Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

I really love when a few nasty bands gather together and do splits or compilation or whatever. Originally this is an old split, it was released on tape a year go. Hard to understand why, but that wasn`t enough for the bands and labels, so they decided to release a vinyl version of it as well. This fresh release has different cover art and was released on a heavy one sided LP. The new art is so fucking cool, it looks a million times better than the old cheesy corpse art, ha! The guys from Rudolph (Рудольф) band did a … Continue reading Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

Heinous / Haggus

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen… Our good fellas from Heinous & Haggus finally made a split! Before their tour, the guys quickly released a tape version, and now (hopefully very soon) the vinyl will be released (and I’m freaking excited about that). So this split has a bitter gory taste, you will start to feel just from looking at this cover art. The artist did great work again! This creepy art looks fantastic! Strange guy that destroys human remains by turning them into minced meat, that is pretty rad! Haggus is the first band on this split … Continue reading Heinous / Haggus

Haggus / Couple Skate

In this boring daily life I’m really missing good,raw, and groovy noise music and that’s why I want to write a few words about this release. We have here 2 bands, Couple Skate and Haggus, both of them recorded their vomit-swamp noises a year ago, but this vinyl split was released just a few month ago (I guess it took a lot of time to find right labels)… The cover was made by Gruesome Graphics and holy lord, it sucks This cartoon artwork, with all these stoned characters, looks pretty stupid… But I picked up this 7” not for its … Continue reading Haggus / Couple Skate

Archagathus / Haggus (Fuck Your Life rec)

This split is like one big mince bombs with gore filling. You all know these bands, both of them have so many releases, but over the years they’ve changed for the better. On this tape you will find 7 harsh songs from Canadian maniacs and 4 nasty punk songs from US bastards. We can see the first side is belongs to Archagathus so let’s start with them. If I remember right this material was recorded for another split but, for some reason that release collapsed so the boys just used these songs for this split tape. Hm… Id really like … Continue reading Archagathus / Haggus (Fuck Your Life rec)

Haggus / Recalcitrant (Fuck Your Life Records)

Behind the huge Mexicans’ disgusting rotten carcass there’s one of the best tape releases of 2016. This tape is rather short but very stimulating and good – one of things you rewind again and again until the tape is rubbed off from listening. The first ones to rape our ears are the guys from Oakland… So, there’re only 3 short songs, but I can tell you with certainty that it’s one of the best pieces Haggus ever produced. The leading track Psychotic Mechanic surprised me in a nice way – some nice hearty punk-gore… memorable and energetic. Merry rhythms make … Continue reading Haggus / Recalcitrant (Fuck Your Life Records)