Swedish grindcore act Sickrecy, short for sick-secrecy, meaning that we as people under our rulers are on a need-to-know basis and we clearly don’t need to know anything but to obey and pay, was formed in late 2019/early 2020 by Martin Eriksson who soon teamed up with Marcus Dahl and Adde Mitroulis to make the foundation of Sickrecy. Adde Mitroulis, well known from bands such as Birdflesh and General Surgery is no stranger in this line of duty, With numerous albums on his conscience and three releases in 2021, he clearly knows how to handle a microphone and his vocals are significant to the sound of Sickrecy. Marcus Dahl and Martin Eriksson hail from the crust and death act World in Ruins and the blackened industrial death metal band Damned to Downfall, who both put out albums in 2021. You could say that Sickrecy is somewhat of a blend between all of our four bands but the main inspiration comes from the early 90’s underground scene. In July 2021 band released 6 track EP “First World Anxiety”, which is a meltingpot of all the things that we are about. It includes the fast, extreme and the blasts mixed with crust, d-beat and death metal. The lyrics cuts through with social awareness and topics like decreasing free speech, intolerance and the problems with globalization are all being In 2022. The first full album will be out soon!

Contacts: Sickrecy fb  /  Sickrecy bc

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