xKATExMOSHx is a 4 piece band from Rome, Italy. We started in the end of 2010 with the intention to play powerviolence inspired by Charles Bronson, Spazz, No Comment, Asshole Parade. We had previous experiences in bands that played for years around Europe (Taste The Floor and Bestial Vomit) and were active especially in the area of Rome (Warpeace, Drive Tasty). After a few practices we started playing shows in our city, then in the rest of Italy and we’ve lately ended our first tour in France and Spain. We also played shows with great bands from abroad like Weekend … Continue reading xKATExMOSHx!

xKatexMoshx & Sete Star Sept (14 labels)

Before doing a review, sometimes I feel the need to have an authentic background to fully digest what I’m about to listen. So here I am with an Italian wine, cheese and epic story of Godzilla and his friends on the screen, hehe!) I’m not going to hide this, the design on this record is brilliant! A mix of such simple colors, like black, white and red, managed to combine into such great picture. What’s really cool is an envelope that contains vinyl is black (red vinyl in black envelope, no excessive stuff). And the artwork itself is incredible! This … Continue reading xKatexMoshx & Sete Star Sept (14 labels)