Execution Mania – S/T

We have another strong debut here. Finland`s womb just regurgitated a new grind band, meet Execution Mania from Helsinki. As I know this band includes musicians from Pelkotila and Unohdettu Tulevaisuus… And this collaboration brought a good Grind result. The case with bands like Execution Mania is – you either like, or hate them. You either “get” the noise or you don’t. If you like fast, dirty and heavy music with crazy vocals and messy sound then this EP might be for you. The tape is short but, this didn’t stop the guys from putting in a maximum portion of … Continue reading Execution Mania – S/T

A perfect list of reasons why you should go DIY

Are you in a Grind,Powerviolence,Sludge,Mince or Gore band and looking for a label? Or, Are you simply just a fan on the hunt for new music and merchandise to add to your collection? Well then, we have an answer to your woes. Introducing a detailed list of some of the most top notch DIY Record Labels in Undergorund Extreme Music! A Absolute Contempt Records (USA)/  Absolute Power Records, Tapes and CDs (USA)  Absurd Records (Brazil) / infos@absurd.com.br Abusive Noise Tapes (Spain)  Acid Redux Productions (USA) Agromosh records (USA)  Animate Records (Germany) / animate-records@web.de Awesome Mosh Power Records (Japan) Allyoudie Records (USA) AxRxL (Germany) / alternative-record-label@web.de Almorrana DIY Records (Spain) B Blastasfuk Grindcore (Australia) / thekill@aapt.net.au Basement … Continue reading A perfect list of reasons why you should go DIY

Обрій – Олтар Утопії

Back in the 90’s Death Metal was a pretty popular genre. I guess that time was a hayday for that kind of noise. Almost every countries had their own strong bands. Unfortunately my country could not boast of such things, until today. So we now have our hands on “Олтар Утопії ” which is the first work made by Ukrainian band Обрій. These guys worked on these tunes for about 4 years and that was worth it. At first the guys just uploaded this EP on the internet, but who the hell cares about digital stuff? That’s why Обрій has … Continue reading Обрій – Олтар Утопії

Anarchus / Ruin (Fat Ass Records)

Let’s dedicate this day to old school times (when all letters were written on real paper) and bands (which never used triggers and other bullshit). For this special review we picked up a pretty intense and aggressive split between Mexican legends Anarchus and American veterans Ruin. This small buzzing CD was released through Polish Fat Ass Records and this toxic box contains 8 loud songs (4 from each side). Unfortunately I didn’t find any info about the artist that was in charge of this grotesque art. But he/she did a fantastic job, this gloomy picture is perfectly matched with the … Continue reading Anarchus / Ruin (Fat Ass Records)

Birdflesh / Organ Dealer

I was pretty excited when I heard about this beautiful split a year ago. Okay from the start I was worried a little bit, because both of the bands changed their line ups. Birdflesh and Organ Dealer has changed their guitar players. But that has no effect on the bands in general. Both of the bands did not change their grind formulas, and both of them are still tight as fuck! Alex Eckman-Lawn made a great cover design! This art looks great, these colors are pierced by a deep atmosphere of gloom. And also I want to draw your attention … Continue reading Birdflesh / Organ Dealer

OBACHA – Discography (Knochentapes)

OBACHA was a bunch of psychos from British Columbia… Sad but they stopped writing and playing shows a few years ago. That was a really interesting band, with interesting music ideas and with raw sound. I think that German Knochentapes caught a good idea (about this discography) and then it was transformed into this tape. The whole tape looks pretty primitive and a little bit cheesy. I have no idea who the hell is depicted on this cover, but we all perfectly know that hardcore/pv bands love to pick up some random or not well known characters. There is about … Continue reading OBACHA – Discography (Knochentapes)

Afgrund (04.11.17)

Hi Enrico! How are you doing today man? Hope you’re in the right mood, because right now we will talk about some really serious things. E: Hello guys! I’m alright, some things are going great and some others suck… and i’m pretty sure you want to talk about those that suck… I’ll try to be as accurate as possible. Okay, so some time ago former band members (Scandinavian guys) re-created their own Afgrund. Wtf? What’s going on there? As I know you have some kind of a conflict with them. So could you explain to us about all this shit, … Continue reading Afgrund (04.11.17)

4th anniversary!

On this day, 4 long years ago Good Guys Go Grind was born. Lead by a man who’s passion for reviewing and listening to music continues to drive him forward today. Good Guys Go Grind seemed to explode over night and became one of the biggest Underground Media outlets in the Extreme Music community. Now, the 2 man team of Alex and Shawn push ahead into the unknown. Where will the future take us? Continue reading 4th anniversary!

Important news!

Ladies and gentlemen. After 4 long years of hard work,dedication,blood,sweat and tears being poured into this blog. And after countless reviews,interviews and press packs. Good Guys Go Grind is so very excited to announce to the world that we are going Physical! Yes that is absolutely right, Good Guys Go Grind will be a printed magazine in the very near future! Featuring close to a dozen interviews,loads of reviews and a look inside some of the most active undergound labels in the industry. So keep your eyes and ears here as more news is sure to come!-Cheers from the Good … Continue reading Important news!

Inferno – Anti-Hagenbach Tape – The Beginning (‎Power It Up)

This review is an extension of immersion in history of noise and extreme music. So boys and girls let me show you something really not well known, but this thing is a necessary piece of the history of Germanic punk underground. Here is a reissue of the first Inferno demo work. I guess I can really call this record a classical example of early hardcore punk. Anti-Hagenbach Tape is the real beginning of this band, this is their very first record. It feels great that the guys were inexperienced, and did not have enough equipment. But that didnt stop them … Continue reading Inferno – Anti-Hagenbach Tape – The Beginning (‎Power It Up)

Forged – Self-Titled (Grindpromotion records)

When it became known to the public that Forged is going to release new EP, fans if powerviolence were joyed. And I was joyed too, because this band does its best and sounds convincing, their painful noise sticks in your head for a long time. This West Coast Powerviolence band sure has a solid reputation on a local scene, played on a lot of stages and fests, and also are very popular outside of their country, so it means something, right? So let’s get into it and figure out what their music is all about. They reminded me a little … Continue reading Forged – Self-Titled (Grindpromotion records)

Beelzebeat – Mondo Trasho Or A Strange Walk On The Filthy Side

Maybe for someone this review will be something like an offtop but I can’t keep a silence hahaha! The Beelzebeats are really strange band, why? That because guys mix psyhobilly, grindcore and rock n roll! I guess many of hard grind and psychobilly fans don’t like them “because it`s a boolshit not a grind/psycho” hahaha, but fuck them. This groovy music overcrowded with mad swing energy. If the names “Gore Beyond Necropsy”, “Noise a Go Go`s”, “Penis Vibrator” are not the empty sound for you then you will definitely love “Mondo Trasho Or A Strange Walk On The Filthy Side”. … Continue reading Beelzebeat – Mondo Trasho Or A Strange Walk On The Filthy Side

Gangrene – Chapters of Decay

My dear friend what do you know about asian gore scene? Not much? The same for me, hehehe)) And that’s why today we will listen the last work from Philippines Gangrene. For my opinion Chapters of Decay is their best work. Although it`s just well re-recorded “Reek Of Pestilence” (which was raw as fuck, ahahah). So lets talk a little bit about this creepy artwork. This art was made by Tremor (freaky and dark illustrator from Indonesia)… And it`s seems to me this theme is pretty close to “the Thing” movie. It`s looks very similar to alien mutant from that … Continue reading Gangrene – Chapters of Decay

Agathocles ‎– Bulldozing Bucharest (Grindfather Productions)

Yeah, yeah and fuck yeah! Agathocles released one more record, he-he) And today I will tell you how the Belgian mincecore veterans fought against vampires in the gloomy mountains of Romania, ahah!) The Bulldozing Bucharest cassette features a live recording of the Saturday evening of 2010. Damn, this setlist is impressive … 33 songs of an unchanging, rude and evil mincecore. And now I want to concentrate a little more on the record itself. It’s a bit noisy and raw, but at the same time, it sounds very respectable. But here the sound engineer slightly went too far with the … Continue reading Agathocles ‎– Bulldozing Bucharest (Grindfather Productions)

Axis Of Despair – Time And Again / Mankind Crawls

Axis Of Despair is a brand new name in the history of Swedish grindcore. Just look at the list of associated projects of the members of this AOD: Overtorture, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift, Infanticide, Nasum, Coldworker, Proteststorm. Impressive, isn’t it?) But don’t make quick judgment that we’ll hear just another clone of Nasum or Infanticide. There is something familiar with all those bands for sure but they are far from being clones. So the material for these two EPs was recorded on a few recording sessions in the legendary Soundlab Studios in Örebro. But it so happened that Time … Continue reading Axis Of Despair – Time And Again / Mankind Crawls