New video from Depopulation Department!

We present you a new lyric video from Depopulation Department! A new super band from Spain features members of Haemorrhage and Avulsed! The album will be out soon at Spikerot Records!  Release date is set for September 27th. Recorded at La Casa Del Ruido Studios by Dani Blanco, mixed by Luisma himself and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio by Carlo Altobelli. Cover artwork by Sick66 Graphix. About ‘Life Kills’ Luisma said: “What we like the most about this EP is that it sounds fresh. We made the songs just to have fun and to unleash all the Punk music we’ve … Continue reading New video from Depopulation Department!

Endless Demise / Fiend

This would have to be my favorite Grindcoe split from 2017. Both bands released what I consider as some of their best material on this 7”. That is what makes this release especially good. Usually on a split one band will outdo the other, but on this release both of the bands play on par with each other. So let’s begin…  I have kept track of Fiend from the beginning, they never disappointed me. Their punching Grindcore is so awesome, it’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling. Blast by blast, riff by riff the sound will destroy … Continue reading Endless Demise / Fiend

Regurgitate – Selfdisembowelment

First of all this release reminds us of what and why we all love this band. Savage power, raw ferocity and unstoppable ugly power. It’s worth mentioning that this is the first official release of RG in the past 10 (?) years! This CD is a wonderful gift to all Goregrind maniacs all over this shitty globe, because it’s damn hard to find an original copy. So here is a little bit of info about this moldy stuff. Originally “ Selfdisembowelment” was released as a promo back in ‘99. Most of the songs were used for the epic “Carnivorous Erection” … Continue reading Regurgitate – Selfdisembowelment

Forest Hum (14.06.19)

Hello! Vanya, as far as I know, Forest Hum was formed on Afonia’s fossils. So you decided to continue playing and create something new? Where does Forest Hum come from? Hey, mate! I and and dudes from AFONIA were growing up and were playing deferent kind of music together in Ural neat little town with the name Asha. I moved to St. Petersburg only in 2015, at that time, Afonia had already broken up to that moment, and our guitarist and drummer made some new music stuff. Once I also came to rehearsal, took the microphone and began to grimace … Continue reading Forest Hum (14.06.19)

Obscene Extreme Festivals special (11.06.19)

Every year OEF continues to gather more people from all over the world. From the 3rd till 7th of July, fans of Extreme Music will skip their day jobs, and they will leave harsh world of reality behind, in the name of grind and friendship! Good food, good music and the perfect location for fun, what else do Grind heads need? So we couldn’t avoid asking a few of the bands from this year line up about the festival and some other important things. Grab a beer and enjoy this light but entertaining read! Siege official page Hello, Robert ! … Continue reading Obscene Extreme Festivals special (11.06.19)

Skunk – Failed World (Bloody Scythe Records)

Listening to Skunk stirs interesting memories and images that stumble through my mind, most of which are full of stupid drunk fun, haha! This is the real ugly face of punk with dirty and aggressive emotions. As far as I know the material on this 7” are the last that was released as a physical format. By the way, this vinyl has a very cute pink color and it’s hard to connect this lovely color with slimy punk, haha! Speaking of the visual side… well you can say that this releases has very average (for crust) covert art. Nuclear blasts, … Continue reading Skunk – Failed World (Bloody Scythe Records)

Gate – Resurrection Of Relenledd God LP!

Japan blast beat to the max. Gate formed in 1999 as a 3-piece grindcore band, gate 1st full album, unleashed emotionless and relentless blastbeats with cold hateful vomited vocals over razor sharp riffage. With a lineup change in 2015, Murata from cyber-grindcore band Deathcount and Ishiguro who plays in many extreme metal bands both joined the Gate. Get ready for 21 tracks mind melting grind. FFO 324/Discordance Axis. You will find more info at Continue reading Gate – Resurrection Of Relenledd God LP!

News from Power It Up records

Agathocles / Capital Scum – split LP – 2 Belgian legends on 1 split! Mincecore meets hardcore/punk! Tribute to Warsore 10″ – 39 bands around the globe 39 bands pay homage to Warsore with a song. The 10″ contains a 16 sided booklet plus Poster. The compilation is limited to 500 copies. 300 copies black vinyl and 200 copies. ask for more infos Continue reading News from Power It Up records

Heinous (13.02.19)

Greetings guys! How are you? I bet you’re tired as hell after the long road am I right? Wex: Yo I’m great! I’m recharged from tour, but tired from riding my bike 75 miles today. Andrew: I’m ready to rock again! Another tour is done, could you share some stories from the road with us? What was the most iconic moment on this trip? Wex: This tour was great. We went to a lot of Southern USA cities that most bands don’t play. I wasn’t sure if the gigs would be kind of weak since they’re smaller cities, but for … Continue reading Heinous (13.02.19)

Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

I love and hate pre-orders. I really do. On one hand, it’s fun to get stuff in the mail you forgot about; on the other hand, sometimes I really want that fucking record in my hand. The latter was the case with Bandit’s new release – Warsaw. Bandit is a three piece outfit from Philly that’s known for their live shows; they typically wind up beating the shit out of each other in some fashion, and their vocalist is all over the place and constantly on the move. It’s always fun to catch a live clip from these guys – … Continue reading Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Sometime even Grind can became boring, in this case you may want to listen to some other genres, maybe even some hits from Madonna or Scorpions. But before you do that I have an interesting proposition for you… Try to listen to some weird Rock’N’Roll, I`m sure it will cheer you up. Here’s one of these strange “wtf, is this a Grind tribute to Lemmy?” albums, hehe. I didn`t know to much about Hobos, I only know that they are based in Italy and this is their second full length. But that is unnecessary, because only the music is necessary … Continue reading Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza