xKATExMOSHx is a 4 piece band from Rome, Italy. We started in the end of 2010 with the intention to play powerviolence inspired by Charles Bronson, Spazz, No Comment, Asshole Parade. We had previous experiences in bands that played for years around Europe (Taste The Floor and Bestial Vomit) and were active especially in the area of Rome (Warpeace, Drive Tasty).

After a few practices we started playing shows in our city, then in the rest of Italy and we’ve lately ended our first tour in France and Spain. We also played shows with great bands from abroad like Weekend Nachos, Extreme Noise Terror, Agathocles, Wormrot, Sakatat, Beartrap, Witch Cult, Kvoteringen, Crippled Fox, Fatal Nunchaku and many well know Italian grind and hardcore bands.

We recorded in the spring of 2011 16 songs. 14 of them are on our first 7”, the other 2 (“Deaf and Dumb” by Charles Bronson and “Bullshit tradition” by Dropdead) appear on the compilation “Here is the unity” which collect 17 Italian bands covering their favorite stuff.
Our second 7” is a split with Fatal Nunchaku from France, out at the beginning of 2013 and the 3rd one is another 7” split with the hungarian FxAxSxTx, out at the end of the same year on TVG Records. We also have a tape with all the stuff we recorded til the middle of 2013 and some other compilation with unreleased songs.

Our next record, a 7” split with Sete Star Sept, is going to be out in fall 2014.

We made 4 tours so far and we’ve been playing in Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary Switzerland, Greece, Turkey and we’ll be touring again and again.

xKATExMOSHx fb    xKATExMOSHx web    xKATExMOSHx bc

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