Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Compost – “Vegetable Goregrind – Discography 2008-2013 Exit 13 ” Smoking Songs” Tape Altar Of Giallo – “A Bloodfeast For Giallo Maniacs” Tape  Gowl – “The Sound Of Youth” Tape Agathocles/Archagathus Split Tape  Warsore/Quill Split Tape For more info just visit   Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Many news from Reeking Cross!

New shit coming in the next few weeks: Mental Abortion/Reeking Cross split 7″ (Breathing Problem Productions) Industrial Holocaust/Reeking Cross split tape (SAORS & Septik Brain) Other releases coming in 2017: Landfill/Reeking Cross split 7″ Suppression/Reeking Cross split tape Madre Coca/Unpeace/Ataque Demencial/Reeking Cross 4-way split tape Gowl/Reeking Cross split tape RC bc/RC fb Continue reading Many news from Reeking Cross!

Monsters of noise! This CD will be out in early 2017!

It’s one of the biggest and craziest noise compilation for nowadays! Here is the band list: Academic Worms (Brazil)Adolf Shitter (France)Anal Butt (USA)Antero Vipunen (Finland)Ataque Demencial (Spain)Atrofia Cerebral (Peru) Autoerotichrist (USA)Big Fist Johnny (USA)Bullshit Market (USA)Cacasonica (Ecuador)Castration Rite (USA)Captain Three Leg (USA)Celebrate (USA)Chappa’ai (Hungary)Chopped Off Dick (USA)Corporation Porno (Bolivia)C.T.D. (Germany)CSMD (Holland)Cum Sock (Canada)Cunts (Japan)Deche-Charge (Canada)Decimation of Authority (USA)Deflowered Cunt (UK)Derrame Fecal (Brazil)Disleksick (Canada)The Earwigs (USA)Easy Bake Oven (USA)Energumeno (Spain)Exploding Meth Lab (USA)Erectile Dementia (USA)Extreme Hair Stench (Germany)Extreme Smoke 57 (Slovenia)Facepalm Death (USA)Facialmess (Japan)Farting Corpse (USA)Final Exit (Japan)Fuck, Bud! (Canada)FuckFuckNoNo (Greece)Gonorrhea Face (USA)Gorgonized Dorks (USA)Gowl (USA)Grinder Bueno (France)Hades Mining Co. (USA)Harsh … Continue reading Monsters of noise! This CD will be out in early 2017!

Gowl (24.07.15)

Hey, what’s new, folks? Hellbender grinders are happy to carry out this interview. Welcome smile emoticon. Seth (Bass, Yelling) – Not much, working living. I hardly know a thing about Connecticut (for shame!). What is captivating about these parts? Is local underground scene full-blown? Which bands stand out? Its a small state and not really worth knowing about honestly. Its very hilly and has a few small mountain ranges. We have all four seasons and thats pretty nice, I guess ha. Theres not alot of bands were we are from in central Connecticut but down in New Haven and up in … Continue reading Gowl (24.07.15)