Abaddon Incarnate!

The beginning 95-97

We formed in 1995. Frustrated with the lack of fast and extreme bands in the Irish scene, our purpose was to be the fastest and most brutal band in Ireland. We recorded what may be described as a bestial death metal demo “When the demons come”. We then played extensively around Ireland, establishing a reputation as an amazing live act, even winning second place in MTVs battle of the bands in 1995 going against shit loads of indie / alternative bands. The original founding member line up was Steve Maher, Olan Parkinson, Bill Whelan and Rob Tierney. The word on the street was that we sounded like ‘early Possessed with blastbeats’.

Seasons of Mist 97-2000

After recording our second demo “Aeons of us rising” in ’97, we got signed to Seasons of Mist France. We recoded “The last Supper” in Tico Tico studio in Finland (Impaled Nazerene, Sentenced). The label sold out of copies and this is now out of print. This was a brutal death metal album taking strong influence from bands like Cryptopsy, Impaled Nazerene, Sadistic Execution, Morbid Angel and Deicide.

Sentinel records 2000-2003

We then felt we needed a more local label to best support Abaddon Incarnate, so signed to the Irish “Sentinel Records” in 2000. Rob Tierney (bass) left the band and we enlisted Cory Sloan from “Thy Sinister Bloom” and “Arcane Sun”, two doomy melodic bands from Ireland at the time. Cory needed to grind so came on board also doing some screaming vocals. The Brutal Death Metal of the previous album was abandoned for shorter, grind orientated style influenced by Nasum, Napalm Death, but still possessing old school death metal influences. We travelled to Sweden to record with Mieszko from Nasum. We made “Nadir” in two weeks in the summer of 2001. Mieszko did some guest vocals on the track “Where’s my axe?”
We then started touring abroad. We toured with Welsh Desecration in the UK and Czech Republic and headlined a German tour with Impending Doom. We also did our first headlining tour of Australia in 2002.
Olan left the band after that and we got Jason Connelly on drums.

Xtreem records 2003-2008

We were approached by Dave Rotten of Avulsed and Xtreme Records to do a release for his label and we agreed. We toured in Spain and met him in Madrid and sealed the deal. Again we travelled to Sweden and recorded with Mieszko “Dark Crusade”, a predominately Grindcore album still with old school death metal influences.
We toured with this line up in UK and Spain, and played some festivals around Europe.
Dark crusade was a very successful album and has since been reprinted 3 times.

Metal age records/ underground movement records 2008 -2013

Jason and Cory then left and we enlisted Johnny King on drums and Steve Finnerty on Bass/ Screaming vocals. We recorded some demos and pre-production stuff eventually signing to the Slovakian Metal Age Records, and we recorded “Cascade” in Dublin in 2009.
We played some high profile festivals like Obscene extreme (CZ), SWR fest, Caos Emergente in Portugal and later we got asked to do a split with Phobia (US) by Underground Movement Records.
After this we were approached by the South American label Guts ‘N Blood to do a South American tour and in 2011 we travelled to Colombia, Peru and Ecuador to play a month long tour of some 20 dates on a very successful campaign.
Upon returning to Ireland we set about writing our next album.

Candlelight records 2014-16

We then signed to Candlelight Records in the UK to release “Pessimist”. This recording was done again in Ireland and featured a strong crust influence, also mixing some grind and death metal inspirations as usual. So then we played some more festivals in The Netherlands and UK and did many tours including our first foray into Russia with Cephalotripsy, the US slam band.
However after 8-10 years with this line-up Steve Finnerty and Johnny King left, Candlight records got sold to some bigger irrelevant label and this period came to an end. Before the sun finally set, we recorded a live album with line up at the “Monsters of Rot” fest at home in Ireland. This was a self-released limited edition on digipack, totally sold out and now only available digitally.

Modern times. Transcending Obscurity Records 2016-2021

Bill Whelan had to take a hiatus for a while on touring abroad as he had two new children to manage at home so although he kept active with us in Ireland a live touring line up was made up of Steve Maher and Irene Siragusa on bass, who played in some cool Irish bands like Okus and Sodb among others, Karl Leavey on drums, a talented local drummer from Dublin who played in Refraction and Twisted mass at the time and Donal Fullam from Dublin crust band Putrefaction on guitar. We played once more a second Russian tour and headlined a Spanish/Portuguese tour.
Finally Wayne glass came on board to do some screaming vocals and we returned to Australia two more times, did many UK shows and festivals in Copenhagan at the Grindcore Family Weekend and in Germany at the Grind the Nazi Scum Fest, played a couple of gigs in Sicily and some others.
During this period we learned that Transcending Obscurity was interested in signing Abaddon Incarnate. Wayne and Karl left and original drummer Olan Parkinson rejoined to do some Irish gigs. We then decided the line-up of Steve Maher, Bill Whelan, Irene Siragusa and Olan Parkinson will be the line up going forward to record our sixth full length album.
We will enter Foel studios in the UK in January 2021 to record and if the pandemic lifts we will see you on tour after that playing at the scummiest bars, squats, house parties and also the tallest stages in the world.

Abaddon Incarnate is 25 years old this year 2020 and we want to keep pissing everybody off for another 25.
Grind on scumbags!

Contacts: Abaddon Incarnate fb    Abaddon Incarnate bc

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