Four friends got together after deciding they wanted to be the fastest and brutal band in Portugal. For that matter they begun to play grind core under the moniker of GROG. João (guitar), Johnny (drums), Marco (bass) and Pedra (vocals) were the suspects behind this first line-up. In league with horror, gore, and extreme music they began giving their first steps. The year was 1991, around September.

After a few sessions, they recorded their first official release in the shape of a rehearsal. The Bluuaaarrrgghh Rehearsal was released in tape format and distributed through the old fashion way meaning snail mail, printed flyers, and tape trading. Also, the first live appearances were made around this time. The year was, early, 1992.

In the same year, they began to write new material that would see the light as their first demo. A Nauseating Sweet Taste refined their death metal and grindcore effusion and set a breakthrough for the band at the time. After this João (guitar) decided to leave the band. The year was 1993.

Hugo (guitar) replaced João and the show kept on going with an intense period of live gigs and new songs that culminated with the band entering studio to record their new promo-tape simply intitule Promo Tape 94. Yes, that was also the year.

Composition kept flowing and a live 7’’ was released by Born to Booze Records from Germany. 95 Stabwounds in your Throat materialized the raw and razor sharped energy the band persecuted. The year was 1995.

Afterwards Skyfall Records from Portugal signed the band for its debut album. Macabre Requiems was released during 1996 and elevates the bands death grind musicality to its most brutal level ever since their origins. After this period the band saw some line-up changes and the labels extinction. Ivo (guitar) joined the band in 1998.

With a steadier line-up, the band begun to work on new songs. Nuno (guitar), Ivo (bass) and Bruno (drums) along with Pedra (vocals) recorded a promo CD named Regurgitape, in 1999. This same release helped the band to sign with Shockwave Records from France and later known as Warpath Records. Before the recording period of their second album, the band released a live tape in 2000. Madness, Horror and Guts it’s a hymn towards total musical destruction.

Just before completing the composition process, Bruno left the band and Beto filled in on drums. This time also saw the coming of Simão as a bass player with Ivo passing on to the guitar. As a five piece for the first time the band entered studio to see Beto replaced by Rolando. With this line-up Odes to the Carnivorous was recorded and released in 2001. Considered as a cornerstone in the Portuguese brutal music scene, it was also very well received by public, fans and media. Warpath Records also extinguished after this release.

Continuous ins and outs kept on going and Nuno and Simão left the band. Alex (bass) made his entrance in 2003 and a new cycle began for GROG. Between live shows, only in 2010 the band sees its return to new releases after passing through a long gestation and maturation period. With a 3-way split cd with PussyVibes and Roadside Burial by Grindhead Records from Australia, a compilation, Gastric Hymns Mummified in Purulency, and their new album, GROG recovered their full power and will to continue their path. By this time and to this date, the band signs a deal with Murder Records part of the Helldprod Records group.

Scooping the Cranial Insides delivers a severe punching drive into the core of the extreme scene and rapidly the band starts to play live like maniacs. With Alex, Ivo, Pedra and Rolando playing together since 2003 their musicality escalated beyond standard expected creativity. The year was 2011.

Aiming new challenges, the band begun to work in new songs and pushed their limits far beyond their abilities. In 2017, Ablutionary Rituals is released and summons the heaviest and crushing work from the band to date. A true beast was played and recorded to smash and twist every inch of your flesh and soul.

In 2020 two splits were release, one in tape with Agathocles (Hammer Smashed Feast) and the other in Cd with Aftersundown / Zebú / Baga (Split Your Mind II). In 2021 another new split has been done with Namek named as Monsters. This last one is a major piece of our grind core musical approach.

Already heading for their 30th anniversary, currently GROG is working are writing new songs for the next full length. In Death We Grind!

Instagram: grog_grind
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