Restricted Rights!

Restricted Rights born from the ashes of Nature Offense, a crust-grind band from St-Hyacinthe, nearby Montreal in 2009. At that time it was Fred on guitar and vocals and Dan on drums (ex-Nature Offense) Kev on bass and Felix on Vocals. We kept that line-up only the time to make 5 songs that we play on Christmass punx party from 2009, after that Kev and Felix left the band, that as no name yet at that time, and we let the project sleep on ice for a few months, when Terry join us. Then we were Terry on guit and vocals, Dan on drum and Fred take the bass and lead vocal. Till then to now we kept the same line-up. We did a bunch of shows the next few years and we release a firs demo cd call ”Mediatik Lobotomy”in 2012. 

We continue to play a few shows in the Quebec province till we recorded our first split 7” with SKUNK from Manitoba in april 2015. After the recording of that first split we decided to stop doing shows for a year or so and keep focusing on doing more recording and releases. We plan to put out another split 7” with KONFORM from British Columbia in Canada. We should release it for late summer 2016, hopefully!! 

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