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Six Brew Bantha – Blight  Tolerance/Cystoblastosis split tape Blood – Christbait Impetigo/Blood split tape Netjajev Society System – “Thule Tachyon Tantra” Avon Dealer – Scifantanimangamythologist You can buy these beauties at www.grindfatherprod.com Continue reading Out now at Grindfather productions!

Impetigo (20.10.15)

Hi, guys! It’s an honor for me to do an interview with you, thank you for your time to answer my stupid questions!) Stevo: The honor is all mine, brother!! Sorry it took so long…life is a little bit crazy these days!! Mark: Right on man.. same for me… i’m a lazy bastard but thank you so much for taking the time to include IMPETIGO in your zine!   Cheers mate! You’re still huge fans of old school music. Especially Mark with his love for Venom. Did you count how many music releases you have on your shelves? Is there … Continue reading Impetigo (20.10.15)