Psychopathic & Pulmonary Fibrosis (Rottenpyosis Records)

Hmmm… It’s quite a rare thing to see such a release. And the strange thing is not about the bands but the format…3 inch compact disk, small but pretty beautiful thing (maybe you can consider it as an alternative to cassettes). Two bands have placed music on this small piece of plastic… They are Psychopathic from warm and rainy Indonesia and old fua gra lovers Pulmonary Fibrosis from France.Indonesians dropped just 3 songs on this split and that dissapointed me a little bit. But, listening to them I was happy.The guys play very raw grindcore with big metal influences (the … Continue reading Psychopathic & Pulmonary Fibrosis (Rottenpyosis Records)

Gruesome Stuff Relish – Die Zombie Die (Rottenpyosis Records)

So today we’ll talk about one of the most prominent representatives of the Spanish grind scene. Let this just compilation but it’s very comfortable and well-judged with this release about of all past ways of the band. The Die Zombie Die contains many great songs and with this fantastic cover this CD is perceived as a very cool one. The designer tried much to work with the remake poster for old film Zombie Creeping Flesh… these old characters look very sumptuously in these new colors. On this compact disc you can find 23 creepy songs about various adventures of the … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish – Die Zombie Die (Rottenpyosis Records)

Fetus Slicer – Metamorphoses Of Sickness (Rottenpyosis Records)

Have ever heard about gore bands from Taiwan? So, me either… Fetus Slicer became for me a good, lovely and tasty discovery. According to the internet it’s a one man project and it is based in Taipei town. Hmm, those guys make a big emphasis on the pathological and the medical theme. All the decoration just simply crowded with old anatomical drawings and engravings (it’s really reminding me Carcass works). Metamorphoses of Sickness it’s the first serious release from that Taiwan guys, because before album was only obscure demos. Also I must admit that for composing music process these guys … Continue reading Fetus Slicer – Metamorphoses Of Sickness (Rottenpyosis Records)

Savage Man Savage Beast – The Stiffs Are Looking Lively (Rottenpyosis Records)

It’s impossible to hear and know every band over our big globe (even if you spend all your life for this) so that`s why no wonder that I know nothing about Savage Man Savage Beast. But with Rottenpyosis Records’ help many of you can discover that band. This discography contains (probably) all material recorded… as you can see here is 4 demo tapes, songs from split with Blue Holocaust / Microphallus and even unreleased stuff! I don’t know who digitized those tapes and how, also don’t know who cleaned the sound, but fuck me… the final result is so nice. … Continue reading Savage Man Savage Beast – The Stiffs Are Looking Lively (Rottenpyosis Records)