The first ever GGGG merch!

The design is made by Giulio Huere for GGGG. There will be: Shorts – logo and picture Shirts – logo and picture on front and anti war slogan on Back Zippers – small logo on left breast and shirt design on back Hoodies – huge logo on front and shirt design on back Everything will be printed by Mario Zumpe and Co (Grind The Nazi Scum), so you can pre-order everything from them! Continue reading The first ever GGGG merch!

Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing, still at work or opened a bottle of beer and chilling? Bart: Hi Alex, I am doing fine, thanks, just got in the couch after a busy day. No beer though. Usually I don’t drink alcohol if I have to work the day after. I work as a clinical psychologist and want to give the best I can. Owen: no beer for me this evening but some smokeable stuff helps with chilling for me, haha. Jasper: no beer here either, but chilling nonetheless. Must say that I`m really waiting for this new album, it`s gonna … Continue reading Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Warstone – Absolute War: Total Discography 2017 – 2020

American grind underground is bright and different as fuck… There are a lot of big names, but most interesting (at least for me) are small bands. Today I want to present you a one-man band from New Bedford / Massachusetts. Warstone is a project of Trevor Vaughan, who is also playing in Internal Wound Man, XFilesX, and many more bands. This is a real hard worker, he generates tons and tons of new songs! Somehow Regurgitated Semen rec noticed his band and proposed he create this discography CD. All in all, we have here 63 tracks (holy shit) of pure … Continue reading Warstone – Absolute War: Total Discography 2017 – 2020

Necrony – Severe Malignant Pustule

Last year was not only with new albums and splits, but it was also rich with top-natch re-issues! Unexpectedly I`ve got a fresh CD re-press of legendary demo “Severe Malignant Pustule”! This edition is fucking killer! New cover, 4-panel digipak, housed in super-cover (slipcase) with embossed band logo. But CD is absolutely another story, I know that such a format (with a clean part) is made only in Mexico (pard me if I’m wrong). This CD deserves to be in the collections of all Necrony fans, and I`m not joking! Of course, the whole thing was remastered, remastered by master … Continue reading Necrony – Severe Malignant Pustule