Vile Species!

Vile Species is a Grindcore band from Athens, Greece formed in late 2019. The first line-up was Sotiris and Samer on vocals, Mat on guitar, Stefanos on bass and Alekos on drums. In 2020 we played our first shows in Athens and London and released the self-titled debut CD. In late 2020 Alekos left and Dionisis joined as a drummer and recorded the tracks for the split with Human Obliteration which will be put on tape by No Time Records, Decolonized Records and Stay Tough Records. CD and Vinyl versions are coming later this year as well. In 2021 the … Continue reading Vile Species!

Procrastinate – s/t

The end of the year is rich with good releases. Now we have a lot of great grind stuff also doom and sludge albums, so now it’s time for some Crust! For today’s review I picked up a brand new LP from Greek Crusties Procrastinate. This album has a beautiful design but, the main cover art can deceive you. First look at this picture made me think that I’m holding in my hands, some sort of art rock album. It’s hard to guess that this band is playing crust, haha! Also inside of the paper case you will find a … Continue reading Procrastinate – s/t

Grindbull – Fuck Humanity Respect Your Dog

Hm… it’s hard to expect something really interesting from a band with such fun name. But luckily I was fucking wrong. This Greek duo has great potential, not sure if this is their first work (which was released in physical format), but this small tape rips. Of course I can’t say that this is a release of the year, but hey give them a chance. This stuff has nice grinding sound and their record is not too raw (It feels like these guys tried to do it in the best way). Except spicy, buzzing and low guitar noises and riffs … Continue reading Grindbull – Fuck Humanity Respect Your Dog

Stheno / Facada – Primitive

This is hard but tasty dish… this barbaric meal spiced with hellish hot Greek and Brazilian sauces. Let`s start with this interesting and “primitive” design. The artist used a pretty cool idea, I think we can call this episode historical. I mean this act on this picture, when slave kills his master… this is cruel but full of justice. Also the artist used ancient rock carvings of animals, and this added brutality to the whole arts (that was really great idea). From Greek land with 7 songs dehuman Stheno is coming ! This time this trio surprised me… their songs … Continue reading Stheno / Facada – Primitive

Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Wow it`s a really tight split! Both bands are a good examples of harsh and blast grindcore. Both they are full of ferocity, speed and deadly power. So lets put this vinyl on my turntable and switch on this hell! Side A – Dead Issue. This guys are one the best representatives of USA grindcore bands. This squad is manned with fragments from Bloody Phoenix & Endless Demise (so you can imagine what will be waiting for you, haha!). But for the first deal lets look at the cover. Hmm I guess this time guys tried to be as primitive as … Continue reading Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

This split will be out (hopefully) in the end of spling and this wax will be released thru: Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench /  Autistic Society System Records / Grindfather Productions / Blastbeat Worship Tapes /  Repulsive Medias Continue reading Raw Noise Apes / Scum Of The Earth!

Stheno – Liberty Crawls In Waste (Everydayhate)

It happened so that I write a review on every release of this greek maniacs, one can say that I’m monitoring and describing every step of them, hehe))) After couple of splits and one EP it is clear that these guys should move forward. And it is absolutely predictable and logically that Polish label Everydayhate got its hands on their first long-playing album. So, what do we have here? Well, the guys wrote 13 songs for their first real baby (not bad). The first thing which your eye notices is the art which is beautiful in some way. It is … Continue reading Stheno – Liberty Crawls In Waste (Everydayhate)