Last Days Of Humanity & Satan’s Revenge On Mankind (Splatter Zombie Records)

It`s gore time! Perverted German label Splatter Zombie Records just released a new split CD with two interesting bands. There are two very known names… But let`s listen to this thing with a cold mind. We should not jump out our pants because of new LDOH and SROM. Calm down my friends and let’s sort all this shit. First of all let’s face it this cover art sucks… A few logos and capitalized word GORE. But, then inside are two separate covers for both bands and they are awesome. Looking at these bodies on LDOH cover. It`s not disgusting or … Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity & Satan’s Revenge On Mankind (Splatter Zombie Records)

VHS – Screaming Mad Gore (Splatter Zombie Records)

Homies, do you remember the age of VHS? This analog atmosphere and specific image? No? But what about those three canadian friends, they are fallen in deep love with those beautiful times they even named their band after this format. The theme of old school horror movies is continued in the cover art too, very good idea, old good zombie crawling from the hills made of cassetes (also look at the cassetes, look at the films listed on it). I won’t say this is a unique idea but it suits to the band’s image. The noise of wind, creaks of … Continue reading VHS – Screaming Mad Gore (Splatter Zombie Records)

Smut – Slop (Splatter Zombie Records)

It`s a little sad for me to write this review… all because this band existed for a very short time, they recorded a badass album and then split up. The Smut had a very well known members, guys from Blood Freak, Frightmare, Fornicator, Witch Vomit, Lord Gore… and that says a lot. Like in the bands mentioned above the Smut works mostly in horror and gore themes. Not even “mostly”, those topics are everywhere here, hahaah!) Just looks at this cover… this combination of so many evil monsters, there are so many evil eyes looking at you, and also all … Continue reading Smut – Slop (Splatter Zombie Records)

GAF – Gore`n`Feast (Splatter Zombie records)

The new album … I have been waiting for new stuff from this Finnish team for a long time. A couple of tracks that we’ve already seen on the internet a year ago made me believe that the new album will be something new and unusual for GAF.All those years boys were delivering furious goregrind with a bit of hardcore, there is almost nothing of that left now. Gore `n` Feast has become a very controversial album… there were many unhappy people, there were many good reviews. In this mini-album Finns reminded me of the Australian Blood Duster.On the album, … Continue reading GAF – Gore`n`Feast (Splatter Zombie records)

Deathtopia – Caesarean Section (Splatter Zombie Records)

Perhaps someone will say that this is off-topic for GGGG, that can be true, but fuck it! I just could not pass by this album! Absolutely ugly cover (which reminded me of a cheap Mexican gore album) has very cool stuff behind it! I love American band Exhumed, but when they started to play some crossover thrash, I was really disappointed. So this is what I gonna tell you – while listening to these Japanese samurai, I dive into the atmosphere of the strongest works of Exhumed! But I must also add that Deathtopia is not a clone of those … Continue reading Deathtopia – Caesarean Section (Splatter Zombie Records)