Razgruha – Money Power Greed

I don`t know why but, the Grind scene in Bulgaria is very poor. There are just a small bunch of extreme squads and Razgruha is one of them. This band is not so new, they began their escapades in 2011 in Sofia (Bulgaria). 2017 was a big year for these boys, they finally release their debut album “Money Power Greed”. As far as I know Razgruha made everything on their own, I mean recording, mixing and even releasing… I must say that is true DIY spirit and I appreciate it. As for the music… These guys used all the attributes … Continue reading Razgruha – Money Power Greed

P.L.F.‎- Jackhammering Deathblow of Nightmarish Trepidation! CD version!

These Houston monsters of Grindcore mayhem refuse to settle for anything other than pure, unleashed Grindcore (Naplam Death/Carcass) tinged with a raw death metal punishment of classic Kreator. This new recording devastates with whirlwind, raw guitars and guttural puking vocals by founding member Dave Callier. Bryan Fajardo‘s precise, jaw dropping attack on the drums delivers as always, melting ears and stirring a sense of pure awe at his talent. One of the best in extreme music. This band relies on an absolute dedication and love for the genre. Truly one of the best going, and likely, one of the best … Continue reading P.L.F.‎- Jackhammering Deathblow of Nightmarish Trepidation! CD version!

Anthropic – Tatanka

Today brings us a CD from 4 piece death grind band Anthropic. This crew has been around for a few years playing live shows, but this is their first release that isn’t a demo. Let’s see how these Buffalo, NY natives did for their first release!The artwork for the CD is pretty simplistic – like it’s namesake Tatanka (meaning buffalo in the Sioux language), the cover is graced with a rotting buffalo. I think it’s kind of funny that these guys are from Buffalo and named the release “buffalo” in another language, but other than that, I’m not really seeing … Continue reading Anthropic – Tatanka

Tomb Warden – Reflection of the Mistake

I’m not going to lie – typically when a band is labeled as “deathgrind”, my initial reaction is usually “ehhhhhh”. I find it’s usually a poor attempt to gain crossover appeal and usually just winds up being overly simplistic death metal at it’s core. Big meh. But, sometimes, a band like Tomb Warden comes around and totally proves me wrong. They definitely do deathgrind properly – the grind parts are grind, and the death parts are death, and they’re stitched together in a groovy way that feels thought out and complete. Let’s start with the record itself – this 7″ … Continue reading Tomb Warden – Reflection of the Mistake

Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Do you remember Romeros movies? Do you remember how the dead came back to life? Sometimes it happens with old bands. Moldy Grind bastards Psychoneurosis are here again! This Polish squad is legendary, and it`s nice to see them alive. For the reunion split release they picked up Agathocles, well known noise terrorists from Belgium. All this noise was released under Selfmadegod records in CD format. I must say the result is very pleasant. 2 pieces of cover art (you can switch them to your own taste), band photos, lyrics and more. But in total we have here only 12 … Continue reading Agathocles / Psychoneurosis

Anorectal Ulceration – Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster

The mighty river of gore – Gangese, gave birth to a very sick band. A band that surprised the Grind underground with its debut album. I`m talking about Anorectal Ulceration and their album Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster. As far as I know these Indian bastards worked long and hard on this recording, my hat’s off to them, these guys have done an impressive and massive job. Believe me this work worthy of listening. Starting fwith the cover design (that isn’t overflowing with gore images and I respect that) the main cover of this CD is charged with … Continue reading Anorectal Ulceration – Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster

Meatknife – Junky Town (Clabasster Records)

Meatknife is an old (they started at 1995) and pretty famous band from thhe deepest and most perverted dungeons of Germany. With 6 albums behind them, they back with the brand new album “Junky Town”! This 7th album has 16 songs, and as always, all material is full of crazy perverted themes, and it`s done in the recognizable Meatknife style, but I will talk about that a bit later. I don’t know who the artistof this mad art is, but that person did a good job. This art full of madness, anti-tolerance, violence and blood… Destroyed future, total anarchy on … Continue reading Meatknife – Junky Town (Clabasster Records)

Slund – If You’re Angry And You Know It, Clap Your Hands

What can one angry man from Slovenia do? In this situation one unit can be as effective as an entire army. So Slund is a projection of anger and protest of only one person, and it`s really hard to believe that. To present this band, I picked up a more or less fresh release (“If You’re Angry And You Know It, Clap Your Hands” was released at the end of this spring), it contains 11 minutes of noise, so it`s more than enough to understand the whole concept, sound and other aspects. After hearing the guitar tone on this album, … Continue reading Slund – If You’re Angry And You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Take That Vile Fiend – Excreted Brain Matters

Now, in all honesty, this isn’t the fastest or heaviest gore album on the market today. But, that’s in no way a bad thing. With Excreted Brain Matters, Take That Vile Fiend have displayed some of the best noisewriting I’ve heard from the gore scene in a long while. They have found what is quite possibly the perfect combination of speed, vomit, aggression, heaviness and rottenes. Funny fact: the cover image is really gory but in not even close to these what is hiding inside. Brad and Nik created a messy, dirty, smelly and super ugly beast.    I would go … Continue reading Take That Vile Fiend – Excreted Brain Matters

Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

So, what kind of music does a band with such a name play? Hard rock? Pornogrind? Cyberturboscat grind? Well you’re not even close. These Belgian bastards make fun of politic and social topics. This band is active since 2012, they have 2 albums, both of them were released at famous Rotten Roll Rex. Analhu Akbar was vomited from the factory two month ago, so it’s still warm. I like this art, it looks neutral to me. I mean there are no vaginas, dicks or other bullshit. It’s just dirty terrorists and innocent victims, everything dedicated strictly to the album theme. … Continue reading Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader (Left Hand Patches)

I bet that gore community was jumping out of its pants when information about this split appeared. Well, I knew about this super release from the beginning (don’t ask me about my channels); I waited a long time and it was worth it. This is the first release from young Polish label Left Hand Patches (ex Fat Ass rec) and this debut is very hot! It has not typical for goregrind art, you won’t find any blood or human remains in the front image or inside… that maybe weird but I like this unusual art from Luisma. I guess there … Continue reading Haemorrhage / Hemdale / Meat Spreader (Left Hand Patches)

The Borkenlayne – Pain Is The Fearminder (Radical Blarghst)

One gloomy day years ago, four dirty minds from Japan and Australia met together and decided to form a band. This decision would not only change their lives, but it will make a huge damage in grindheads minds. Through the course of 21 tracks, The Borkenlayne absolutely tear it up. Pain Is The Fearminder is a phenomenal deathgrind, or maybe deathgore record. If you haven’t heard gored deathgrind yet and you like grind, then this is a great introduction. An epic “Oceanic Thrust” opens this gate to hell and then it drags us into the black void of boiling obscurity. … Continue reading The Borkenlayne – Pain Is The Fearminder (Radical Blarghst)

Dethrone The Pigs – S/T

We all know Singapore like Grind City, band such as Wormrot, Magnicide and Demisore are a beautiful business card of this island country. But, what about Crust Punk? There aren’t many names are there? Today I want to showcase one interesting, but unknown band from that region. Dethrone The Pigs is a bunch of Punks who started this squad only a few years ago. This self-titled EP is their first record… and they’ve done well. These guys do not play something new and unique; they chose the classic way with society centered lyrics and aggressive music. However that does not … Continue reading Dethrone The Pigs – S/T