VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Canadian horror maniacs are here to smash us with their 4th full length! Must say “Gore From Beyond the Stars” surprised me. This is very balanced, atmospheric, interesting, and funny work. Cover art is worthy of review as well. Green as hell, with a classical cosmic horror theme, a great melting astronaut, maybe I`m sick, but this image makes me smile, haha! I think this album is a top work in VHS discography. Excellent guitar and bass sound, great solos, simple but great riffing, and absolutely unboring material! Deep and ugly growl, which tells us the story about different creatures … Continue reading VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Egggore / Pharmacist

I`m holding in my hands a brand new split with two interesting bands. Yes, Pharmacist is well known now but Egggore is not (so it will be nice to show you these guys). Both bands are very different and that makes this CD even better. From one side we have groovy goregrind, from the other old death grind. Also I want you to look closely at this cover art. This sick stuff was created by gore master Pierre (Blue Holocaust/BrainDead zine). Super pathological and crazy-looking work that fits this split for all 100%! Let’s start with the Czech band Egggore. … Continue reading Egggore / Pharmacist

Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival 2021

Could you inform us about some major changes? I guess the rules have been changed because of the epidemic… First I have to say that the Czech Republic is now a green light country as for covid and the situation here looks really fine now…and it’s summer time so even the weather will surely help! So far our government announced open air shows for 5000 people in July 2021 which is enough for OEF this year!!! As fo covid restrictions, it seems that one of the following ones will be needed: 1. Vaccination or 2. Negative test or 3. Post … Continue reading Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival 2021

Split Charcuterie / Pharmacist is out!

Repulsating gore grinding vomit noise from the United States! Clinically oldschool grinding death decomposition from Japan! Professionally manufactured, factory sealed, imprinted cassette tapes with full color layout and four panel insert. First press available on clear cassettes with black liner + red imprint in clear/red tint Norelco cases. You can listen to this release at acidreduxproductions.bandcamp.com Continue reading Split Charcuterie / Pharmacist is out!

Yakisoba ‎– Corporis Humani Anatomiae

I don`t remember how many reviews about Yakisoba`s stuff I made, but these guys still producing more and more noise, ha! Today I have something special to write about. This is a huge (70 songs!) compilation of their early works. “Corporis Humani Anatomiae” is limited to 100 copies and this release has a really awesome look! A small book with a lot of ancient engraving, additional info, and patch as a bonus! I will be honest, this stuff brings me a lot of joy. So what will you find here? This CD includes the first two EPs “Mandatory Amputation” and … Continue reading Yakisoba ‎– Corporis Humani Anatomiae

Inhumate (16.05.21)

Hi Fred, my sincere congratulations with a new album! Finally, it`s happened. Could you give us more info about this last LP? You’re right when you say this last LP, because if it’s the last we recorded, it’s also the last we will record.This album is Inhumate seventh and last one. We started an heptalogy (seven album concept) back in 1996 and now, with « Eternal Life » we’re ending it. And I think we don’t stop with a slower stupidly sounding doom album. We tried to end with the most bestail thing we could do. I was lucky to hear the … Continue reading Inhumate (16.05.21)

Expurgo / Pharmacist

Fresh and new, this split was a pretty mystery/secret until Psychocontrol rec uploaded it on its bandcamp (an only a small group of people knew about this release). That day I heard a lot of good words about this 7″, and that is not a surprise. Because both bands are good, they are experienced in the grind, so it was oblivious that the result will be a killer! Brazilian masters of noise are opening this party. Their decent grindcore is always pleasant for my ears. Great heavy sound, pumping energy, and memorable riffing. The guitar and bass tones are so … Continue reading Expurgo / Pharmacist

Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Hi mate, hope you’re doing well. So let`s start our small talk, hehe) Tell us about this festival? How do you come up with such an idea? I hope you are well and thank you for doing this. The idea really came up due to Covid because of the fact that as a band we could not really play shows anywhere and all the creative outlets/ platforms were really not there for us . So we figured that other bands worldwide really were experiencing the same situation where their outlet was limited, so we reached out to all our friends … Continue reading Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Recovery – Wrong Diagnosis Late Diagnosis

For the last few years, the Russian underground has increased with many interesting bands. And this Friday I want to talk about one young but promising squad from St. Petersburg – Recovery. This is a 3 piece band and this tape is their debut. Must say guys managed to surprise me with the sound quality and material. But let`s start in order. The design of this release is unusual. The cassette case is smaller than the standard one, it`s has a clear color. All arts are stickered on it, so it looks very cool and unboring. Inside I found all … Continue reading Recovery – Wrong Diagnosis Late Diagnosis

Sick Sinus Syndrome (10.03.21)

Greetings! Hope you`re doing well and you and your families are healthy. So first of all I want to know when and how the idea about creating such band was pop up? Hi Saša. We are doing quite fine, but situation here in czech is fucked up, right now. But we are more, less healthy I have to say. So, the first idea of having such a project was in our heads (mine and Jurgen´s) quite some time, even the first idea was not to do pathological grindcore, but old school thrash metal. But after our first jam session in … Continue reading Sick Sinus Syndrome (10.03.21)

Oozing / Pharmacist

This blasting CD was the very first thing that I listened to today. Heavy and nasty only these words could describe this release. So what do we got here? The first part belongs to Oozing, which is a new band of Chris (Bouquet, First Days Of Humanity, and others), this is the debut stuff and it`s something different than simple gore. This time that guy surprised us with strong and dirty death metal material. But to be honest, all 5 songs still have grinding vibes. Not fast, with messy and with a heavy sound, this music brings a lot of … Continue reading Oozing / Pharmacist