The Arson Project (29.05.23)

My greeting guys, how are you doing today? Hope you are in the right mood because we’re starting our boring interview right now! Hi! We are doing great. Summer is around the corner and we are busy with the release of our new album so we can’t complain! To be honest I was waiting for your new album for years! And finally, it happening. So what people should know about “God Bless”.  And what feelings and thoughts are swarming in your heads after all this hard work? Sorry for the long wait! Happy to hear that you and other people … Continue reading The Arson Project (29.05.23)

Rotten To The Core Records (15.05.23)

It`s pleasure to finally have a big boss here! How are you doing my friend? Hope everything is well on your side. Hi Alex, I’m well. Thanks for your interest in my label. Really though, I hope things are getting better out your way. Don’t let the bastards grind you down! The label is active for a really long time. And for all these years you released a lot of various bands. How’s label doing nowadays? Yeah, so the label has been around since 2008, but I’ve been running the distro since 2002. The label’s managing, but the distro is what’s … Continue reading Rotten To The Core Records (15.05.23)

Warfuck (27.05.23)

Hey-ho, good day my friend! How’s sunny France doing? Not that sunny these days but you are enlightening our day with this ITW good sir! 4th album in a bit more than 10 years… that is impressive! So what people should know about this beast? It’s still not the best we can do but it’s definitely the best we did until now! Most of the album has been composed during the first wave of Covid. It took some time to polish the songs as we were busy with life but we managed to pre-prod the album (the first time ever) … Continue reading Warfuck (27.05.23)

Travolta (25.04.23)

Hi, guys! I’m very glad that you found some time for my small zine! Hope you`re doing well. So let`s begin! Hey Alex, all is good! We’re very happy that you want to invest some time in us. It’s great to be back on track with new songs and an upcoming record. Hope you’ll like it! You finally managed to finish your new album “Discoviolence Up Yours!”. What did you want to say with such a bright title? We wanted some kind of punchline, a short, catchy and strong phrase. The word ‘Disco Violence’ had to be in the title … Continue reading Travolta (25.04.23)

Sick Sinus Syndrome (19.04.23)

Greetings, it`s good to talk with you again. my congrats on a new album! Hi Alex, yes, I am happy to answer your questions again to Good Guys Go Grind zine, It´s one of my favorite blog anyway. Good job, mate!!! Thanx for it, especially if I take in consideration bad situation in your country. Hat off!!! So what should the listeners expect of “Swarming of Sickness”? Any surprises? How much time did you spend in the rehearsal room before the recording process? Tell us everything))) Oh, As people should  know, there is official full album stream on youtube and … Continue reading Sick Sinus Syndrome (19.04.23)

Lycanthrophy (30.03.23)

Hi my friend, I’m glad that we’re doing this small interview. Hope you`re in good mood and your beer is cold 😉 Hi bro. Yeah, I don´t drink a beer at the moment but the weekend is coming, so I´ll have a few ones. So it`s finally happened, your new album is out! Please we want more details and other tasty info! No. I can´t say that the album is out and even I can´t say that´s a new. We recorded the 2nd full-length in the middle of 2021 and composed tracks for the album since 2019. So it´s been … Continue reading Lycanthrophy (30.03.23)

Go! Fest! (19.03.23)

Greetings guys! Hope you`re all well. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Let`s start! Zenn: Here’s Zenn, ¼ of the GO!FEST crew. I’ve played in several bands in the past (one of them, Compost, was reviewed in this website years ago) and I write reviews and interviews on The New Noise (Italian) and Touch of Evil. I’m also a UX/UI designer and Front End Developer with very bad music tastes. Pompeo: Hi, I’m Pompeo, for 11 years one of the people in charge for Go! Fest, together with Daniele, Andrea and Siro, who joined us this year. I also play … Continue reading Go! Fest! (19.03.23)

Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

Good day Max! I hope you`re doing well. How the things with the label going on? Hello Alex. I hope you are safe and doing well during this horrible time.As for 625, things are going relatively well, although the recent increase in manufacturing costs, postage, etc has been really difficult. When I first started, I could make an EP for about $1.50 USD which I could then wholesale for $2.00. Now, Eps cost about $6-7 USD to manufacture, which means by the time they get to stores, the mark-up is the equivalent to $12-15 or sometimes even $20 with postage. … Continue reading Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

Rotten Sound (16.02.23)

Hi Keijo, hope you`re doing well! What is Rotten Sound busy with now? Right now we play a few shows with Wormrot (last one is today) and then we fly to Lithuania to play InFeast. We have also been busy with promotion and upcoming tour/fest bookings, arrangements and announcements. My sincere congrats on a new album. Let`s talk about it a bit. How much did it take you to finish all the songs? How much beer did you drink during the whole studio process? Thank you! Music was done in 1,5-2 years, lyrics took another year (both with lot of … Continue reading Rotten Sound (16.02.23)

Nasum (28.11.22)

First of all, I have to say, it’s great to talk with you. It`s an honor that you agreed to do this interview. And we also have a serious date to celebrate! Yes, 2022 is the 30th anniversary of Nasum. Wish I knew which date that was the true birth of the band, though… Great talking to you too, by the way! Hard to believe but it`s Nasum`s 30th anniversary. My deepest congrats! I`m really curious about what feelings are swarming in your head when your think about it. It’s unbelievable in one way. 30 years, really? But in another … Continue reading Nasum (28.11.22)