“I (OLA) started the band here in Gothenburg in 2004 with HOKKA (drums) a few weeks later SÄDA (vocals) joined.

We played one gig at a great Pub called La Cupole (R.I.P) with this line-up. We borrowed MICKE P (Bestial Mockery R.I.P) on bas for our first “Demo 2005“, recorded at Evil Grill Studios in Hisingen (R.I.P) and played one gig with this line-up at Old Truckstop (R.I.P). SÄDA was very totally shitfaced, and we were hated for years by the local punks for years after that gig. Note that this was before it was OK to listen to Burzum and still be PC.

Then HOKKA moved to the countryside and became a farmer, and me and SÄDA started to jam with JON as a new drummer. After a while SIKAS joined on bas. We recorded the split LP with Fistula and 2009 demo LP Putrid and played a bunch of gig with this line-up.

In 2012 JON left and BJÖRN (Illdåd R.I.P) took over the drums. We’ve recorded Solar Anus 12” and split 12” with Bodybag and played one gig at WAR KRIG OCH BAR with this line-up.”

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