Lycanthrophy (30.03.23)

Hi my friend, I’m glad that we’re doing this small interview. Hope you`re in good mood and your beer is cold 😉

Hi bro. Yeah, I don´t drink a beer at the moment but the weekend is coming, so I´ll have a few ones.

So it`s finally happened, your new album is out! Please we want more details and other tasty

No. I can´t say that the album is out and even I can´t say that´s a new. We recorded the 2nd full-length in the middle of 2021 and composed tracks for the album since 2019. So it´s been a long
I am sorry but I have no news and no details. Next time I´ll be thinking about label´s selection.

“On The Verge Of Apocalypse” were released only on a tape, right? Which label released it, and what about other formats?

I can´t say that´s officially released. We received free copies of tapes from No Time Records (California, USA), so a few friends of ours got a copy and took a picture of the tape. That´s all. The tape has not been released yet and I guess that Tommy is waiting on the other format release. I am sorry for him, but he should wait until next year …
For the other formats. I have no info for CD release at the moment. It´s been postponed several times over. LP no progress.

When you came up with this album title, could ever you think that you will be very accurate? What do you think about all this fucked up situation in the world?

I got this idea, but we discussed some other title names. Unfortunately, the title fits accurately into these horrible days of war and the killing of innocent people.
The whole situation is terrible and I am afraid of what we can expect further. Life seems to progress smoothly and let´s say predictable for much of the time. But then, a global pandemic killed millions of people and forced us into lockdown. Now we can see a kind of economic downturn, inflation etc. And the horrible war where one country invades another.

I don´t know what should we expect further. Another war conflict in Taiwan, extreme weather, nuclear war? I have no idea but this makes me sick. Just think, use your brain and do not believe fuckin´politicans.

Funny thing, when I first saw your cover art I immediately remember your old art (I think you used it for a shirt), both were done by “Huere Artworks”. So what is the deal behind this sequel and who came up with such an interesting idea?

Yes, you are right and a big respect to your attention. Giulio did the first (similar) art a years ago and the art was intended to use it for a full-length album. But time goes and in the meanwhile we released a few split 7“EP´s and used other art or we shared front cover with split bandmates.
We used this art for print of merchandise on our US tour only but this part of it that it´s been unused.

Giulio painted some further art for us and as well for my fanzine Go Adnd Kill, so we have been working together for years. When we started to work on an album again, I asked him again and he suggested to redraw this old art, keep the same idea and the concept. But his technic and skills has improved and I am really happy with the final result and in my option, it looks awesome. Unfortunately, you can view it from your pc screen only which sucks.

During the years you have had some changes in the Lycanthrophy. Could you please introduce the actual band members? And what are the other projects you are all involved in?

Yes, we have been playing almost 25 years, so the line up changes came up naturally. I started as a singer and now I am behind the drum kit. Funny. The current line up is: Supin – vocals, guitar, Otto-bass, Vosuck guitar and me, Ondra-drums.

Supin along Otto is in Sickdestroyer, pretty new band coming from Czech. They are really true old school grind core band with a very short and fast songs, just released a two split 7“EP´s via Psychocontrol. Otto runs this fast HC/grind/pv label for a years (check and still plays in Needful Things, a long running grind core band. If you like grind, you probably know them.

I am in Skiplife, we worship 90´s power violence scene and we will be recording new tracks for a full EP via 625Thrash. Excited!

Czech Republic has so many good bands, do you have your personal top of your favorite local bands? Please share it with us.

Yeah, I am really proud of our scene. I like so many bands, It doesn´t matter if they play fast or not. My top 5 for today can be the following:

Už jsme doma – an alternative and progressive band with punk influences from ´90s, UJD has released 11 albums and toured all around the globe.
Lilixelbe – a quite new and young promising power violence band from Pilsen
Terminator X – another fastcore tornado from Prague, killer female vocals and punk attitude. I released a split cassette Terminator X/LiliXelbe, check them out if you love pv/fastcore!
Faüst – amazing thrash metal band fueled by Motörhead drive
Vole – another punk band from Prague, they are very loud and noisy.

What was the writing/recording process like this time around? Was it different or?

Nothing special. We composed a single track in a pair, me and Supin. Just drums and guitar, jamming together. Supin usually brings guitar riffs and I try to create a structure for the song. When it´s finished, we have to learn the rest of the band which is a neverending story, haha.

We took it seriously and consider all relevant studio recordings come into question. Our best-sounding releases have been recorded in Shaark studio which is focused on various music styles, but metal bands record there quite frequently, e.g. Master or Hypnos. It´s sounds great, guys are very fine and friendly, but it sounds too clean and synthetic in my opinion. So we recorded instruments there, did some extra vocals in other studio and mix/mastering did Otyn/Davos Recording studio. Davos is hot at the moment and all the grindcore/crust/death metal bands go there. So it´s like a Czech version of Morrisound studio at the minute, hehe.

I am satisfied with the final result, but the mix has been done in Covid times and remoted, so next time I would prefer to work on it together and have a chance to tune it more.

What sort of subjects do you touch upon in your lyrics, and again 😉 what is the meaning behind the album title?

I like lyrics that are thoughtful and not necessarily social lyrics like grindcore bands usually use. We write about various life experiences, about things that piss us off and frustrate us. We also think about the things that make life more difficult, about human negatives, about greed and hatred. When I read it one after the other, the lyrics are not optimistic, but that’s life.

The title of the record describes all this exactly. For a long time, I see where humanity is headed. I am shocked that our future and the future of our children are placed in the hands of a few politicians or corporate companies. Humanity is irredeemable, repeating the same mistakes over and over again and therefore standing on the verge of an apocalypse.

This is only the beginning of the year but I need to ask you. Do you have a plan maximum for this year?

Otto became a father by the end of the year, so this stopped us from the start, but we are going to play live shows and have a few new tunes. We don´t have an extra plan, but we want to play a few good shows and prepare tracks for a split 7“EP with ROT. If you run a label and have the capacity, time, and desire, just hit me. I´d like to record tracks and release them as soon as possible, not years after.

Kill me be I can`t avoid asking. What is the best movie about werewolves?))

Hey, that’s a lot of movies, but I like Bad Moon from 1996 and the best one is probably An American Werewolf in London from 1981. I like the dose of dark humor here in combination with the classic horror stuff. Take a beer, chips and watch it tonight 😉

Lastly, thanks again Ondra for agreeing to do this interview, and please use this space for any final words, thoughts, plugs…

Alex, stay safe bro! Thank you for your interest and your support of the whole scene. I am glad that you keep your webzine alive in these difficult times and still work. Cheers to all our friends all around.

Contacts:  Bandcamp page

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