Lisbon’s SIMBIOSE first steps go back 20 years to 1991, when – influenced by the sounds of Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror and Doom – a small
bunch of friends started writing their own songs. In the following years, SIMBIOSE managed do establish themselves internationally through an impressive amount of DIY releases. “Naked Mental Violence” was released in 2002, followed by a Split EP with Barcelona’s Disface. In the next year, the second album “Bounded In Adversity” followed by a Euro Tour through Holland and Belgium. By 2005 SIMBIOSE played more than 200 shows, recorded a cover for a Misfits tribute album and released one more Split CD with Swedish crust kings Driller Killer.
2007 came with a new record, “Evolution” with guest appearances by Dean Jones (Extreme Noise Terror) and João Gordo (Ratos de Porão) among others. “Fake Dimension” was released in 2009, Produced by Ulf Blomberg (M40, End Of All, Grace Will Fall) and was a big step up in the band’s sound production wise.
In 2012, 21 years on, SIMBIOSE are back stronger than ever! “Economical Terrorism” is the band’s latest effort. Again produced by Ulf Blomberg, “Economical Terrorism” is the band’s fastest, most brutal and fiercest album to date. Expect 14 shots in the head of corrupt politicians, authority and all other forms of oppression…
In 2015 Simbiose released their 6-th album Trapped.

Simbiose off site    Simbiose fb

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