Rotten Sound (16.02.23)

Hi Keijo, hope you`re doing well! What is Rotten Sound busy with now?

Right now we play a few shows with Wormrot (last one is today) and then we fly to Lithuania to play InFeast. We have also been busy with promotion and upcoming tour/fest bookings, arrangements and announcements.

My sincere congrats on a new album. Let`s talk about it a bit. How much did it take you to finish all the songs? How much beer did you drink during the whole studio process?

Thank you! Music was done in 1,5-2 years, lyrics took another year (both with lot of breaks of course). I don’t think we drank that much in the studio, I had something like 3 drinks total during vox plus some more at nights during that short session.

Was there a difference between the creation and recording of this album and the “Suffer To Abuse”?

We recorded with Janne Saksa again, who did Cycles. Jesse Gander from Rain City Studios mixed and Brad Boatright from Audio Siege mastered. STA drums were recorded with Janne Saksa too, but we did the rest diy and Sami mixed and mastered.

The art and the title of “Apocalypse” are very conceptual. Could you imagine that this idea will be so accurate to our nowadays? And what do you think will humanity destroy itself, or we will find some wisdom to stop this madness?

Unfortunately it matches too well with the world of today. The album consists of warning signs that we should avoid, but we seem to be failing miserably with many things, constantly.

You also have a new band member. A new bass player. Could you tell us a bit about this guy… Has young blood influenced your creativity?

Matti didn’t write on this album yet, but he is a great musician, producer and live sound engineer. Check out his former band Fuck-ushima! Matti did do killer bass tracks and also a bunch of backling / split vocals.

You have been working with Season Of Mist for more than 5 years. The new album will be released by them as well. Why are you staying with these guys? Have you been offered to release “Apocalypse” by other big labels?

We started 10 years ago with Species at War in Europe. They are a very suitable label for us, easy going, professional, great roster and independent too. No reason to change that.

You just finished a small tour with Singapoorian grinders Wormrot. What can you tell us about it? Any cool tour stories?)

Like I said, we still play today, in Helsinki, which is already sold out. I hope that they are into little after-party tonight. Kristian was seeing us on Thursday and is coming today too, good friend and also a party animal, so there will be memories.

It`s not a secret that you have a few other music projects. Could you share them with us?

I don’t think they’re projects, but just newer bands. Goatburner plays a mix of death-grind-sludge, a duo with me and a drummer, where I get to blast guitar through 3 amps (including bass with octaver). We just finalized our 2nd album, which will come out in autumn. Morbid Evils is doom-death, very slow and low tuning with some amp worshipping. Both were doing OEF and a tour together last summer. Mika is playing bass in very old doom band God Forsaken, who he has done a few shows in Finland. God Forsaken originally started around the same time as Vomiturition, that we started in late 80s and which basically spawned Rotten Sound in 1993. Sami and Matti play in Bloated, powerviolence with singer from Demonic Death Judge and former Fuck-ushima guitarist.

Since the beginning, you released a lot of stuff, albums, EPs but only a few splits. Why so? You don`t like such a format or?

We have done mini albums in between the album releases and do like splits, but somehow we just don’t seem to get them done anymore. Maybe soon again.

You have also traveled a lot. Played in so many countries… So, could you tell me what is the difference between the USA grind scene, Asian and European?

Not a big difference really, grind is universal!

 How do you manage to find time to do all the things you do (i.e. play in a bunch of bands, tour, drink beer, vising festivals etc.) and not go insane?

Yes, easy. Probably not sane to start with haha.

Your favorite movie is?

Apocalypse Now Redux probably. Madness or wars and quite strong metaphors to diving deep inside a broken mind. Redux has a lot of extra scenes, that critisize US actions in Vietnam, that they could not have in the original cut when the war was still active. I am a pacifist and would like to see world peace during my lifetime, so this choice isn’t that obvious, but has made me watch it many times for the reasons I mention.

Couldn’t help but notice you’re a big fan of the Obscene Extreme Festival. I even met you a few times there. So why this festival is so special for you?

It’s the best festival in the world. We love Curby, who has a huge heart and mind for underground music and DIY attitude. The people at OEF are always amazing and shows absolutely rule. Stage diving allowance is a special thing and I don’t remember seeing fights during any of the visits. I’ve lost count, but something around 10 or more so far.

Thank you so much for this small talk! Hope to meet you this year. Feel free to add the final words 😉

Thank you very much too! See you at the shows and we hope everyone enjoys the new album.

Contacts: Bandcamp  /  Facebook

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