News from Selfmadegod rec!

Brand-new 5-song material of one of Québec’s most hardworking bands. SACCAGE’s sound features a psychedelic take on classic Death/Thrash metal and melds blackened riffs, D-beats & destructive blast beats with evil agressive vocals known for their eerie, satiric and misanthropic lyrics. Describing their stye as Evil Death Crust, the band will appeal to the most brutal death metallers but will also gain legions of fans within the thrashers, d-beat fans and punk grinders! Musically sounding like a dozen tons of bricks, somewhere between ENTOMBED, DARKTHRONE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and the godsend crust/grind kings DISCHARGE & NAPALM DEATH. You can get a … Continue reading News from Selfmadegod rec!

Pharmacist (02.08.22)

Hi man, hope you’re doing well! First of all what should we need to know about Pharmacist? – Hello! Pharmacist started in the beginning of 2020, releasing first EP “Forensic Pathology Jurisprudence” in June and debut full-length “Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition” in August. After debut release, there was a chain of splits and EPs, and finally this year new album “Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds” is out now on CD and tape formats available everywhere, and on all digital platforms! Your second album already rolling on all media platforms. What feedback do you have so far? I can … Continue reading Pharmacist (02.08.22)

Whoresnation (19.07.22)

Hi, Pibe! Every grinder needs to be in good physical shape, so, do you do morning exercises or something?) Hey Alexander! Well, good physical shape is not really defining Whoresnation but still … My morning routine is wake & bake or go empty belly to a shitty physical job. Pick your fighter! Finally your new album is out, what can you tell us about it? Do you happy with the final result? Yes ! It’s finally out, it was recorded during the summer 2021, it’s called Dearth and made of 16 tracks for 20 minutes. It’s the logical following of … Continue reading Whoresnation (19.07.22)

Embalming Theatre / Agathocles

20 years ago, these heroes made their first contact, which was a 7″ split release. To celebrate this lovely anniversary guys decided to make another split (and I think it`s a good idea). Of course, both bands didn`t want to make a boring reissue, so they recorded new songs and used another covert art. Talking about the front image, I think it represents our modern society so much. Blind and blank people who only care about their digital life regardless of what is happening around them. Excellent idea and implementation! Let me start the noise with a Belgian mince legend … Continue reading Embalming Theatre / Agathocles