Pelkotila – Pelon Ilmapiiri

Finnish Crusters are back to us with apocalyptic melodies! I guess not many of you know this band, well today I will try to fix that. Here is a small historical intro. Pelkotila is crust band from Finland (they are based in gloomy Helsinki town). These guys started to reherse about 4 years ago. During all this time these guys have released a few 7” and played a lot of shows. And now the time has come and the guys finally released their first full length album “Pelon Ilmapiiri ”. This album contains 9 songs, and they all emit a … Continue reading Pelkotila – Pelon Ilmapiiri

Pelkotila – self titled 7ep

I’d like to start with some information about the band Pelkotila. It started from drink party at one of Helsinki’s bar in 2013. They mix d-beat, neocrust, old school hardcore, with addition of Scandinavian sound. Songs from this self-titled EP was already released on tapes in 2014, but it sold out pretty quickly, and they decided to make a vinyl version too. I got 57th copy out of 100-limited transparent print of this.Slow and harmonic beginning of the first track “Seuraukset” proceeds into upbeat crust/d-beat part. I liked grim and sludgy atmosphere of “Ei Koskaan”, this kind of songs is … Continue reading Pelkotila – self titled 7ep