Gruesome Stuff Relish – Cannibalized!

I dont know what humans tastes like, but I’m sure the guys from GSR knows! I believe thats the reason our friends dedicated a whole album, to this appetizing theme haha)). During their 18 years together, GSR has pleased us with high quality noise, and I was stoked to hear news about this new album, well when it finally arrived in the mail, I felt happy and exited as a small kid again. Needless to say, I opened it immediately, and there it was, a massive chunk of hard paper and plastic. The visual side of this CD just impressed me, the entire coverdesign is artistically drawings of cannibalistic images and themes… Looking at this bloody red color, nasty images from old movies, photos of wild tribes, with torment and agony printed into the faces of these victims. So incredible appealing, and just LOVELY! Its been about 17 years, since Gruesome Stuff Relish hit the underground scene running, with their debut split album, “Brothers in Gore” (luckily i have that album in my collection). This record has defined their own way, and their own style. All their subsequent records, has the same taste, very similar sound, and structures. You may think it gets boring, but that’s not my perception. “Cannibalized” is not an exception of the golden standard. However, I noticed this record has a bit lower sound to it, but has the same atmosphere. This album includes everything we love… drilling and screaming riffs, ugly, vile and scary vocals… amazing drumming. These swinging/ groovy tempos are beautifully composed (in every way), and will inevitably force you to bang your head severely, or dance like a cannibal in a savage ritual, haha!) PS: I was surprised when i read these boys thankslist on the insert sleeve. It includes thanks, and appreciation to their favorite movie directors, from whom the most likely harvested a lot of inspiration from to create their gutsy tunes. You will f.x. see Umberto Lenzi, Ruggero Deodato, Mario Siciliano mentioned here,among many others as well.Thats a pretty nice, and thematic touch. Rating: 8.5/10 facebook page

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