Anarchus / Ruin (Fat Ass Records)

Let’s dedicate this day to old school times (when all letters were written on real paper) and bands (which never used triggers and other bullshit). For this special review we picked up a pretty intense and aggressive split between Mexican legends Anarchus and American veterans Ruin. This small buzzing CD was released through Polish Fat Ass Records and this toxic box contains 8 loud songs (4 from each side). Unfortunately I didn’t find any info about the artist that was in charge of this grotesque art. But he/she did a fantastic job, this gloomy picture is perfectly matched with the … Continue reading Anarchus / Ruin (Fat Ass Records)

Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels (Fat Ass records)

Be careful kids because today we will open an old bag full of pale and ugly maggots. And this year it turns (no fucking way!) 20 years old! So I carefully put the reissue of the MT/SB split, on my turntable. And I must admit that this white color (the color of hospital a ward) is damn good. The whole new design is badass, I mean that all the visuals are reborn in new high quality skin. Front art with a pathological theme reminds me something from Carcass works. This dirty autopsy table, sharp scalpel and the hand of a … Continue reading Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels (Fat Ass records)

Meat Spreader ‎– Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh

So they`re back… Old Polish legends gathered together and made something very interesting, something nasty and brutal. Just look at these names: Bass – Artur (ex-Squash Bowels); Guitar – Tocha (ex-Dead Infection); Drums – Radek (Neuropathia) and Voice – Jaro (ex-Dead Infection). So as you’ll understand these guys know how to play grind. My postman brought me a parcel with the vinyl variant of this split (which was released by Fat Ass records). This one side bomb contains only 5 songs (it may not be much, but it`s only their first demo). And they are very tasty especially for fans … Continue reading Meat Spreader ‎– Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh

Deterrence / Yattai (Fat Ass rec)

Fresh stuff, guys! Powerful, but short split of Polish Deterrance and French Yattai turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. Pleasant in terms of material… Polish guys offered us raw and teeth-crushing grindcore. Meanwhile, Frenchies are notable for the craziness of their stuff (I’ll come back to that later). I know that Yattai use an old picture from their archives for the cover, and to tell the truth I didn’t like it at all. Deterrence offer a whole different story! Their cover artist approached the business quite seriously and depicted all the main woes of humankind, which are … Continue reading Deterrence / Yattai (Fat Ass rec)

Hicks Kinison / Corrupt Moral Altar (Fat Ass Records)

It’s a bit hard to find words to describe this release. To be frank, somehow I was unaware of both bands existence, hehe! Both bands are very different in terms of style, and they have their interesting and unique features. Let’s proceed in order. Side A presents Union of Europe – Hicks Kinison. Their lineup is impressive. You’ll find pieces from Napalm Death, Brujeria, and Vaee Solis. As a result, each of the members added something unique to the band. For instance, «Poets Of The Underground» starts with a mighty flow of crust / sludge, and following on you can … Continue reading Hicks Kinison / Corrupt Moral Altar (Fat Ass Records)

Putrescence – Voiding Upon the Pulverized

Ha, I did not expect it’s been 4 years (or maybe even more?) since that day when Putrescence was in studio for the last time. Although it’s been a pretty long time, guys didn’t lose their might, Voiding Upon the Pulverized is the real deal! But we’ve got a bad news too… this album is the last one in their nasty history. These guys put a fat full point at the end of Putrescence way. By the way this album has a very posh design. This theme might be trite but it’s performed very well, with great quality. All this … Continue reading Putrescence – Voiding Upon the Pulverized

Neuropathia / Straight Hate (Fat Ass Records)

And, finally, I’ve come across something truly Polish. The split of two Polish bands, which was released by two Polish labels. Oh, Polish guys love to put some metal to their sound on their releases … although it is not strange at all, because that nation is very famous for its metal bands (take Vader for example). But first things first. First, let’s listen to the old Polish cowboys Neuropathia. Hell, I wanna shake hands with Maciej Kamuda for making this beautiful art! Been a damn long time since I saw such a strange drawing! The idea of ​​a demon … Continue reading Neuropathia / Straight Hate (Fat Ass Records)

Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)

So here is another split of this ending year. Miscreated release between spanish pathologists Haemorrhage and holland dildo-humorists Rompeprop! Let’s begin to slit this piece of disgusting noise from the start, we make an incision in the rough skin… Hm, both bands use atypical covers… instead of our usual characters from maestro Luisma we see a stylized coat of arms. And Rompeprop use beer cap (here is no any hint of madness in the spirit of old Hellcock’s Pornflakes) it`s very strange… ow, almost forgot, this split have only one side on the second side ther’s a very beautiful engraving … Continue reading Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)

Last Days Of Humanity – In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions (Fat Ass records)

Oh boy I guess that we all can talk about those guys forever. As for me personally this mini album is something like a pure sample of gorenoise. That stuff was released more than 10 years ago but that material keeps making us happy, people listen to those songs for 10 years and it does not get much older!) As many of you already know polish label Fat Ass rec is making reissues of all LDOH albums in vinyl format and now it`s time for In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions. And first of all I want to talk about its design, … Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity – In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions (Fat Ass records)