The first ever GGGG merch!

The design is made by Giulio Huere for GGGG. There will be: Shorts – logo and picture Shirts – logo and picture on front and anti war slogan on Back Zippers – small logo on left breast and shirt design on back Hoodies – huge logo on front and shirt design on back Everything will be printed by Mario Zumpe and Co (Grind The Nazi Scum), so you can pre-order everything from them! Continue reading The first ever GGGG merch!

Vile Species / Civilian Thrower

It`s Friday baby! That means it`s time for another review! I picked up this nice tape for today’s party. Boys and girls let me present you Vile Species (Greece) and Civilian Thrower (France). All together we have here about 13 minutes of massive grind massacre. This is the case when both bands are equal, of course, each band has its own vision of the genre, but the power, aggression, and passion with which they act has no difference. Greek grind brigade begins with high octane speed. Their grindcore is based on old-school elements but guys mix everything with a great … Continue reading Vile Species / Civilian Thrower