Sick Sinus Syndrome (19.04.23)

Greetings, it`s good to talk with you again. my congrats on a new album!

Hi Alex, yes, I am happy to answer your questions again to Good Guys Go Grind zine, It´s one of my favorite blog anyway. Good job, mate!!! Thanx for it, especially if I take in consideration bad situation in your country. Hat off!!!

So what should the listeners expect of “Swarming of Sickness”? Any surprises? How much time did you spend in the rehearsal room before the recording process? Tell us everything)))

Oh, As people should  know, there is official full album stream on youtube and you can buy it already as digital on our bandcamp platform so it´s easy to check it now. But well, album consist of 21 songs in almost 29 minutes. People who heard it say we made a bit progress in songs as it have a bit more variability a more song structures, but you can expect also total grindcore slaughter in old school pathological grindcore way. And yes, there is one surpise in CD format of the album and this is one short hidden cover version of notorious known metal song, but you have to check it yourself. Writing process of the album was pretty much same as we did on first album or on our EP. Maybe few riffs were done at home and were bit prepared before we rehearse, but basically whole album were done in two Sick sessions, it means two weekend rehearsals where we trying hammering songs from nothing and it obviously works for us. We don´t think much about it, we just trying to perform the songs and record it right after we hammer it out. This is basicaly how we work…

So for this album, you chose to work with Pierre (BrainDead zine). So what is the main idea of this art (I bet somehow it`s a tribute to one very famous album, hehe), and do you satisfied with the final result?

We cooperating with Pierre already some time. I love his works, not only art but also his music. We are both fans of same old school records and he feels the right way for Sick Sinus Syndrome arwork. We didn´t spoke the new album artwork would be a tribute of Reek… but it went how it is and we like it very much. What you expect if you play pathologicaly ridden grindcore, right? Pierre also did some drawing for us in past and he did new art for our merchandising too. I hope we can work together in future…he is the right man for us. Oh yes!!!

Recently you release your first video clip ever. How do you feel about it? Was it hard to make? Must say that song sounds brutal, and it will help you to spread the word about the album.

Honestly I have to say that I hate making video in term of taping it. It is fucking boring, because you do fucking milion of takes and then you waiting for another milion of takes to be done. But this video for Psycho Pathology Mania was quite fun as we invite about 20 our friends who came and immediately started to drink to get out of nerves and stress, because they were acting in video for first time. Hahahaha… So yes, it went well, thanx also to our director Třísy (known also as drummer of Contrastic) who was very calm and easy going man behind the camera. And we are very happy with result. In fact, we made two videos that day…and second video will be out soon, I guess. Wait for it, but so far you can watch the first one here. 

One more important detail. The mighty Obscene prod is back from the dead and you`re the first band that will be released by that legendary label! So what is the deal behind it, and do you satisfied with such a decision?

Yes, Curby decides to put Obscene Productions back on track and I am very happy that he choose our band as his first release after about 8 years hiatus. I have to say that our long time friendship helps a lot, but he likes what we are doing with band and even there were couple of another offers from different labels we obviously choose his Obscene Productions. We have a gentleman agreement between us and I am sure our cooperation will go in right way. So far we are happy with result and in few days our album will be officialy out in all formats, tape, CD and LP too. Curby is doing things in gold old school way and we are in daily contact, making ideas together and this is why we love him dearly. And not only for this, he is just great person, trustfull and straight. What better you can have?

When you will get the records in your hands? Hope everything will be done before Obscene Extreme Festival, or I’m too naive?

No, things we nt pretty quickly. We have done mix and mastering end of February and this Saturday (22nd of April) is the album release date. There will be tapes and CD first and vinyl a bit later, but we have already vinyl pressed but we wait for gatefold covers and it will takes few weeks more. But it will be denitely out soon.

I could swear, that guys like you play in more than one band, hehe! As I remember, you Martin, have a lot of other projects. Please give us more info about that.

Well, we all having another bands we plaing in. Our drummer Jurgen is playing also in band Insistent which is great grindcore. He played in milions of bands and projects before, but I guess he has o cut it a bit because he needs time also for his lovely family. Maybe good to mention is that he was a former member of famous Ahumado Granujo where he played on guitar. Then Hary, our bassmaster is famous member of long time dead band Pathologist and he still plays in Dobytčí Mor (Murrain), both of those bands were one of the first who played grindcore in our country. And then me. Of course i still playing in my main band Malignant Tumour who´s now is in the process of recording new album. I used to play in some more projects but thing is that i have to cut off most of them to focus fully only on those two bands. You never know what future will brings and maybe one day I will appear in some other projects, but it´s not question for now.

You started this band just a few years ago, but you already had 2 albums and 1 split. That is very productive. What can you say about that? I bet you`re feeling very comfortable in SSS.

Yes, I feel very comfortable within this band. All three members are on same page in term of music style we doing, so things going pretty smooth and natural. As our drummer is from Prague and rest from Ostrava, we don´t see each othere very often, but once in month we have rehearsal and there we working pretty hard to make songs ready for live shows, but we have also lots of  fun after rehearsals in pub, of course. Our common sense in music is also the key why we are so productive. As I told you before we don´t think too much about songs we do. If we like the vibe of the song we just recording it and it´s all. Very simple I have to say and I like this way… and it seems some people too.

What do you think about the modern underground scene/labels/bands? I think the underground scene lost this friendly atmosphere, it’s not a huge unity as it’s supposed to be. Or am I mistaken?

Hmm, good question. I am thinking about it lately, because as old school bastard I am, I seeing some walls in the scene. But well, I have to say that I am pretty much veteran of the underground music scene in my 46 years and now it´s time for youngsters to keep the whole scene healthy and functional. I still see a lot of help in the scene, maybe not as much as it was time ago, but many young bands with young members trying to catch this underground soul our scene had in beginning of 90´s and I support that work as much as I can. In different angle I see also some elitists in scene who thinks theirs point of view is better that the others. But it is same as it was…same old song. Overall, I see scene good and great and still have certain place in it for myself. How long, no one knows as some young bands are way better than we were or are. I am happy they take it over old boilers…but will not give them my place for cheap. Hahahaha…

What mean for you these names: Carcass, Repulsion, Celine Dion, and Rot?

Obviously my personal best from this fourthsome is Carcass, especially their first three albums. This band is my endless source of inspiration and Sick Sinus Syndrome is one of that output. We will play with them this year on Obscene Extreme festival and I can´t wait for this. Repulsion is also one of my favorite band even I much more like british extreme music scene. Horrified album is just great and will always be writen by golden letters in undergound annals. What about Celine? She has beautiful voice and it´s just truth. Her songs are probaly good to listen in misty and cloudy evenings when your friend depression knock on your mind. Mens also cries…no worry. And Rot…good friends, great band name and top grindcore music. To be honest I still have in front of my eyes their live set from OEF where they just smashed the audience to the smithereens. Probaly one of the 5 top acts of all time OEF for me. Long live to them!!!

I heard a lot of stories about some freaks that actually were on autopsies to feel this atmosphere and to express that in their songs. Did you do that kind of thing too?)

Hahahaha, no. In 90´s I used to work as mortuary technician during my civil service. So i have seen some things what I used to put in my lyrics when Malignant Tumour was goregrind then. Few of my lyrics I also discussed with forensic doctor and he was surprised there is kind of music who sings about those things. In fact he didn´t like the sound of it and he never though this goregrind music sounds like operation theatre or dissection room. Hahahaha… Now in Sick Sinus Syndrome there is our good young friend Maty the Nurse who is doing nursery school and he helping me very much with lyrics and on new album there is many of them from his pen. He has great talent and he is very big hearted because he helping us a lot also with selling merch on our shows, driving us back and forth. Real underground warrior. 20 years old!!! We need more of them!!!

Time for a completely generic question. When I listen to your music, I notice the influence of old-school grind (Carcass, Necrony, Dead Infection, Pathologist, and the list goes on and on). What is so attractive in all these bands for you?

They were the first. First ones I heard. When I heard Carcass first time in 89 it really turns my world upside down. Even I love thrash and heavy metal, this extreme efforts was something else and I found myself there. So it´ obvious that all my influences comming from those bands. I love sound of the old school era, riffs and overall the feeling those bands had. I am trying to do my best to catch this soul in Sick Sinus Syndrome music and mix.  And I hope it goes well, most of people saying so, so I am quite happy with results.

I hope you’re not this kind of band that doesn’t hang out after gigs and just go to their rooms, text their girlfriends, drinks water, and sleeps with a lacy mask on their face?))

Older we gets, parties are shorter and not that wild as it once was. Everyone has some health issues in our age so we have to act responsibly as much as we can. Also drinking before show is not good for us anymore. 😀 But you know, time to time we can empty all bottles in backstage. 😀 It´s not that big deal.

Speaking about live performances. Is there a chance to see you on tour? Tour to support this lovely album?

Well, first show will this Saturday (22nd of April 2023) at Stinky and Groove festival what Maty from Gutalax puttig on. Then next week we gonna play shows in Czech republic together with two scene returnee bands Ingrowing and Disfigured Corpse and those shows are something like warm up for Obscene Extreme festival, where we will play too this year. There are some more gigs on horizon, but those few are comming very soon. For news about shows updating see our facebook profile. And of course we are open to offers so if there is any, write me, please to :

Thank you so much for this interview, bro! I’m really looking forward to your new album! Hugs and remember to keep your beer cold!

We thank you Alex for great interview. We hope you and others  will like our new album. Give it listen and let us know the feedback. Hopefully we will see you this year at Obscene Extreme Festival and more we hope that this stupid war in your country will ends very very soon!!! Take care my friend and keep doing great work with Good Guys Go Grind!!! Cheers!!!

Bilos and SSS April 2023-04-19 while liestening The Greatest songs of Celine Dion…really!!!

Contacts:  Facebook page  /  Bandcamp  / You can buy a new album here!

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