New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

The first full-length of Ukrainian grinders Statist is out! Antitötalitar offers you 16 no-frills grindcore songs that have been massively influenced by death metal and also contain a lot of groovy hardcore punk elements. From a magnificent rancid sounding trash can snare drum, to merciless saw riffing and slightly dissonant shredding, to the distinctive vocals, Statist deliver everything that thrills the genre heart. Wild blastbeats, stomping rattle and filth stirring basslines included. Pre-order a copy at Continue reading New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid!

The second full-length release of solo mincing jpop features 16 tracks of anime-themed grindcore from California, USA! Our selfless 主人公 is joined by a gang of his loudest friends, including members of OOZING, REEKING CROSS, GOREPOT, ROTTEN SOUND, PHARMACIST, & ARCHAGATHUS. Prepare for a timeless sonic adventure! Professionally manufactured imprinted cassette tapes with four panel insert. Two versions: green or yellow color cassette tape shell with black imprint. Includes laser cut embroidered patch with heat-seal backing, and download code. Limited to 100 copies. Get a copy from Acid Redux Productions! Continue reading Houkago Grind Time 2: The Second Raid!

Slavemaker / False

This small tape split is a total mystery to me. Because I didn`t know any of these bands (strange huh?). So we have here a double portion of powerviolence from French and Belgian bands. This is also pretty solid stuff, and I can`t wait to blast this tape! Side A – Slavemaker. What a wonderful discovery I have here, this music knocked me down! A powerful bass line and a wonderful killer guitar sound. Strong drums work and pissed-off vocal fits and sounds perfectly here. This record is overloaded with anger… Pumping energy oozes from every crevice… holy shit! Although … Continue reading Slavemaker / False

World Eater – Demo 2022

World Eater is a young but promising band from dark and cold Finland. This year these guys created and recorded their first 7 songs. Unfortunately, this release didn`t get much attention in the grind underground, so we will try to fix that. The mighty UK label Grindfather production took them on board and released a tape with this material. As far as I know, the label released a very limited amount of cassettes… so consider yourself lucky if you have this tape in your collection. Honestly, I like this small debut. Of course, this work is pretty short, but this … Continue reading World Eater – Demo 2022

Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Double bass quartet Repulsione dropped a new album this summer. “Human Destruction Front” is almost 35 minutes of down-tuned bass & drums noise. But these tunes are hidden behind a wonderful cover, which was made by fantastic artist Silvia Blackened. This art looks very dark (like a look into the gloomy future), but on the other hand, this is also damn brutal work, which fits this music. So shall we spin this record loud? I think this Italian squad is special because they don`t love to follow the old rules. Repulsione is using not a usual approach, they are using … Continue reading Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Gorupted / Gore

It`s gore time! Today I’m gonna review a new release of Surrogate rec. So this is a small tape release with the French brutal death/goregrind project Gorupted and Brazilian legends Gore. This is a pretty DIY release, with handmade doubling, cutting and everything else, and this cassette also has an OBI, which is not usual. I must admit this is a nice small touch. But let’s get straight to the noise! Gorupted is a new name in our underground, this one-man band project started 2 years ago, and already has two splits. As I already mention this is a mix … Continue reading Gorupted / Gore

RudeThing – Se viene galerna

“Se viene galerna” is a new mine-album of Spanish grinders RudeThing. I never heard of this band, but need to forgive me, I physically can`t cover every new release and band. So let`s see what we got here. The guys started 8 years ago in Palma city (it’s located on the island near Valencia), which shows us one thing “if you want to grind, you will find like-minded people even if you`re living on a small island”. I played this tape a couple times and figured out that our boys are big fans of hardcore. They mix it with grindcore … Continue reading RudeThing – Se viene galerna

Empyaema – Demo 1/2

Okay, boys and girls, this is my first acquaintance with Empyaema. This is a gore-oriented duo and it based in Seattle. Unfortunately, there is not much info about this band. In their discography, they already have two demos and split. Today I`m gonna listen to and review their debut material. Nasty cover arts are typical for goregrind bands, so it`s hard to surprise me with that, haha. But there is something unusual in the first two demos, both of them are stylistically different. Intriguing right? Demo #1 – raw, disgusting, and noisy. The material is pretty primitive but has a … Continue reading Empyaema – Demo 1/2