Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

I dont know what humans tastes like, but I’m sure the guys from GSR knows! I believe thats the reason our friends dedicated a whole album, to this appetizing theme haha)). During their 18 years together, GSR has pleased us with high quality noise, and I was stoked to hear news about this new album, well when it finally arrived in the mail, I felt happy and exited as a small kid again. Needless to say, I opened it immediately, and there it was, a massive chunk of hard paper and plastic. The visual side of this CD just impressed … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Compost – “Vegetable Goregrind – Discography 2008-2013 Exit 13 ” Smoking Songs” Tape Altar Of Giallo – “A Bloodfeast For Giallo Maniacs” Tape  Gowl – “The Sound Of Youth” Tape Agathocles/Archagathus Split Tape  Warsore/Quill Split Tape For more info just visit   Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

VHS – Screaming Mad Gore (Splatter Zombie Records)

Homies, do you remember the age of VHS? This analog atmosphere and specific image? No? But what about those three canadian friends, they are fallen in deep love with those beautiful times they even named their band after this format. The theme of old school horror movies is continued in the cover art too, very good idea, old good zombie crawling from the hills made of cassetes (also look at the cassetes, look at the films listed on it). I won’t say this is a unique idea but it suits to the band’s image. The noise of wind, creaks of … Continue reading VHS – Screaming Mad Gore (Splatter Zombie Records)

Smut – Slop (Splatter Zombie Records)

It`s a little sad for me to write this review… all because this band existed for a very short time, they recorded a badass album and then split up. The Smut had a very well known members, guys from Blood Freak, Frightmare, Fornicator, Witch Vomit, Lord Gore… and that says a lot. Like in the bands mentioned above the Smut works mostly in horror and gore themes. Not even “mostly”, those topics are everywhere here, hahaah!) Just looks at this cover… this combination of so many evil monsters, there are so many evil eyes looking at you, and also all … Continue reading Smut – Slop (Splatter Zombie Records)

Gruesome Stuff Relish (03.02.16)

Hi, Noel! I’m glad to salute you. How are you doing?) Fine, thanks! and you? Last weeks(months) I´ve been very busy working a lot! Sorry for the delay on my answers!!!!! It may be said that you’ve recently released a quiet fresh compilation, which let see clearly that the band lingers on and has no intention to get out of sight, hehe. How about some new material? Are you working on it?  Yes that´s right. We had that stuff and we wanted to put it out on a cd or something. It´s our B-sides, unreleased stuff and rareties album hehehe. … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish (03.02.16)