Gruesome Stuff Relish (03.02.16)

Hi, Noel! I’m glad to salute you. How are you doing?)
Fine, thanks! and you? Last weeks(months) I´ve been very busy working a lot! Sorry for the delay on my answers!!!!!
It may be said that you’ve recently released a quiet fresh compilation, which let see clearly that the band lingers on and has no intention to get out of sight, hehe. How about some new material? Are you working on it? 

Yes that´s right. We had that stuff and we wanted to put it out on a cd or something. It´s our B-sides, unreleased stuff and rareties album hehehe. It contains some demos, a live recording in our studio and some unmixed songs.
We have 2 new songs for a single. One is ours and there´s a cover from the Bauhaus´ “Bela Lugosi is dead”. We did it in the vein of Impetigo´s Cannibale Ballet. Slow drums and pitch shifter vocals!!
Noel, secretly, do you have a time to sleep?) You are the member of plethora of bands…it’s beyond belief. Where do you derive strength from? And, please, put us onto the most meaningful projects to you.
Not now! I had it!…But Now I´m always busy!!!!! I don´t have time for all the bands. I don´t have time for nothing! Now I´m into Galerna, Gruesome, Broken Gravestones and Altar of Giallo but I don´t have enough time  to do it as I want to.  I´m planning some gigs and a tour for the next summer with Altar and Gruesome, a new  Cd with Galerna and a new Ep with B. Gravestones.
We also want to record new stuff with Altar of Giallo and maybe another EP with Gruesome Stuff Relish! Let´s see if ti´s possible!
I congratulate you on jubilee! This year Gruesome Stuff Relish turns as many as 15 years. This is sufficiently big personal and concerte experience. Would you be so kind to share the most interesting odd story about the band with us?))
Thanks!!!! There´s a lot of weird and odd stories; lost passports during our tour in the USA, destroyed hotel rooms in the east of Spain, a monster dildo found in Miguel´s (Altar of Giallo guitarist) flightcase….neverending parties with loss of ID cards and hotel keys…..anyways.
Having listened to your music, I’ve noticed that you may be influenced by some oldstagers like Impetigo, Autopsy and Carcass. If you were to choose only one album of each of these groups, what would they be?
Symphonies of sickness!!! It´s my favourite album. It´s the ALBUM!! 10 perfect tracks. I have 3 Lps, 3 cds and 2 cassettes from S.O.S. It´s THE Fetish album. I love it since the day I played it on my record player!!!
It’s impossible for me to ignore your passion for horror movies. What catches your interest while watching them?
Everything! Political incorrectness, erotism, gore, dark music, violence, the horror itself!!!
 I love 60´s 70´s and 80´s Italian and Spanish horror films, Universal and RKO classics films and British Hammer Horror movies.
In so doing… I have got a question of great importance. Do you have a thought to tour Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus in particular)?
I´m looking forward to play there but for the moment it´s impossible to us due to our jobs. I´ve been in Poland three years a go but I´ve never been in Belarus or Ukraine.
Noel, who creates artworks for your releases? The design of last two albums is transplendent. “Die Zombie Die” also panned out – masterful working with photos .Someone has got a magic touch.
Most of the covers are stolen artworks from 70´s comics and rare film posters. 70´s and 80´s artist were great! Juan Boix is one of my favourites.
The cover from Horror rises from the tomb was drawn by Jeff Zornov. It´s a cool mix of zombies and cannibals genres. Sempiternal death grind is a mix of zombie movies and many artworks from different artist. It´s my favourite GSR design and layout.
How goes the world with Spanish grind get-togethers? How many people do a show? And do you come to local gigs?
Grindscene in Spain is dying. Not many good bands, not many places to play. There´s only pornoshittygorebands recording nonsense shitty stuff.
I like Haemorrhage, RAS, Tu Carne, Difenacum, Dalle Killers….but not many bands from the “new scene”. My favourite Spanish grind albums were recorded in the nineties; Haemo´s “Grume” and Rottest Slag´s  “ Let be us corrupt”.
By the way, I often ask grinders how they feel about porno and gore. Let me restruct the question: Noel, what’s your stance on social grind?
I don´t like politics in music. I prefer sex,drugs and rock and roll cliche lyrics or horror movies lyrics.I like Assuck, Looking FAA, classic Agathocles albums…. I like their music but their lyrics are really boring.
Audiopiracy is the problem that stirs up interest at all times. What’s your attitude towards this subject? How do you think, are there any efficient methods to fight it off?
I prefer the old times, buying, recording and  trading tapes, eps and vinyls. Now you´ve got all the recordings that you want with a simple click. Is it better?
Are there any releases of Gruesome Stuff Relish that you would like to record a new, to change any particular parts?
In general, I´m happy with the final work of the releases but I would like to re-record some tracks from the splits we did long time ago; Faces of death and Nightmare city from the Gorerotted/Gronibard and maybe some tracks from the Splatterhouse split.
Which Spanish collectives you’ll never advice to listen to? Which local bands you can’t swallow?
Most of the spanish hardcore and thrash metal scene suck. They´re a bunch of wimps and posers .
Thank you very much for your answers. I hope that once we’ll share some cans of beer with you)))
Thanks for the interview! I hope it too!!!

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