New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

The first full-length of Ukrainian grinders Statist is out! Antitötalitar offers you 16 no-frills grindcore songs that have been massively influenced by death metal and also contain a lot of groovy hardcore punk elements. From a magnificent rancid sounding trash can snare drum, to merciless saw riffing and slightly dissonant shredding, to the distinctive vocals, Statist deliver everything that thrills the genre heart. Wild blastbeats, stomping rattle and filth stirring basslines included. Pre-order a copy at Continue reading New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

Morgue Breath – Expectoraciones Exequiales Desde Las Profundidades Fantamiasm​á​ticas

15 tracks of grindcore with some death metal vibes in the vein of Repulsion, Machetazo, Carcass with an Icons of Filth cover. Members of Sulfuric Cautery, Radiation Vomit and Shitbrains. Get a copy from Grindestroys rec! Continue reading Morgue Breath – Expectoraciones Exequiales Desde Las Profundidades Fantamiasm​á​ticas

Your Kid’s on Fire – Jackings in the Morgue

If your blood is boiling when you hear such bands as Exumate, Impetigo, Frightmare, or Blood then I have really good news for you. Let me recommend you a great deathgrind trio Your Kid’s on Fire. Believe me, these guys won’t disappoint you. So what do we have here? “Jackings in the Morgue” is a huge compilation of rare materials, some stuff was recorded in 2006, some in 2009-2010, and the last 13 songs in 2017. Different times but the main concept is the same… This is an old-school band, guys gathered together more than 25 years ago, and since … Continue reading Your Kid’s on Fire – Jackings in the Morgue

Gorupted / Gore

It`s gore time! Today I’m gonna review a new release of Surrogate rec. So this is a small tape release with the French brutal death/goregrind project Gorupted and Brazilian legends Gore. This is a pretty DIY release, with handmade doubling, cutting and everything else, and this cassette also has an OBI, which is not usual. I must admit this is a nice small touch. But let’s get straight to the noise! Gorupted is a new name in our underground, this one-man band project started 2 years ago, and already has two splits. As I already mention this is a mix … Continue reading Gorupted / Gore

Machetazo – Ultratumba II

“Ultratumba II” is a compilation release of the magnificent Spanish band Machetazo. Unfortunately, this band is no longer active, but they left a bunch of cool releases. I think if we put together all their stuff we`ll get more than 5 hours of wonderful noise. This small tape was released 2 years ago by Bloody Scythe Records. “Ultratumba II” has 22 dreadful songs from Desolación Mental and Necrocovered EP, splits with Headless Death / RAS / Marrow / Winters In Osaka / Ribspreader and Total Fucking Destruction. Solid stuff isn`t it? We have the opportunity to listen to Machetazo`s material … Continue reading Machetazo – Ultratumba II

UxDxS – Too Fast For Love

And here we are again with another great Danish band. UxDxS represents all grind power of Copenhagen! But this band is still in the shadow, and I feel that I need to fix it. This band was formed almost 10 years ago, in their discography they have only two EP. “Too Fast For Love” is their first work, it was released in 2014, if I remember it right there was a small run of tapes, and that’s all. But last year New York label Haunted Hotel Records released it again, but this time on vinyl. Must say it`s very good … Continue reading UxDxS – Too Fast For Love