Putrefuck / Dead Fetus Collection / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Nothing Left But Chunks)

A small US label called Nothing Left But Chunks managed to put together 3 really nasty and heavy bands: Putrefuck (Spain/Mexico), Dead Fetus Collection (Brazil) and Pulmonary Fibrosis (France). In total we have here 29 songs of different Gore melodies which are hidden under this bloody disgusting cover art. So let’s go in order and listen to the noise from all the bands… Putrefuck. This duo proved themselves with good old school Goregrind. I feel a lot influence from Dead Infection and LDOH in their music. These songs are rich mid pace tempos and good vomiting vocal. I can’t say … Continue reading Putrefuck / Dead Fetus Collection / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Nothing Left But Chunks)

Endless Demise / Podrido (Power it Up)

Old and wise german label Power it Up had issued quite interesting painful and angry split. Short of sound but not of energy, this piece of vinyl can smash your ass up hard, ahaha! And we’ll start this split with hellish Endless Demise! No matter this band released few stuff but each their release is very good. Guys don’t lose their destroying force and continue to smash the fuck out. These 4 songs by order make very deep wounds. Listening to the side of americans you instinctually imagine yourself placed in a stone-grinding machine. The most noticible thing here is … Continue reading Endless Demise / Podrido (Power it Up)