Execution Mania – S/T

We have another strong debut here. Finland`s womb just regurgitated a new grind band, meet Execution Mania from Helsinki. As I know this band includes musicians from Pelkotila and Unohdettu Tulevaisuus… And this collaboration brought a good Grind result. The case with bands like Execution Mania is – you either like, or hate them. You either “get” the noise or you don’t. If you like fast, dirty and heavy music with crazy vocals and messy sound then this EP might be for you. The tape is short but, this didn’t stop the guys from putting in a maximum portion of … Continue reading Execution Mania – S/T

Galvanizer – Sanguine Vigil LP!

From the swamping lands of Finland death/grind trio Galvanizer emerges with their debut album “Sanguine Vigil” after having paid all their dues with several tapes and a 7″ EP like we were used back in the 90s.Galvanizer have quickly become one of the most promising underground acts around, their old school approach perfectly combines with their youthful energy and their sound will perfectly please both fans of old school Finnish death metal and modern deathgrind sounds. You can order a copy at www.mesacounojo.com Continue reading Galvanizer – Sanguine Vigil LP!

Death Toll 80k – Step Down (Grindfather prod)

It’s been a quiet four years since Death Toll 80k recorded something new. Due to some problems with health and other bad things, this long awaited album was delayed. All this time we were silently waiting and the miracle finally happened, “Step Down” has finally arrived. For this review I picked up a cassette version which was released by Grindfather Productions. I know that the boss of this label is doing everything by himself. For example, the sound was recorded with help from a nice stacionary tape decks. All logos and other info were applied on the shell in the … Continue reading Death Toll 80k – Step Down (Grindfather prod)

Tolerance (26.04.18)

Hello Mr Urho! how are you doing man? Hope all fine on your end, and the beers are cold… Hi Alexander!! Thanks for getting in touch! It’s really nice to have this chance to chat. I suppose I’m doing okay for the most part. Lately I have been way too stressed out though, and in some ways my life (or at least the way I experience it) has been quite unstable. But l can’t really complain either, as at the moment I have a job which I really like, I’m surrounded by really wonderful people and I have a ton … Continue reading Tolerance (26.04.18)

Sonic Poison – Combat Grind (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

Look who`s back! The young Finnish grinders from Sonic Poison have recorded new stuff! The guys didn’t act like stinky cunts, they did not split up after the first ep “Harsh Demonstration” (you all know how many band love to split up after their first badass record) and that made me really happy. Their new work was released in tape and vinyl formats and it wears a proud name “Combat Grind”. With this lovely tape the guys are acting like Jeffrey Dahmer. They drill our heads with good and powerful noise and then they inject painful poison of oldstyle Grind. … Continue reading Sonic Poison – Combat Grind (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

The gloomy land of Finland has given birth to many great bands. Yes, this country is mostly known for its metal bands, but there (in the deepest and darkest caves) are many interesting grind and near grind squads. So today we will listen a really heavy (almost 100 gram! hahah) split 7” with two unordinary bands. As with almost all Finnish extreme albums/releases this 7” has a dark atmosphere and noticeable influence from black metal. I do not want to torture you with long and empty words, so allow me to start with the first band – Napam Ted! This … Continue reading Napalm Ted / Mustasuo

Pelkotila – Pelon Ilmapiiri

Finnish Crusters are back to us with apocalyptic melodies! I guess not many of you know this band, well today I will try to fix that. Here is a small historical intro. Pelkotila is crust band from Finland (they are based in gloomy Helsinki town). These guys started to reherse about 4 years ago. During all this time these guys have released a few 7” and played a lot of shows. And now the time has come and the guys finally released their first full length album “Pelon Ilmapiiri ”. This album contains 9 songs, and they all emit a … Continue reading Pelkotila – Pelon Ilmapiiri

Sonic Poison – Harsh Demonstration (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

In case you’re still missing Repulsion and other bands from that period, I have a good cure for your disease. Sonic Poison is from Finland, this band is pretty young, but these boys know what “old school” means. They managed to catch the old spirit and used it in their music and even in the cover art. Folks just look at this mincer art. It looks great, all these eyes, smashed brain, blood and other elements, all of them reminiscent of old bloody cover works from moldy death/thrash/grind bands. These 7 songs are their very first recording (unless of course … Continue reading Sonic Poison – Harsh Demonstration (Me Saco Un Ojo Records)