Septic Vomet!

Germany`s Septic Vomet consists of a bunch of scene veterans committed to the underground scene since the 90`s. With quite a couple of former band activities under their belt, this time their love for brutal, unrelenting old school grind and gore found its vivid eruption through a putrid session in summer of 2021. It resulted in the foundation of the band and the birth of „Constant fear and phobia“: a blunt, raw and rash outburst of 5 songs which pay not too much attention to detail and well thought-out songwriting. This is fun for the moment, not for decades! Get your head into it!.

New songs are being written as we speak for a split release with Last Hope Of Life from the US on Fuck Your Life Records. Hang tight!

Septic Vomet are: Seb – Vocals Moshfred – Guitar / Vocals Matze – Bass Jan – Drums

Contacts: bandcamp / facebook

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