Massgrav – Slowly We Rock

Last year Swedish rock stars Massgrav released their 5th album. “Slowly We Rock” became pretty popular, must admit this is their most punk-n-roll work and I love it very much. This record even won a local punk award (cool isn`t it?)! I already said about punk, but our heroes didn`t lose their crazy energy. They are fast and furious as always but this time you will be surprised by cool solos, nice genre twists, and so on. I can tell you only one thing, I love to play this CD when all my neighbors are home, haha! This album is … Continue reading Massgrav – Slowly We Rock

Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

A new mini-album from Australian hardcore hooligans Endless Bore has not left my player for several days. This work is pure fire… The guys managed to record very catchy stuff. I`m absolutely in love with “Drive Not Detected”! The whole material was released as 12″ by Grindhead rec. I have a feeling that artist was influenced by old punk and hardcore when he drew this art. Everything here looks simple but very bright. I simply love it! This is not just an album, this is fucking music destruction! The energy, atmosphere, and everything here are screaming! This music will charge … Continue reading Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

Under Attack – S/T

Last summer Under Attack released a self-titled EP. That release really stuck in my mind, I don`t even remember how many times I played it, hehe! But this is not surprising because this band consists of the guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, and Suppression. All guys have huge experience in different genres and they definitely know what “old school” is. The cover of this work is made in old punk/hardcore traditions. The artist drew the band on the stage, yes it`s not unique but still badass. The whole 7″ charged with super cool energy. The riff by riff, tune by … Continue reading Under Attack – S/T