Internal – Primal State

It`s show time! “Primal State” is one of the last releases of Massachusetts powerviolence mechanism Internal! This is only a one-man band, but every release is fuking fire, it`s insane how much hate and anger can generate just one person! As far as I remember, the first press of this EP was very limited and that was a lathe-cut, but my copy is a prover vinyl record and it was released by Here And Now rec. I also love the concept of this band, Intenal always uses a photo of hyenas for their cover arts, and that works really well! … Continue reading Internal – Primal State

Bodyrot – Fleshworks

Bodyrot became a really pleasant discovery for me! This small band from British Columbia literary smashed me with their debut EP “Fleshworks”. Boys managed to combine the best parts from all kinds of old-school grindcore. And no, nobody paid me for this review, haha! I think the guys chose a pretty gory image for this release. An exhumation of the mummy of an Indian guy… but maybe guys wanted to point us to the problem of the native people in Canada? Don`t really know, but anyway this small cassette is hiding a fucking evil tunes! Small epic intro, and then … Continue reading Bodyrot – Fleshworks

Pilori – Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous

Today is the beginning of autumn, some people had a melancholy feeling about it, some are sad because the warm time is over, but other people starting to listen to dark and gloomy music. As you may already guess, I picked up exactly that kind of album. “Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous” is a second full-length of French blackened-crust band Pilori. I already review their previous album, but that was 2 years ago, now guys are back with brand new material! Just look at this LP, it looks fantastic! The main image is gorgeous, with … Continue reading Pilori – Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous

Noise Nihilist / Yacøpsæ

Today I received a super interesting split that was made on 2 inch vinyl (actually lathe-cut but anyway). Maximum weird format, I never hold something like this in my hands, and guess what? You can actually play this tiny stuff, haha! Okay okay, let`s go back to the bands. From one side we have noisy monsters from Poland it`s Noise Nihilist and from another German legends Yacøpsæ! As you may guess this is very small format, so we have only 18-19 seconds of material on each side. Don`t expect too much from this record. Few messy riffs, good loud screams … Continue reading Noise Nihilist / Yacøpsæ

Arrogänt / Visions Of War

When it comes to the crust genre, you usually remember the UK scene. No joke, that country is an alpha mother of many extreme genres, but other countries have succeeded in such genres too. Today I want to spin a good record from Belgium with two cool Belgian bands. And let me start with newcomers Arrogänt. Arrogänt is a new band, but with serious guys of Travolta, Days of Desolation, Nervous Mothers, Monnier, and Capital Scum. For this session guys prepared 7 crispy songs, all these tracks are full of fantastic live energy and rage. Of course, Arrogänt didn’t make … Continue reading Arrogänt / Visions Of War

Wounding – Hunted

Today I wanna talk about the young and very promising band Wounding. This is a duo from Finland, and they playing powerviolence. Unfortunately, I have failed to find more info about them, but I know that the guys released their debut tape just a few months ago. The tape was released by the Finnish label Necrolytic Effluence rec. And that`s pretty much all… Ah yes, I totally forgot to add that guys do not use guitar here, only bass and drums. The material sounds very heavy, brutal and primitive (in a good way). The bass tone is extremely crushing and … Continue reading Wounding – Hunted

Shitbrains / Controlled Existence!

Los Angeles grindcore/fastcore band SHITBRAINS lays down some of the most ferocious stop-and-go, whirlwind, blasting, dual vocal madness ever laid to wax on their fast and furious side of this killer split. On the flip side, Czech grind veterans CONTROLLED EXISTENCE lay down 6 new tracks. Bringing more of what they always do to the table… punishing, traditional, punk-fueled grind. Not many releases this year can or will come close to the ferocity captured on this spliе. This split will be released by Wise Grinds Records / Psychocontrol rec and CALVOS 73 Records Continue reading Shitbrains / Controlled Existence!

Trappist / Hetze

This small 7″ release will rip off your head with its energy. Despite the fact that this record was released a year ago, I still listen to it at least one or two times a week. Trappist / Hetze split is a good way to cheer up yourself and charge with a solid portion of energy. So today I`m proposing you to joining me and listen to this lovely split together! First on the line is Trappist. This is an LA all-star band featuring members of Killed in Action, Crom, Despise You & Spazz (impressive isn`t it?). The US side … Continue reading Trappist / Hetze

Jack – Lobotómia

Hungarian grind legends (important to mention that they have started in 1996) finally released a new album! “Lobotómia” is a very hard and aggressive message to the world. In their lyrics Jack touch on many social topics, and problems. Of course, you may say that it`s very typical for the genre, but we all living in this shit, so put up with it. With a closer look, the cover art of this record shows us the most destructive feature of mankind’s impersonality and manipulation of the masses. Scary and sad, but this is still a huge problem in 2022. So … Continue reading Jack – Lobotómia

Embittered – Infected

Today we`re going to immerse in the history of English crust punk. 32 years ago a couple of guys from Middlesbrough gathered together and created Embittered. I`ll be honest, I never heard of this name, but Thomas of Power It Up rec recommended it to me, so I opened a youtube and started my investigation. A year later he released a full discography of this band in double vinyl format. I got a few old releases of that label and I perfectly know how that guy love to put together a lot of small details. Old punk discographies look so … Continue reading Embittered – Infected

Travølta ‎– Live at Grind The Nazi Scum

Grind The Nazi Scum gathering together a lot of great bands. This festival in Torgau (it`s a small town near Berlin) becoming bigger and bigger, every spring hundreds of people travel to the battlefield to see their favorite band and hang out with friends. In 2019 Belgium grind-violence maniacs Travolta played there, and they also recorded everything. That day boys played 19 songs, and now you have a chance to listen to them again and enjoy the atmosphere of a live performance without leaving your home. What can I say, these guys really proved that they can grind the nazi … Continue reading Travølta ‎– Live at Grind The Nazi Scum

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 1

Pulmonary Fibrosis are a legendary gore squad with very kind people. These dudes have been acting since 1998 (almost 25), of course, during all these years guys released tons of materials… logically, the question arose about creating their discography. And last yeas such release was done. Vol 1 contains 67 songs from the very first Demo 1999, Promo 2001, 3way with Bloodshed / Inhumate, split with Ulcerrhoea, old tape with Drogheda / S.A.M.K. / Downright, (which contains record session in “Popeye Local” + live records from a few old gigs). Massive load of noise, isn`t it? So we have here … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis – Nasal Nauseous Vomit Liquid Goregrind History Volume 1

Monnier – S​/​T

So today we prepared a very interesting LP for you. Today we`re gonna talk about a double EP of Monnier. This is an international duo grindcore project by Jasper Swerts of Infested Arts / Arrogänt / Days Of Desolation and Makiko of Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation. So all in all we got 16 songs of very powerful grindcore, the first 8 songs from EP2 and 8 from the self-titled debut EP. You may know that both members are artists, so it`s obvious that both cover arts belong to them (the black one was made by Makiko + Jasper and … Continue reading Monnier – S​/​T

Horornisdiphonevalley / SlothPhantomMoth

Monday is always a boring and slow day, especially if your work sucks. As a solution, I can propose a strong dose of grindcore. For today’s treatment we`ll use a wonderful split with Japanese one-man-band Horornisdiphonevalley and Swedish squad SlothPhantomMoth. All together we have here 19 tracks of freaking loud mess. CD has a nice design and it even has an OBI, what a nice touch! Of course, you will find additional info in a booklet and so on, but that is not so important, because now we gonna roll this badass record! The first 9 songs belong to a … Continue reading Horornisdiphonevalley / SlothPhantomMoth

Soiled Hate (23.02.22)

Hi guys! It`s a pleasure to make this small talk. How are you doing and what’s new in Soiled Hate camp? Ryo: Nice to meet you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Our first album is scheduled to come out in March, so we’re getting ready for it. Сan you please introduce your band : how did you start, what is/was the line-up, maybe some other highlights? Ryo: We are SOILED HATE. Vo.Ryø$uke Vo. O. Tatakau Gt. Zamohfied Ba. Hazuki Dr. Ryo We are a POWERVIOLENCE band made up of 5 members. We released a demo in April 2019 … Continue reading Soiled Hate (23.02.22)

Marxbros – Kortom Punk

Finally the new tunes from Marxbros! This is extremely good HC-punk/fastcore by members of Lärm, Seein’ Red, Spazz (what a line-up!). I remember their first split release with Travolta, back then I was super surprised by the energy and material that I heard. And now I`m holding their first mini-album, what a day! So this 10″ contains 12 songs of awesome, cheerful, and very energetic material. “Kortom Punk” has classical punk structures (but of course with higher speed), the bass and vocal are first on the line, then guitar and drums. Though this is an international band, the whole material … Continue reading Marxbros – Kortom Punk

Pulmonary Fibrosis (08,02,2022)

Hi Guyome, my friend, you won`t believe it but it`s been 8 years since our last interview. So what`s new happened with PxFx? Hi Alex, ouch, that’s crazy how times fly. Well in 8 years lots of things happened, good and bad of course. Well we have played lots of shows, we have celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2018 and that was sick, we toured US/Canada for the first time, we were supposed touring Cuba but it was cancelled so we spent few days off and then toured again South America. We added new countries like Colombia & Ecuador, then … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis (08,02,2022)

Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017

The trio from Kaiserslautern proved to us that powerviolence genre is still alive and still kicking! Unfortunately, this band is no longer active, but guys left a few good releases after themself. Regurgitated Semen rec kindly gathered together all songs and released them in one CD. All together 51 songs of powerful and wicked pv, here is the material from the last album Kategorisch Aggressiv, split with Yacopsae, Kadaverficker & Mixomatosis, Germany Will Be Worse (compilation), demo “Wir Können Garnicht” and EP “So Viel Fressen Wie Wir Kotzen Wollen” Believe me, this is a supermassive sound bomb! There are no … Continue reading Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017

Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

I think that Malaysian grind bands are not well known in other parts of our planes, which is very sad. Today I will try to fix it a little. “Gasmask Terrorizer” is a new EP from real grind veterans Perpetual! Guys started to grind more than 25 (!!!) years ago! During all that period they have a lot of lineup changes and other troubles but they never gave up! From the first rehearsal till this day Perpetual is still playing rotten old-school grindcore in the best traditions of the genre. Here are strong social-oriented lyrics, sharp themes, and so on, … Continue reading Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

Fluids / Pharmacist

Today’s review is about a super-heavy split with boys of Pharmacist (Japan) and Fluids (USA). Actually, it was only a matter of time before this split was supposed to happen. So I`m really happy to spin this boy on my turntable (thanks Lefthand Patches). Let me start with the cover and the vinyl itself. This art is fucking brutal and disgusting, holy shit! Desomorphine (crocodile) junkies with rotten hands and legs… this collage looks much worse and scarier than any of LDOH covers, haha! The vinyl has pleasant pus color with some black and white blotches. Also, there is an … Continue reading Fluids / Pharmacist

Misguided – S/T

Guess what? Today I wanna show an interesting debut. Self-titled EP from nice Polish trio Misguided. Guys are young and ambitious. In their music, they are mixing a lot of different extreme genres, and they do it well (yep). This first release has only 8 songs, but it`s more than enough to understand what Misguided is all about. The main design has a dangerous red color and a nice unrolled backward skull. A small booklet and info are here too. From the first look, everything is made in a very minimalistic style but wait until you put this CD into … Continue reading Misguided – S/T

Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

What can be better than a good gore CD on this cold evening? Right, nothing! Can`t say that this is just a regular release because we have here 4 huge portions of nasty music from Europe and both Americas! As you can see the design of this split is very sick and charged with maggots, fetuses, and other human remains. Disgusting, isn’t it?) I don’t want to seem tactless, I don`t want to talk too much about aspects of this record (there should be some dark moments that you need to explore for your own), I already want to start … Continue reading Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis