 15 years ago. Unfortunately, there is not much info about this band, but 7Ft Beyond Belief ‎is a real unknown treasure, haha! This material is freaking hot! Yes, maybe this CD has not the best design, everything here looks very simple and primitive. BUT visual part is not always important, believe me, the music in this CD is worth listening to. Netherland, the land that brings us a lot of good death … Continue reading 7Ft Beyond Belief ‎– Beyond the Buried Eyes

Depression (21.01.21)

Aloha Kai and Ron, how are you doing my friends? Hope this cold weather and the shitty virus didn’t get you. Kai: “Howdy Alex! Thanks, I´m feeling fine and, no the cold weather is great and the virus still did not get me. Hope the same for you?! 31 years on stage, damn, that is huge! My congrats, how do you feel about this number? Could you give us a short description of the music evolution in these decades? Thank you for the congrats! I feel crazy about this long period. It is unbelievable to me, to be honest. I … Continue reading Depression (21.01.21)

Purulent Spermcanal / Carnal Diafragma

We all perfectly know that Czhces’s scene is reach with tons of great bands. This release is a nice example of how just simple teamwork of two old bands can kick a 10-ton ass, haha! Two oldtimers Purulent Spermcanal and Carnal Diafragma are back with new songs and with a huge charge of fun and energy! So let`s open this terrible and perverted pandora’s box! I really dig PS side, this material has very brutal and heavy. From all their splits from 2020, this is my favorite because of these sick songs. The guitar sound is extremely low, this shit … Continue reading Purulent Spermcanal / Carnal Diafragma

Rektal Tuşe – Aklen Muaf

To my shame, if you ask me about Turkish grind bands I will only name Sakatat and Subjugation. The name Rektal Tuşe was unknown to me until now. Usually, bands with the names like “anal” or “rectal” are playing shitty lo-fi pornogrind (or other garbage) but this squad chose another way. We have here a solid portion of grindcore with punk and death metal attitude. The material is honestly good and unboring, this CD also has a really nice design (I think the artist used a more classical grind approach here). Let`s switch to the music part. From the very … Continue reading Rektal Tuşe – Aklen Muaf

Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Decomposing Serenity

For the last few years, both squads were quite slow in regurgitation of new material. I think I can name both of them pretty specific bands because their grind is not usual. Some people love it, some hate it, but guys don`t give a fuck about haters and still playing their own vision of gore/grind/noise. This CD was released by two Ukrainian labels Horns & Hoofs Records (obviously) and Vibex Productions. The general design of this split is very gloomy, everything has dark colors with strong nuar notes (especially the front cover of DC). But the music is not so … Continue reading Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Decomposing Serenity

Pigsty – Pig Blood

I want to dedicate this review to the memory of Miroslav Ubias. Czech legends Pigsty were silent for many years, actually, I thought that this band was done but I was wrong. Pig Blood is a 4th full length and very unusual work. For more than 2 decades guys played crashing grind, but with this work, they make a step from that direction. But let`s go in order. I can call this album conceptual, the whole LP dedicated and soaked with an unholy theme. The artwork looks fantastic, I feel the satanic atmosphere of that angry pig, haha!  As for … Continue reading Pigsty – Pig Blood

Golem of Gore / Pharmacist

Today’s material is bloody and heavy. Split Golem of Gore / Pharmacist brought me joy, it cured my hangover and it also made my neighbors very happy, haha! Both bands recorded pretty strong material with great sound and energy. This CD also has good cover art. Of course, this is not a unique work or new approach in this genre, but this collage looks more than nice. Let`s go in order and start with the Italian Golem of Gore! I bet there are many people who already know this project. In a short time, this trio became quite popular. So, … Continue reading Golem of Gore / Pharmacist

Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds (Wise Grinds Records)

This year is a huge shit in all social aspects, but many bands used this time to record new songs. This year is freaking full of great releases, and today I want to talk about the one interesting vinyl. How many bands from Taiwan do you know? None?  Well, let me help you. The first band on this LP is Brain Corrosion, a total killer grindcore act with a strong gore stench. The second band is Ripped To Shreds – smashing grindcore madness from California. This release has appropriate art with a great possessed character. There are a lot of … Continue reading Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds (Wise Grinds Records)

The Bastard Within – Better Dead Than Friends

Our small underground is always growing up with more and more bands, it`s really hard to stay on track. No wonder that I know nothing about “The Bastard Within”. So… this is a young band from Varese (Italy) and this CD is their debut work. Guys are playing a mix of thrash, death metal, and grindcore, nothing new? Maybe, but let`s dig deeper. Strange thing, this artwork reminds me of the arts for grind/death albums from the early, mid 00th. Remains of the corpse, death, and dystopian theme. Nothing new, however, everything looks well organized, and honestly, this design perfectly … Continue reading The Bastard Within – Better Dead Than Friends

Helvetes Jävla Skit – Satans Jävla Helvete

It`s been a while since the last review was posted, time get back to work, haha! For today’s write up I choose a debut work of Helvetes Jävla Skit. This is one-man band from Sweden with strong influence from modern extreme bands. Also, this is a debut release for Grind to Death Records, and must admit it`s not a bad start! But let`s go back to our stuff. This album has a pretty cool design, all these dead flies look calm and peaceful. And of course, this concept looks stylish. From the very first view, I thought that this work … Continue reading Helvetes Jävla Skit – Satans Jävla Helvete

Pharmacist – Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition

Here we go again! New stuff from the Japanese freaks! I don’t know how, but for the only one year of existence this project managed to release an album, ep, and few splits (crazy, isn’t it?) and, of course, now Pharmacist has a solid fan base. The cover of this work is freaking disgusting, rotten remains with maggots and melted parts, this shit will make normies puke, haha! But on the other hand, this work must have a classical gore look! It`s not a secret that people behind this band are big fans of Carcass. All material has a big … Continue reading Pharmacist – Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition