Unholy Grave – Thunder Vibration

Since its formation in 1993, the Japanese grind band, Unholy Grave, has released tons of good material. 12 full-length albums, an impressive amount of EPs, and a massive number of splits. This is truly a legend, that turned 30 years this year… time flies fast. So what the hell is “Thunder Vibration”? This album was released almost 10 years ago (2014) by Heavy Metal Super Star Records and was limited to 130 hand-numbered copies. It`s extremely hard to find a copy of that stuff… but miracles sometimes happen. In the 2021 year, Grindfather Productions and Selfmadegod Records joined forces and … Continue reading Unholy Grave – Thunder Vibration

Wolven – War Poisoned Cult

Must admit that the 3d album of this one-man project is fucking ripper! I don`t know how, but Wolven managed to create a really wonderful record, and that`s why I want to talk about it today. These 8 songs are highly intense and aggressive, but take them as an antidote against today’s state of the world (war, greed etc). Even the cover of this record has a character that reminds me of a Grim Ripper.  I was lucky to have two versions of “War Poisoned Cult”, CD and LP. The CD was released by Japanese Esagoya rec (OBI included) and … Continue reading Wolven – War Poisoned Cult

Lycanthrophy (30.03.23)

Hi my friend, I’m glad that we’re doing this small interview. Hope you`re in good mood and your beer is cold 😉 Hi bro. Yeah, I don´t drink a beer at the moment but the weekend is coming, so I´ll have a few ones. So it`s finally happened, your new album is out! Please we want more details and other tasty info! No. I can´t say that the album is out and even I can´t say that´s a new. We recorded the 2nd full-length in the middle of 2021 and composed tracks for the album since 2019. So it´s been … Continue reading Lycanthrophy (30.03.23)

Last Days Of Humanity / Acid Bacteria

After a long pandemic wait of 3 years, finally this 2023 will see the light of day in CD format one of the most brutal splits seen by the human being. On the one hand we have the “dream team” of the international Gore Grind Acid Bacteria, with members of bands such as Mixomatosis, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Commando F*ck, among others, and on the other, the legends of the world Gore Grind LDOH. CD will be released by Gore Cannibal rec! Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity / Acid Bacteria

Birdflesh (27.03.23)

Hi, guys, hope your beer is cold! And let’s get to it right away, first question: what killed the cat?) What killed the cat?! The cat killed you. You are the victim of the cat! I`m shaking your hands guys, new album is finally out! Could you present this newcomer to our grind auditory? The new album is a cold Birdflesh album. It is packed with heavy riffs, banger songs, humour, gore, absurdity and some guest vocals, but even guest solos played on a chainsaw, no kidding. Every album builds on inspiration. I know that you are big fans of … Continue reading Birdflesh (27.03.23)

Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

Just from the heart of the Czech Republic – Rato Triste! Filthy, loud, and super heavy sludge brigade from Prague! But that`s not all, this band has badass guys from Controlled Existence, Morbid Angel Dust, Sick Destroyer etc… so as you see these members know how to play not only slow music. But let`s get back to “Choked By My Own Dreams”. This is their debut full-length, it contains only 4 songs but believes me, this material will smash you… It also has a cool design, actually, it suits more for grindcore releases, but I see no problem here. I … Continue reading Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

Depopulation Department – Starvation

What do you know about the Spanish crust punk scene? They have so many cool bands, and even newcomers are playing bloody good stuff! I can`t say that Depopulation Department is new in this deal, this band consists of real veterans of the scene (Avulsed, Haemorrhage, Ultimo Gobierno). Last year these guys released a new mini-album “Starvation”… this work has 8 songs of the harsh unstoppable crust. There are no dark melodies, stupid samples, weird additional instruments, and other modern things… we have here just straight angry, and fast music! To be honest, these are pretty brutal tunes, and I … Continue reading Depopulation Department – Starvation

Ape Unit – Filth

Apes strike back! Italian grinders returned with a brand new album… and must admit this stuff pleasantly surprised me. The work sounds more mature and interesting than the debut stuff. Hmm, the music of this mini-album is very psychedelic, and the cover art perfectly matches it, ahaha! Prepare your brains for the real sound massacre! “Filth” contains 13 songs, 13 tracks of hyper-sonic violence. Guys created a really ugly monster that can kill his victim in a second! Most structures are chaotic, you will never guess what tune will pope next and that is very intriguing. The guitar tone is … Continue reading Ape Unit – Filth

Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium

Massive Gore Bulge was a gore project that was based in Chicago / Illinois. For the few years of activity, these people recorded a fucking ton of material. Canadian Sick rec carefully collected all songs (more than 200) and released them in a very interesting digipack. This is the biggest digi that I have ever seen! 8-panel monster, 3 CDs, and an ultra disgusting design. Human remains, dead fetuses, and huge amounts of body parts… what a mess, haha! But what did you expect to see here? This is gore! This massive release contains all splits, EP and all stuff … Continue reading Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium

Livid – Compiled Hatred

Today I want to show you a band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. just before New Year, Livid dropped their second album “Compiled Hatred”. After detailed listening, I can say, that our guys became more brutal. Their mix of hardcore/grindcore became more wicked and furious. As usual, the main cover has a minimalistic style… but from the other side this will show you the main aggressive emotion of this full-length. Something like “hammer smashing face”, hehe. So shall we spin this LP loud?) How can I describe this album with just one word? I would use “powerful”. This duo did their best, … Continue reading Livid – Compiled Hatred

Barren – I

Belgia is a nice country, especially for the grind. The scene there have so many good bands, I think I can talk for hours about the noise underground in that country, but today I want to stop at only one name Barren. So this monster consists of (ex) Agathocles, Aborted, Emeth, Suppository, Human Vivisection, Everyone dies Alone members. From the title of this album, you can understand that this is their first full-length. Must admit this is damn good work with solid sound and artwork. Speaking about art, this is not a typical grind cover, I think it`s more topical … Continue reading Barren – I

Antigen – Dust & Ashes

The Czech crust scene has a lot of cool bands, but somehow I missed a lot of the names (but that`s because I mostly focused on the grind genre). Anyway, I need to have to fix my own ignorance. Here is a very nice melodic crust punk band from Prague. Dust & Ashes is not a new album (it was released in 2020), but it was released only in vinyl format. Now thanks to Romantic Songs rec and Global Help rec we have a CD version! Hmm, this band used almost all classic attributes of the genre. Starting from the … Continue reading Antigen – Dust & Ashes

E.T.D. (10.01.23)

Hello guys! Hope you`re doing well. How is everything going, any news from the factory, when the tapes will come in? Cheers to you for doing this. The tapes should be available by end of February. Since ETD is a very fresh band, could you share with us its history and some interesting things? E.T.D. came together in mid 2022. We practiced 3 times and recorded our debut release in September of 2022. We all live in different parts of Texas so we aren’t able to get together too often. The debut work “Nefarious Means” is ready, what can you … Continue reading E.T.D. (10.01.23)

Happy New Year!

This shitty year is finally running to its end. Well, what can I say, it was more than stressful for me, but your support helped me a lot, and I`m eternally thankful for that! I bet that the next year will be better and it will bring more positive emotions and more great grind releases! Cheers and hugs boys and girls! Continue reading Happy New Year!

Your Kid’s on Fire – Jackings in the Morgue

If your blood is boiling when you hear such bands as Exumate, Impetigo, Frightmare, or Blood then I have really good news for you. Let me recommend you a great deathgrind trio Your Kid’s on Fire. Believe me, these guys won’t disappoint you. So what do we have here? “Jackings in the Morgue” is a huge compilation of rare materials, some stuff was recorded in 2006, some in 2009-2010, and the last 13 songs in 2017. Different times but the main concept is the same… This is an old-school band, guys gathered together more than 25 years ago, and since … Continue reading Your Kid’s on Fire – Jackings in the Morgue

Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Who does not know Patareni? These guys are damn famous, after the begging of their way (somewhere in 1983) they are still here, still making noise. Not a mystery that boys have so many releases (but not like Agathocles, haha), don`t know how the hell that happened but there is still unreleased material. So here is a nice compilation of untouched stuff. “Infuzija Iluzija” was released last year by the US label  Haunted Hotel rec. 5 rare live recordings in one pack… nice, isn`t it? I think this is a good present for die-hard fans of Patareni. Usually, such stuff … Continue reading Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

RudeThing – Se viene galerna

“Se viene galerna” is a new mine-album of Spanish grinders RudeThing. I never heard of this band, but need to forgive me, I physically can`t cover every new release and band. So let`s see what we got here. The guys started 8 years ago in Palma city (it’s located on the island near Valencia), which shows us one thing “if you want to grind, you will find like-minded people even if you`re living on a small island”. I played this tape a couple times and figured out that our boys are big fans of hardcore. They mix it with grindcore … Continue reading RudeThing – Se viene galerna

Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Today we have an unusual 3-way split with two Spanish and 1 Colombian band. Why it`s unusual? Well, they decided to release it as 7″,  I bet that was a pain in the ass to come up with the right idea on how to divide time and sides. So guys just randomly mixed all songs, that is the most logical decision, and it also makes this split weird, hehe. Also, I think the guys didn`t want to make boring and usual grindcore art, like a collage or war theme. So they used a sharp social story and turned it into … Continue reading Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Depopulation Department (09.10.22)

Good day! Hope you`re doing well. Let`s start this small talk with your band bio. The band was formed in 2017 when Ana and Luisma, from the Goregrind band HAEMORRHAGE, talked to Jose (who played with them in Haemorrhage for years) to start a Crust/Punk project with the purpose of playing together again. Luisma (with whom I shared the origins of the death metal band AVULSED) we had talked many times about doing something different from what we had done together so he asked me if I wanted to join the band on bass. After Jose left Último Gobierno in … Continue reading Depopulation Department (09.10.22)

Internal – Primal State

It`s show time! “Primal State” is one of the last releases of Massachusetts powerviolence mechanism Internal! This is only a one-man band, but every release is fuking fire, it`s insane how much hate and anger can generate just one person! As far as I remember, the first press of this EP was very limited and that was a lathe-cut, but my copy is a prover vinyl record and it was released by Here And Now rec. I also love the concept of this band, Intenal always uses a photo of hyenas for their cover arts, and that works really well! … Continue reading Internal – Primal State

Bodyrot – Fleshworks

Bodyrot became a really pleasant discovery for me! This small band from British Columbia literary smashed me with their debut EP “Fleshworks”. Boys managed to combine the best parts from all kinds of old-school grindcore. And no, nobody paid me for this review, haha! I think the guys chose a pretty gory image for this release. An exhumation of the mummy of an Indian guy… but maybe guys wanted to point us to the problem of the native people in Canada? Don`t really know, but anyway this small cassette is hiding a fucking evil tunes! Small epic intro, and then … Continue reading Bodyrot – Fleshworks

Pilori – Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous

Today is the beginning of autumn, some people had a melancholy feeling about it, some are sad because the warm time is over, but other people starting to listen to dark and gloomy music. As you may already guess, I picked up exactly that kind of album. “Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous” is a second full-length of French blackened-crust band Pilori. I already review their previous album, but that was 2 years ago, now guys are back with brand new material! Just look at this LP, it looks fantastic! The main image is gorgeous, with … Continue reading Pilori – Quand Bien Même L’Enfer et le Déluge S’abattraient sur Nous