Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

“London is the capital of Great Britain!” 😉 And it`s also a city of good grind squads and festivals. As you may know, GB is full of cool bands, and today I want to introduce you Nganga – a new grind name in the UK underground. The name of this band is a term for herbalist or spiritual healer in many African societies, and the cover image of this tape release looks like a bad trip after some special herbs, haha! Guys call their style “Matamoronic deathgore”, not sure what the hell that means but these 4 guys know how … Continue reading Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

Fecalizer – Wendigo

Hola boys and girls today I want to talk about the last EP of Mexican grinders Fecalizer. This band is not new at all, the guys have almost 20 years of experience, but they are still not very known in the rest of the world. Guys are playing lo-fi goregrind with many nasty themes (but what would you expect from a band with such name? ;)). This new work is something like a step aside from classical gore guts/blood/corpses things. Not sure if all of you know but “Wendigo” is a mystical/mythological creature from Indians folklore (North American Indians). And … Continue reading Fecalizer – Wendigo

Stheno (15.10.21)

Well, 3, 2, 1… Go! Good day my friend, it was a long time ago since we talked last time, how are you been and the things in Stheno are going? Hello, my brother! Yes been few years since the last time! Things are cool during this covid madness, but we use this lockdown shit to make our best record! So for Stheno things are great I must say. My congrats on the new album “Wardance” is really awesome! It’s really a kick in the teeth. How was it accepted by the world of underground music? Got great feedback? Was … Continue reading Stheno (15.10.21)

Slund (07.10.22)

Hi, Igor! Glad to have had this conversation with you. How’re you doing man? Hope you`re healthy and practicing new songs!)) Hi. Thanks for inviting me to this interview. I’m ok, healthy but very busy at the moment (not music-related). I’m making a little less music right now because of some personal life stuff. But yeah, there are new songs… So could you tell us more about Slund. As far as I remember you doing all noises alone… Yes, I play all the instruments myself. It started about 5 years ago. I was in between projects and bands and wasn’t … Continue reading Slund (07.10.22)

Great show in Las Vegas!

After Sin City Slaughterfest destroys Las Vegas Friday and Saturday night, come enjoy a free show in the Arts District on Sunday afternoon hosted by Wise Grinds Records, Gutter Christ and Panic INC. and Hellhouse Productions. Join grindcore legends PLF (TX) along with, DETERIORATION (MN), MARTHA’S GOT A LIMP WRIST (IL), HATE FOR HUMANITY (CA), POWER TOKE (NM), SHITBRAINS (CA), LIFE’S TORMENT (NV), and ROTT SCAPE (NV) at Recycled Propaganda Gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District. Event page Continue reading Great show in Las Vegas!