Oxidised Razor & Autophagia (Diablos Recs)

Well, at last this moment has come for me. I have to wear bathrobe to dismember and remove the corpses from the house. They occupy too much space, so there soon will be no place to dump fresh ones! How nice to ship still warm body of a young and attractive girl in a truck, when good old goregrind plays! Ah, I starve for beer now!)While I write these words, my player yells and roars, the good old split Oxidised Razor / Autophagia.This CD was released by Mexican label Diablos rec.This split starts with my old friends Oxidised Razor! Once the sound rushes in, … Continue reading Oxidised Razor & Autophagia (Diablos Recs)

Oxidised Razor (25.11.13)

Hi, Aaron! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Tell a few words about a band. How it all started? Hello Alex, thanks for your attention. Well, we started in 1998. We played in other bands, i played in a obscure black metal band with jhony and otherfriends, but we were always more into grind stuff, and we decided to make OxRx, in those times we had other drummer, but he only played with us on some rehearsals and then gone, and then lusi come from other band to help us, and he helped us for 10 … Continue reading Oxidised Razor (25.11.13)