Fading Trail – Ground

We are keeping to discovering new and new grindcore bands from the North lands! Today, a band from the heart of Finland got on our radar. And again there is not much info about this band, Fading Trail consists of 3 people and is located in Helsinki, Ground is their debut tape. This is only a 5-minute long release but, it`s more than enough to transform your brain into a bloody mass! This is fucking tornado of sharp riffs and hyperspeed blastbeats! Holy macaroni! Guys found a perfect mix of brutality and sprightly energy. The sound is massive and heavy… … Continue reading Fading Trail – Ground

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists

We were waiting for this album for so long and here is it! Pulmonologists – is a really disgusting monster with a super crushing sound and nasty riffs! The listeners will be crushed by the 17 songs of top-notch goregrind! All final sound and mastering were made by Jack Productions (Mesrine), artwork by Luisma (Haemorrhage). Must say that the cover painting looks truly amazing. The main character is brilliant as always, no, he looks even better than in previous covers. Luisma did a super catchy work (again, hehe). As I already mentioned this album sounds monstrous. Bulldozing sound and gorgeous … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists

Avgrundsljud – Avviker Blues

Norway is well known for its black metal bands but not grindcore. I bet that most of you won`t name even a few grind names. I think we need to fix it and show the world more grindcore bands from that region. Avgrundsljud is a young formation from the capital city – Oslo. Their discography is very tiny, it consists only of this debut EP. BUT with this work guys proved that they know how to make a good noise! So what da hell do we have here and why do I love this work? The first thing that I … Continue reading Avgrundsljud – Avviker Blues

Sangre De Idiotas – Demo ´21

Here is the first acquaintance with a new Slovakian duo Sangre De Idiotas (Blood Of Idiots). The band is new but its band members are well known in noise society. Jan and Richard of Sedem Minut Strachu decided to create a new project, and I must admit that the first demo sounds really good. The guys didn`t use a guitar, they limited themselves only to bass and drums. Actually, that is their favorite formula, and boys know how to deal with it, haha! This bloody music is not a usual noisecore with improvisations, this time we have here a dope … Continue reading Sangre De Idiotas – Demo ´21

Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

State of World Deception is an interesting split, it`s rare to see representatives from all 3 parts of the American continents. We have here Impugned from Argentina, Irradiated from the USA, Scumeater from Polans and Meatus from Canada, a nice bunch isn`t it? Let`s start with Impugned. Actually, this is a very new band for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. Guys have nice old-school material with not the worst production. Growling vocal especially sounds good with a rhythm section. I found only one a bit negative moment in this session, it`s a guitar tone, it sounds dry… but this … Continue reading Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

Beggin for Oxys – Dignified and Composed

I bet that this band is new to many of you, that’s why I`ll start with some useful info. Beggin for Oxys is a 2-piece powerviolence/noisecore band from Toronto, Canada. Guys started 7 years ago and during that period they have released an impressive amount of stuff. Today I will listen to a release from the past, the EP called “Dignified and Composed”. An intriguing intro that falls off the noiseviolence concept rapidly, transforms into furious and loud songs. This recording is raw, with not perfect sound and production, but that is not important at all. The energy and aggression … Continue reading Beggin for Oxys – Dignified and Composed