Soiled Hate (23.02.22)

Hi guys! It`s a pleasure to make this small talk. How are you doing and what’s new in Soiled Hate camp? Ryo: Nice to meet you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Our first album is scheduled to come out in March, so we’re getting ready for it. Сan you please introduce your band : how did you start, what is/was the line-up, maybe some other highlights? Ryo: We are SOILED HATE. Vo.Ryø$uke Vo. O. Tatakau Gt. Zamohfied Ba. Hazuki Dr. Ryo We are a POWERVIOLENCE band made up of 5 members. We released a demo in April 2019 … Continue reading Soiled Hate (23.02.22)

Marxbros – Kortom Punk

Finally the new tunes from Marxbros! This is extremely good HC-punk/fastcore by members of Lärm, Seein’ Red, Spazz (what a line-up!). I remember their first split release with Travolta, back then I was super surprised by the energy and material that I heard. And now I`m holding their first mini-album, what a day! So this 10″ contains 12 songs of awesome, cheerful, and very energetic material. “Kortom Punk” has classical punk structures (but of course with higher speed), the bass and vocal are first on the line, then guitar and drums. Though this is an international band, the whole material … Continue reading Marxbros – Kortom Punk

Pulmonary Fibrosis (08,02,2022)

Hi Guyome, my friend, you won`t believe it but it`s been 8 years since our last interview. So what`s new happened with PxFx? Hi Alex, ouch, that’s crazy how times fly. Well in 8 years lots of things happened, good and bad of course. Well we have played lots of shows, we have celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2018 and that was sick, we toured US/Canada for the first time, we were supposed touring Cuba but it was cancelled so we spent few days off and then toured again South America. We added new countries like Colombia & Ecuador, then … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis (08,02,2022)

Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017

The trio from Kaiserslautern proved to us that powerviolence genre is still alive and still kicking! Unfortunately, this band is no longer active, but guys left a few good releases after themself. Regurgitated Semen rec kindly gathered together all songs and released them in one CD. All together 51 songs of powerful and wicked pv, here is the material from the last album Kategorisch Aggressiv, split with Yacopsae, Kadaverficker & Mixomatosis, Germany Will Be Worse (compilation), demo “Wir Können Garnicht” and EP “So Viel Fressen Wie Wir Kotzen Wollen” Believe me, this is a supermassive sound bomb! There are no … Continue reading Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017

Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

I think that Malaysian grind bands are not well known in other parts of our planes, which is very sad. Today I will try to fix it a little. “Gasmask Terrorizer” is a new EP from real grind veterans Perpetual! Guys started to grind more than 25 (!!!) years ago! During all that period they have a lot of lineup changes and other troubles but they never gave up! From the first rehearsal till this day Perpetual is still playing rotten old-school grindcore in the best traditions of the genre. Here are strong social-oriented lyrics, sharp themes, and so on, … Continue reading Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

Fluids / Pharmacist

Today’s review is about a super-heavy split with boys of Pharmacist (Japan) and Fluids (USA). Actually, it was only a matter of time before this split was supposed to happen. So I`m really happy to spin this boy on my turntable (thanks Lefthand Patches). Let me start with the cover and the vinyl itself. This art is fucking brutal and disgusting, holy shit! Desomorphine (crocodile) junkies with rotten hands and legs… this collage looks much worse and scarier than any of LDOH covers, haha! The vinyl has pleasant pus color with some black and white blotches. Also, there is an … Continue reading Fluids / Pharmacist

Misguided – S/T

Guess what? Today I wanna show an interesting debut. Self-titled EP from nice Polish trio Misguided. Guys are young and ambitious. In their music, they are mixing a lot of different extreme genres, and they do it well (yep). This first release has only 8 songs, but it`s more than enough to understand what Misguided is all about. The main design has a dangerous red color and a nice unrolled backward skull. A small booklet and info are here too. From the first look, everything is made in a very minimalistic style but wait until you put this CD into … Continue reading Misguided – S/T

Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

What can be better than a good gore CD on this cold evening? Right, nothing! Can`t say that this is just a regular release because we have here 4 huge portions of nasty music from Europe and both Americas! As you can see the design of this split is very sick and charged with maggots, fetuses, and other human remains. Disgusting, isn’t it?) I don’t want to seem tactless, I don`t want to talk too much about aspects of this record (there should be some dark moments that you need to explore for your own), I already want to start … Continue reading Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Sick Destroyer is one more name in the legion of the Czech grindcore scene. This promo is something like a sneak peek at their future splits with US noise monsters Reeking Cross, Tantalum, and Czech bombers Insistent. This material is short (all tracks are under 1 minute) but very powerful and live. Sorry to say but, I don`t know the artist who drew this art, but he did a damn sick job! This rotten remains and maggots in the suit remind us how people can hide their real faces behind the good looks. Really lovely cover… The music part of … Continue reading Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Unrested – Dosis De Realidad

Unrested is a new grind band from Spain. But this not a usual newcomers, this squad consists of musicians from Convulsions, Denak, and Tu Carne. So as you can see these guys know how to make us happy, ha! The cover art of this LP is based on an old movie “Clockwork Orange” (at least the main character), the image looks unprofessional, and I find this moment very cool. This band has a very strong DIY spirit in design and music, which I really like. Like the other grindcore bands from Spain Unrested is very emotional. But also guys blast … Continue reading Unrested – Dosis De Realidad

Pilori – À Nos Morts

Today I want to talk about the first album of young but promising band Pilori. This is not usual music, at least for me. Guys are mixing a lot of things in their music, I won’t say that this is typical grindcore or hardcore or something else, but this buzzing monster is interesting, brutal, and worth attention. “À Nos Morts” has gloomy modern art, this drawing can describe the music of Pilori, but just a little. So let’s play this record, and the first song is “Que la Bête Meure“… This is a decent mix of metal, modern hardcore, and … Continue reading Pilori – À Nos Morts

Стабильность – S/T

The cold winter of 2021 brings us a debut EP from a new Russian grindcore band Стабильность (Stability). This trio is based in Smolensk city, and these guys are really into old-school grindcore. As almost all grindcore bands Стабильность is paying social-oriented music. I meant their songs are full of hate and protest. Just look at this cover art and you will understand everything. By the way, this image is very actual for all post-soviet countries. As I said before, all 8 tracks are full of hate and aggression. In a purpose to dig these tunes, I listened to this … Continue reading Стабильность – S/T

Neuro-Visceral Exhumation ‎– Thou Shalt Be Slaughtered

It finally happened! A brand new album of Brazilian legends NVE is here! I was really waiting for this piece of gore, and boom, we finally have the opportunity to listen to this beast! For those who love (like me) physical stuff, Eclectic production released this album in CD format (btw the design of it is really great). But you may ask, is this band still good after so long silence? I`ll say YES! This material is very strong and heavy. During the years NVE makes some line-up changes and now it`s Fred (all instruments) and Pierre De Palmas – … Continue reading Neuro-Visceral Exhumation ‎– Thou Shalt Be Slaughtered

Rancid – Kill Yourself

Today I want to show you this interesting tape of New Orleans crusters Rancid. This is their debut and it turned to be really great! I don`t know much about this band but the guys managed to create something nasty and very aggressive. Like the music, the tape looks raw too. It was made in a nice DIY way, all song titles were written by hand! The whole material was written in the best traditions of the genre! Lovely raw and dirty sound, simple riffs, and a ton of energy. This small tape is overdosed with d-beat, haha! The guitar … Continue reading Rancid – Kill Yourself

Daggra / Retortion Terror

We have here an interesting and beautiful split of two great grind bands. This release was pressed on a badass colored vinyl, Wise Grinds rec did its best with this record. It also has an unusual design, the main art looks different from regular grind arts… It`s even hard to find the right words to describe it. From one side they showed a werewolf from the other side oni (demon) and a poor metalhead who died (in happiness?))) Everything looks progressive (or like art-house if you want), but I think this image (with a bit of a chaotic mood) can … Continue reading Daggra / Retortion Terror

Expurgo / Pharmacist

Fresh and new, this split was a pretty mystery/secret until Psychocontrol rec uploaded it on its bandcamp (an only a small group of people knew about this release). That day I heard a lot of good words about this 7″, and that is not a surprise. Because both bands are good, they are experienced in the grind, so it was oblivious that the result will be a killer! Brazilian masters of noise are opening this party. Their decent grindcore is always pleasant for my ears. Great heavy sound, pumping energy, and memorable riffing. The guitar and bass tones are so … Continue reading Expurgo / Pharmacist

Crippled Fox – In The Name Of Thrash

Hungarian thrashcore warriors Crippled Fox are back with a brand new album! The long-awaited 4th full-length is here! Honestly, I really waited for this LP, because this band deserves my and your attention. Fast, aggressive, and full of energy, these guys know how to make and have fun! “In The Name Of Thrash” has bloody nice cover art, with all attributes of thrash culture. The fox looks like he is a big fan of Suicidal Tendencies, haha!  The heads in his hand are all 3 band members, so even the front cover of this album is full of fun, which … Continue reading Crippled Fox – In The Name Of Thrash

Kusari Gama Kill – Sedem Minút Kusargegege

Kusari Gama Kill – noisecore trio from the heart of Denmark. Today I want to talk about their last release “Sedem Minút Kusargegege”. The name of this EP is funny, it`s a combination of names Sedem Minut Strachu and Gerogerigegege. But this material doesn`t remind me of these bands. From the beginning, I don`t really get this material. It`s weird, short, and stupid. I but somewhere in the middle, I felt the hypnotic effect from this stuff, haha! Each song is only about a few seconds, with only a few words of text. That style reminds me legendary Seven Minutes … Continue reading Kusari Gama Kill – Sedem Minút Kusargegege

Statist — … And Joy With Violence)))

Statist is a pretty new band from my home town Kyiv. I was really happy when I heard the promo and caught them on stage. The material was amazingly strong. Sometime later guys finally released a full EP ” … And Joy With Violence)))”. The cover art is odd, ripped off the chicken head, I guess I missed some point, sorry for that. Anyway, the tape looks pretty nice with a simple design, and good sound (which is rare, because the quality depends on many factors of manufacturing). In total, we got 14 songs of grindviolence with some lite metal … Continue reading Statist — … And Joy With Violence)))