Rageous Intent – Grindcore Compilation 2012 – 2016

Rageous Intent is a very powerful band. This name is not new anymore, RxIx became famous for their brutal grind. They are invited to many festivals, and also they have good recording activity. So I guess that is the main reason why this release happened. Grindfather Productions & Encinta Grrr!!! put out this tape af all RxIx Material… Here you will find songs from the splits with Horsebastard, Greed, Alea Iacta Est, Crisischrist and Final Cunt. Visual side is just a collage combination of all their cover art they have and used (a simple idea but it looks nice). I … Continue reading Rageous Intent – Grindcore Compilation 2012 – 2016

Sobbed – Warphobia (Grindfather Productions)

Sobbed can be compared with ancient old and fat “oni”. This band is so demonic and violent. They’re barbarian grindcore that emanates from the bowels of the damp earth… I rarely find records where primitivism is everywhere and is like a good seasoning for a dish. I mean look at this artwork it`s pretty violent and simple at the same time. I guess it’s the main key to being more brutal… I think that with confidence I can say that Warphobia are a good present for all fans of old and aggresive grindcore. This album has a dirty sound and … Continue reading Sobbed – Warphobia (Grindfather Productions)

Warfair? – From Inception To Disentigration • Discography

Split up, but not forgotten. In their own way, these guys are one of the best. Seriously, those who heard them will agree. This cassette contains all 55 songs. Cover art has two sides. One side is kinda funny, but another one is all about social problems…hunger, Nazism, human mind control, etc. So, guys, let’s push the “play” button andimmerse ourselves into the dark side of grindcore. Oh, this thing has 9 unreleased songs as a very nice bonus! Then the compilation goes, next the album, the splits and all demos. It’s really great that this cassette starts with the … Continue reading Warfair? – From Inception To Disentigration • Discography

Reeking Cross / Sensory Deprivation (Grindfather Productions)

This tape has almost wrecked my player, hahaha! Shit, that was heavy, low and raw… For me, this split is one of the last year’s best releases. Still, I’ll try to be as objective as I can writing these words. So… Reeking Cross is a US noisecore band with people from Enemy Soil, Triac, etc. (I think that’s why you can here familiar structures common to powerviolence here and there). The band has only bass, no guitars… What has always amazed me in RC’s stuff is the sound… When other noise guys try to grease the sound and make the … Continue reading Reeking Cross / Sensory Deprivation (Grindfather Productions)

Rust / Arroyo (B.O.G. records)

What a cute, orange diy tape, my hands haven’t held such a thing for a long time. In addition to it’s beautiful design, this item contains a good piece of moldic mincecore / grindcore. This release consists exclusively of representatives of the Finnish scene. By the way, for Arroyo this split is final as they decided to split up. It is worth saying that the recording on this cassette is very noisy, but I’ll try to describe the sounds I could hear there. Anyway, our story begins with Arroyo… despite all that mold and filth on the record, their songs … Continue reading Rust / Arroyo (B.O.G. records)

A lot of gorenoise tapes out now at Ill Faith Records!

Liquidised / Gastric FluidSarcoptes- A Collection Of Surgical SewageBelegur / Imagine Panzram RxMxHxFxTxVxOx / Necrotizing FasciitisDeflowered Cunt / PissdeadsPyarthrosis / Banquet  For all questions write to Ill Faith Records!  Continue reading A lot of gorenoise tapes out now at Ill Faith Records!

Analog Freaks Records!

We are Analog Freaks Records – survivors of the digital age. We love cracking of the vinyl and buzzing of the tapes. We decided to go against the stream of just downloading music from the Internet. Therefore, we joined the army of labels preserving these classic analogue formats, because we think they are essential for the d.i.y. underground. We strongly believe in d.i.y. spirit and this policy is also reflected in the package of our releases. We try to dedicate most of our time and effort until they look perfect, but still have a personal imprint to it. We are analog freaks. Take it … Continue reading Analog Freaks Records!

Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis

The disgusting creature named Meatus has been around more than a year, but I’ve decided to write about that dreadful filth only now. In this project, Joe (Archagathus, Hallucinosis, Horrible Pain, Parfumerie, Violent Gorge and others bands) recorded all instruments on his own, pretty talented man, isn’t he?)) This cassette can be compared with big rotting whale carcass which was thrown ashore… Gradually, the sun does its job, a carcass begins to decompose, more and more cadaveric gas is being released and here it is – an apogee – an explosion that is throwing rotten scraps around. The same with … Continue reading Meatus – Laboratory For Fecal Analysis