1999: L.F.A.A. began spontaneously in 1999 as a one man band, when Felix started making music after leaving his former band EXPIRATION. His reason for creating this new project was to make a music mainly focused into crust punk with a strong ideology centered into Animal Liberation and veganism. That year Felix recorded of what was the first official split 7′ EP with the mythic AGATHOCLES from Belgium,released in 2000 by Selfishfucker and Bad People (USA) thanks to the help of Mr Haroldo Mardones (CATHETER / CAPITALIST CASSUALTIES).

2000: It was in 2000 when LFAA changed from being a project to becoming a real band. Felix continued playing guitar and programming drums, Ramon (UNSANE CRISIS) took care of bass duties and Inaki (DENAK ) performed vocals. With this line up, they recorded their first untitled album with Samu at VRS released in 2002 by Distortion records. Finally the gigs started with a programmed drummachine. 

2001: Chema from 6M0 and ANTIGAMA, helped for some time as the second guitarist, meanwhile Makoko (HINDRANCE) played live drums. LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER eventually returns to the same powertrio lineup who recorded the first CD. Felix, Ramon and Inaki came back to the VRS studio to record their two new releases, a one side split with KONTRAATAQUE released by La Idea in 2003 and a 7′ EP split with CATHETER released by Parade in 2006.
2003: Finally and after several years, the band left programmed drum machines for good. Moya from GATO APLASTADO joined the band as a human drummer and the band changed their logo to the current one. The mini CD Buscando Una Respuesta was recorded at VRS, released as a 12′ mini LP by Throne Records and Hombrelobo in 2004, re-released in mini CD format by Living Dead Society and Under The Knife in 2005 and in Cassette version by Haunted Hotel records in 2006.

2004: LFAA as a four piece line up played live non stop until they reentered the VRS studio in order to record their longest studio session to date. From this new studio session came the 7′ EP with ZANUSSI released in Trabuk records in 2006, the 7′ with COMRADES released in Power it up in 2005, the 7′ with OVERPOWERING released by Power It Up, Lokos and Victim records in 2005 and the split 12′ LP with IRA ET DECESSUS released by Power it up in 2007.
2005: Compulsory first European tour with SAYYADINA, supported by Santi NASHGUL at vocals. Unfortunately Ramon broke his nose during the first 10 minutes of the second show of the tour in Zoro Leipzig. This year the band also recorded the studio sessions for various tribute albums, such as the official Napalm Death and the official RUIDO DE RABI (still un-released).   

2007: The band, yet again, entered studio VRS with Samuel Ruiz at the controls to record Extinci, released in CD by Living Dead Society and Under The Knife in 2007 and released in 12′ LP by Power It Up in 2008. This release also saw first collaboration with the band and artworker Nor Venagruesa for illustrations. The year ends with enlargement of formation, enters Makoko at the guitar and the band becomes a five piece line up with Inaki vocals, Felix guitar, Makoko guitar, Ramon bass and Moya drums. 

2008: Second European tour with AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE.

2009: Deep Six Records offered to release all the vinyl splits in CD format titled “Split the Suffering Split the Pain”. LFAA recorded a demo meanwhile recording the session for official REPULSION tribute LP. The band then signed with RELAPSE records to put out that demo in a 7′ EP, La Caceria, and furthermore a full length CD.
the full lenght album was “Eterno Treblinka” released on Cd by Relapse and in vinyl by Deepsix in USA and by Power it Up in Europe.

2014: The band released through Living Dead Sociaty / Trabuk records a new ep on 12″ as single for their upcoming new album that will be release by Relapse Cd/12″Lp in the near future.

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