Warfuck (27.05.23)

Hey-ho, good day my friend! How’s sunny France doing?

Not that sunny these days but you are enlightening our day with this ITW good sir!

4th album in a bit more than 10 years… that is impressive! So what people should know about this beast?

It’s still not the best we can do but it’s definitely the best we did until now!

Most of the album has been composed during the first wave of Covid. It took some time to polish the songs as we were busy with life but we managed to pre-prod the album (the first time ever) and finally we did the recording.

It was at Mak’s house in a brand new DIY studio in his basement. A good friend of ours (Giles – Shit in recording) helped us and did the recording of drums/guitars/bass during 3 days in august 2021.

Vocals took a little bit longer as we were recording it from time to time and we were pretty busy again with our lives.

The mix was handled by William Blackmon at the Overlook. He made an amazing work, it’s mostly thanks to him that the sound of the album is so massive. Of corpse, Brad Boatright (Audiosiege) also did an awesome work with the mastering, it was a pretty straight forward and smooth combo.

As always we wanted to have some friends of ours on the album, we are glad they accepted our offer and thanks to them (Commissaire, Giny, Math, Pibe aka Buffet Froid, Ugo) it sounds amazing. To be honest the last song was kind of an experimentation but in the end we are very into it!

Did you raise your speed or that was just my imagination?) What were the maximum tempos that you managed to use for this album?

The thing is for the first time we’ve added a tempo track while Mak was recording the drums, I guess that’s why everything is faster and tighter. The average speed is around 250/260bpm on this recording. Live in concert, you never know…

We did a pre-prod to fix all the tempo but we ended up adding some bpm the day of the recording because we were like… “let’s go faster!”

Okay boys, when I started to dig all the info for this small talk, I ran into a problem with the translation of your album title. I bet that “Diptyque” is not a kind of Dutch art… so what is the meaning of that word?

What’s the deal with this Dutch art thing ? Now I’m curious…

The idea around “diptyque” is to play with the fact we’re two, you know 2 pieces that make 1 entity… also each songs’ lyrics (or almost) are mixing 2 different ideas to make one word. Most of the song names don’t mean anything out of the album, this is not french or anything, this is a mix of 2 concepts that make a song… Because why not ?

Also, if you look back to our previous albums it’s one time a long album title then a single word and so on…

All these years you were focused on albums, you only have 1 split in your discography. Why so? And do you have plans to record more splits in the future?

Well, we aren’t against, not at all, we even managed to do one (cheers Into Sickness) but we feel like an album is way easier to make, to release and it gives you more space to express yourself.

Personally, I’m bored to listen 3/5min splits. I like to collect them and I have plenty at home but, in the end, I never listen to them. And wasn’t it the aim at first? To listen to music… Long live to 12’ splits!

Next one is about Lixiviat records. It is very cool that you have your own label, and the new Warfuck album will be self-released. We need more info about this label guys. What will you release this year?

We started this label with our good old friend Ugo aka Wuul (Civilian Thrower, Lovgun, Hordur, Ran, La Hess… Yes, he is unstoppable) in 2018.

We had some goals that I believe are still valides nowadays:

– We release our own bands. We had some disappointments with some labels in the past so we want to handle it, if something fails, we can only blame ourselves!

-We also wanted to offer as fair deals as possible to the band we release.

-We want to keep some decent prices, sometimes vinyls are so expensive it makes no sense. But it’s more and more difficult nowadays.

Our first release was “WARFUCK – This Was Supposed To Be Fun”, 5 years later the label is still there with many fabulous bands inside the roster (They are all friends) and it’s WARFUCK time again ! Next we will release the new The Arson Project, MooM, Hordur…

I think we should take the opportunity and talk about your festival. What people should know about Lixiviat 2023?

It’s an idea we had in mind for years, and it’s just now that we’re figuring out it’s going to happen for real and that we never did something like this before… !

Anyway, it is the place to be for everyone who enjoys grindcore and fast music. The line up is amazing, full of friends so there is no doubt that it’s going to be a wild weekend.

The only bad thing is the festival lasts only 2 days so we had to make some choices and skip some bands for this edition… We are hoping to be able to do a second edition to bring some more cool bands/friends in our former hometown.

You are really fast and furious on the stage… but what is your optimal time set? And what was the longest gig that you ever played?

30min max, but 30min full of hits 🙂

I think that’s way enough, especially with our usual “technical issues”, you know a broken string, an unplugged guitar jack, a falling cymbal… We had a death metal band earlier which used to play 45min live sets and that’s too much for our lazy asses.

Anyway, we want it tight, intense and fun at the same time!

You were always performing like a duo. Do you comfortable with that? I bet it really helpful on tour (for example). But do you even think to get a bass player?

It’s comfortable because we know each other for years, we know why we wanna be a duo and not a “full” line-up and we know what we wanna do. I guess we’re pretty complementary somehow, enough to be a band and travel the world together. In the end we really like being a duo and so far it works pretty well.

But don’t start a duo if you’re lazy ! Being a 2 pieces band is easier most of the time, and it’s also lots of things to deal with as a band, in terms of motivation… Plus, we have to double our efforts on stage to fill the space.

Side note: For the first time in Warfuck history, I’ve rec a bass on this album and it was my fav part to rec. Oh and no, we’ll never have a bass player, never.

There is an adage: “Everything is transitory, only music is eternal”. What do you think about that? Will grindcore be there after us?

Grindcore is still a kind of music, so why not ? Worst case is if grindcore evolves into something at 350 bpm with lyrics about porno, shit and everyone likes it…

Listening to your songs I found myself thinking that you guys are big fans of Nasum, Rotten Sound (correct me if I’m wrong). How long are you into this kind of music? What was the first album of northern grindcore you listened to?)

Exit by Rotten Sound is the album that made me wanna do a grind band. So yes, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Afgrund and so on were big influences at the beginning but I don’t think it’s still relevant in our new songs. I mean we have evolved and our influences are more varied and our grind is more weirdo somehow. At least, that’s what some people say, I hope it’s a good thing…

And if those bands are what’s called “false grind” nowadays, because it’s not gore or raw enough then we’re 100% into false grind!

Well, that’s it, I’m glad you found some time for GGGG! Good luck and success in your musical activity! Can`t wait to hear the album)

Thanks for the energy, the support and keep on going with GGGG. Keep on supporting imperfections and DIY music! Also, if you like to party, come to the fest to celebrate our 10(+1) years as a band and our new album!

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