Cystoblastosis – Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse (Cemitério Records)

Ah, finally my slow ass managed to take time to take a closer look at this album. Russian Mincegore band Cystoblastosis have grown so much, and now they are pretty famous in noise underground. So after tons of splits, these guys finally recorded their first (hopefully not last) full length album. Speaking about “Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse”, let’s open the jewel case and look inside. Well what can I say? The whole design is “classic” and sick, I’m sure that it can make somebody vomit, haha! There is a lot of rotten and disgusting human guts and meat on … Continue reading Cystoblastosis – Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse (Cemitério Records)

Out now at Grindfather productions!

Six Brew Bantha – Blight  Tolerance/Cystoblastosis split tape Blood – Christbait Impetigo/Blood split tape Netjajev Society System – “Thule Tachyon Tantra” Avon Dealer – Scifantanimangamythologist You can buy these beauties at Continue reading Out now at Grindfather productions!

Obstreperous Mangling Botheration (Choothar tapes)

Goregrind much like a deadly plague,it creeps around the world… It seems that this genre became pretty popular in our small underground world. There are so many interesting new bands and new nasty releases from old names. So today I want to talk about this muddy international tape which is in my top Gore releases for this year. One tape, 4 slimy bands from Russia, Switzerland, Australia and UK. Cystoblastosis are the first who will release their noise to us. First of all I want to say that I`m feeling some small changes in their music (I guess it`s because … Continue reading Obstreperous Mangling Botheration (Choothar tapes)

Cystoblastosis (24.08.17)

  Hi, boys and girls! How’re you doing? Having some rest after tiresome daily activities?) Hi! We are great, but I have too much work so it’s almost impossible to relax, in any case, thanks for asking! Olga, how did this happen that you become acquainted with goregrind? All those intestines, low raw sound and pitched ferocious vocals… Woman in goregrind band is a pretty rare thing, you know)) Oh yes, I know. Medical theme attracted me from the childhood and I dreamed of being a doctor, but later I changed the decision and began to study in another sphere. … Continue reading Cystoblastosis (24.08.17)